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Listed here is only a small representative of the vast and eclectic Feathermoon US community. Feel free to list your characters below! To make your own character page, go to the appropriate faction below and enter your character name in the following format:



Character is the in-game name of the character;
and Name is the full name of the character and the name that is displayed for the link.

For guildelines on creating a character page, see the Player Character section of the Fan fiction guidelines for further information and rules about making a player character page.

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All guilds are encouraged to create a guild wiki page, following the examples in the list below. Please read the Guild policy page to see the required information that needs to be on a guild page for it to be kept on the wiki site. Note that if the information is not there, the page will be marked for deletion. All guilds that have been inactive will be moved to the inactive section: if you have any information about them, feel free to add to the relative webpages, so that we can preserve the history of Feathermoon.

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Inactive Guilds

As time and interests wane, tempers flare, or members leave to puruse new interests in other organizations, many formerly active and prominent guilds eventually find their end as they disband or become inactive. Listed below are examples of those guilds, recorded in order to maintain a complete and accurate history of the Feathermoon US roleplaying server.

Alliance 32 Alliance »

  • Shield of Dawn
  • Combustion
  • Mutiny

Horde 32 Horde »

  • 40 Blades of Grom
  • Asylum
  • Cryptic Legions
  • Cryptocracy
  • Cult of the Squirrel
  • Earthtreader
  • Ghost Wolf Pack
  • Hand of the Forsaken
  • Low Red Moon
  • The Pride
  • Thalassian Cartel
  • Netherbright Regiment

Guild Associations

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