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General Info.

  • Nicknames: Fin


  • While in the libraries of Moonglade you stumble upoun a dusty leather bound volume entitled; The House Glithonell, while thumbing though you come to a chapter titled "Of Finatar".*

Finatar was born under a fading summer moon while the world was young. His mother, Ellesmera, died of blood loss shortly after giving birth, his father, Fintan, saw him as little more than a reminder of his grief and sent him to live with Ellesmera's brother Gavin Starshroud.

Finatar had a happy childhood in the wilderness with his many cousins, he learned a great deal about the wild and how to survive in it. When Finatar came of age Gavin told him of his parents; gave him some well thought out advice and a ring bearing his family crest then sent him on his way to the Well of Eternity to start a life of his own with the rest of the Kaldorei.

Upon arrival at the Well of Eternity Finatar searched for his father. By chance alone Finatar ran across him, Fintan, who by that time had been remarried and had several more children, showed no interest in Finatar. Finatar was crushed, he spent several days in a deep depression until he crossed paths with a beautiful elven maiden by the name of Halenesta, Halenesta had fair skin, platinum hair and eyes that sparkled like diamonds, she was also very eloquent in the way she moved and the way she spoke. Finatar quickly became entranced.

With the prospect of this new romance Finatar quickly rose from his despair, but soon he realized a woman like that wouldn't want anything to do with a simple man from the wild. Using the influence his father's name got him he soon found a well respected tutor to train him in reading, writing and warfare. Finatar quickly became very skilled with the bow along with the use of daggers, writing and reading on the other hand were slow and tedious.

Eventually Finatar mastered reading and writing and had become renowned as an excellent archer. Then news came that Halenesta had recently been promised to Eoin, son of Fintan Glithonell... Finatar could not believe that his own half-brother now stood between him and what he had worked so long and hard to obtain, if it had been any other man he would have challenged him to a duel, but he could not stand the thought of killing his own kin.

Not knowing what to do, Finatar rushed to Halenesta and told her of his feelings. She was silent then burst into tears, she did not love Eoin but had no choice but to marry him, Finatar comforted her the best he could then rushed off to Glithonell Hall. Finatar, in full battle attire, burst into the common room and yelled, "I am Finatar Glithonell, come and fight me!". Immediately a few startled elf's tumbled into the room. Eventually the entire Glithonell house was gathered in that one room, Finatar took the opportunity to introduce himself as Fintan's firstborn he then challenged Eoin for the right to wed Halenesta. In order to up hold his honor Eoin had no choice but to accept.

The duel was to take place six months from that date, Finatar knew that in that time Eoin would be honing his skills in the arcane. In order to prepare for this new challenge Finatar returned to his old master and received an education in the basics of the primal magics. The training was grueling both physically and mentally, Finatar felt pains far more intense then anything he had ever imagined.

Finatar was unable to complete his training in the six months, armed with his bow, daggers and an incomplete knowledge of magic Finatar prepared to face his half-brother. Many came in support of Eoin, only Halenesta, Gavin and his teacher were there to support him. A circle fifty feet in diameter was made marking the boundaries of the duel. Finatar was nervous, though he tried his best not to show it, Eoin was armed with a small knife and wore no armor, but an aura of magic pulsated around him.

Eoin began chanting and it was now apparent the battle had begun. Finatar quickly knocked his first arrow, took his stance and slowly drew back his bow, all he needed was one good shot. His hands were shaking and his first shot missed, barely grazing Eoin's long flowing robe. Before Finatar could get his second shot off Eoin released a glowing orb of arcane energy, Finatar using his limited knowledge of magic did his best conjure a shield. The shield was not strong enough and broke under the pressure, the arcane energies passed though his armor and cracked three of his ribs. Finatar, with both daggers drawn, staggered toward Eoin, before he could make it to him Eoin released another orb, by instinct alone Fin managed to avoid it and then hurled one of his daggers toward his opponent, it struck him the torso, blood began to poor from the wound. Quickly Fin lunged at Eoin and plunged his other dagger deep between Eoin's ribs.

Eoin fell limply to the ground, it was over. Finatar began coughing up blood, the arcane energies had caused internal bleeding. Druids sprinted to the two combatants in a last-ditch effort to save their lives, Eoin was bleeding profusely from his torso and his left lung was pierced, Finatar wasn't doing so well either, his lungs began to fill with blood...

A few days later Finatar awoke to find him self completely healed and being cared for by the druids. When Finatar learned he had won the duel he was ecstatic and rushed to see Halenesta. When he found her he immediately asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted. Then they shared their first passionate kiss. They were to be wed six months from that day. Later that same day, Finatar learned that Eoin also survived the conflict though he had became physically crippled by it. The next few months passed quickly and pleasantly for Finatar and Halenesta. A month before they were to marry they moved in together in a small house on the outskirts of the province.

Then a week before they were to be wed a messenger came bearing bad news; a group of other worldly beings called the Burning Legion had entered the world and Finatar was required to aid his people in the war. After a long kiss and a lengthy good-bye Finatar began to leave for battle, as Finatar was walking away he herd her yell, "Hurry back".

Both sides suffered massive losses, Finatar fought along side many brave men and women but it was not enough, the demons attacked constantly. Eventually the ranks of the Kaldorei broke and a retreat was called. Thinking of nothing else Finatar rushed home to make sure his love made it to safety.

Within a mile of his home he heard a high pitched scream which made his blood run cold, he ran as fast as his legs would carry him. It was of no use, he arrived just in time to witness the horrid felhounds feast upon his love's tortured flesh. Tears began to fall from his eyes like rain. Then something inside him snapped. Without a second thought, Finatar rushed toward the nearest demon and smote off its head. Before the other demons could react, Finatar beheaded another. Either through his own abilities or the light of Elune, Finatar survived.

Over the next few days Finatar wandered aimlessly slaying any demon who crossed his path. Then he crossed paths with an Eredar warlock. Effortlessly Finatar slew the nearby lesser demons leaving only him and the Eredar. They fought for what seemed like days. They were both fighting with unwavering strength until eventually the warlock's defenses slipped. Finatar saw his opening and took advantage of it plunging his knife deep into the demon's flesh causing a crippling wound. Before the death blow could be delivered, the demon muttered a few little words.

As a searing pain encompassed Fin's entire body, he screamed, causing the demon to smile. Flames burst out on his chest burning into it a demonic symbol. Finatar tried to stand up and defend himself but the pain was too much. He screamed again. Before he passed out he noticed the sound of horns and arrows zooming past him.

A band of Sentinels found a young man laying unconscious near the corpse of the demon they had just slain. They could just barely make out signs of life. They brought him back to their encampment where they tended to his wounds. One of the elder women suggested that this man was a druid who had entered the dream too soon. Eventually the man was placed in the Barrow Deeps where the other druids rested.

Ten thousand years later, minutes after the battle at Hyjal, Finatar awoke from a tormented sleep filled with images of mutilated corpses and the screams of dieing women. With what little strength remained in his body he stumbled out of the barrow and into the land of the waking. *from this point on the writing becomes blurred and illegible*((More Soon!))



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