This article is a guild progression information page for the Feathermoon US realm (server).

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. This page includes a list of guilds that have accomplished a particular task (usually by defeating a major boss). The list should not be taken to be 100% accurate, as it only contains data that has been submitted/added by users of the community. Thus, if you have information you can add, and contribute to the list, it will become more complete.

Credit: The format was taken from the Doomhammer Guild Progression page; the guild progress information comes from a post on the Feathermoon official forums by Elenriel.

This is a friendly gauge of progression through the Burning Crusade instances by guilds and raids on Feathermoon. To see pre-BC progress, see the Pre-BC Progression Page. This page serves two purposes:

  1. Answering questions on progression of guilds on Feathermoon
  2. Encouraging camaraderie by matching up your guild's progression against similar guilds

Note that many small guilds band together to tackle raid instances. The names recorded here are the same as on the sticky post in the forum, it would be great if someone from those raids would take the time to add a page detailing the guild composition of said raids.

Note: there are no requirements to get an entry on this page, except having killed any of the bosses listed here. If you want to update something but aren't sure how, post in the Discussion page.

Burning Crusade


Alliance 32 Alliance

Guild Gruul's Lair Magtheridon Serpentshrine The Eye
Alliance 15 Catalyst Gruul Magtheridon Lady Vashj Kael'Thas Sunstrider
Alliance 15 Chaos Gruul Magtheridon Hydross the Unstable
Alliance 15 PrettyPrettyPrincess Gruul Magtheridon
Alliance 15 Combustion Gruul
Alliance 15 Divide by Zero Gruul
Alliance 15 Fulcrum Gruul
Alliance 15 Hand of Havoc Gruul
Alliance 15 Nomad Legacy Gruul
Alliance 15 MCA Gruul
Alliance 15 Rising Nova Gruul
Alliance 15 Duality Maulgar
Alliance 15 FMMC Maulgar
Alliance 15 GoofBallz Maulgar
Alliance 15 Killa Beez & Ne Plus Ultra Maulgar
Alliance 15 Order of the Dragon Maulgar
Alliance 15 SGA Maulgar

Horde 32 Horde

Guild Gruul's Lair Magtheridon Serpentshrine The Eye
Horde 15 Twisted By Design Gruul Magtheridon Lady Vashj High Astromancer Solarian
Horde 15 Chaos Storm Gruul Magtheridon Hydross the Unstable
Horde 15 Aftershock Gruul
Horde 15 Ømeñ Gruul
Horde 15 Relentless Gruul
Horde 15 B Plus Team High King Maulgar
Horde 15 Leviathan/Mythos High King Maulgar
Horde 15 TKT Raiding High King Maulgar



Alliance 32 Alliance

Guild Lower Tower Upper Tower
Alliance 15 Catalyst Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Chaos Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Combustion Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Divide By Zero Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Fidelity Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Goofballz Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Nomad Legacy ]] Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 OUEJF Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 PrettyPrettyPrincess Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Rising Nova Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Super Action Team Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Alliance 15 Killa Beez and Village Idiots ]] Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TSh)
Alliance 15 Eternal Pegasus Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TSh)
Alliance 15 The Legion Opera (AMV) Prince Malchezaar (TSh)
Alliance 15 Ne Plus Ultra Opera (AMV) The Curator (T)
Alliance 15 Duality Opera (AMV) The Curator (TSh)
Alliance 15 Prodigy Opera (AMV) The Curator (TSh)
Alliance 15 Innuendo Opera (AMV) The Curator
Alliance 15 Killamenta Opera (AMV) The Curator
Alliance 15 MCA Opera (AMV) The Curator
Alliance 15 The Regiment Opera (AMV)
Alliance 15 Azure Dragons Moroes (A)

Horde 32 Horde

Guild Lower Tower Upper Tower
Horde 15 Aftershock Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 B Plus Team Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Chaos Storm Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Die in a Fire Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Dawn Vigil Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Leviathan Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Mythos Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Ømeñ Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 TKT Raiding Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Twisted By Design Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Relentless Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Rotten Apple Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 Warsong Aces Opera (AMV) Nightbane (TShN)
Horde 15 The Spoony Bards Opera (AMV) Prince Malchezaar (TSh)
Horde 15 Blood Vigil Opera (AMV) Curator

Outland World Spawns

Guild Doom Lord Kazzak Doomwalker
Alliance 15 Catalyst Yes Yes
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