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Name: Ethel

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Guild: The Boomstick Gang

Realm: Feathermoon


Ethel joined the Boomstick gang while it was under the command of Mugrir. At first, Ethel preferred to stay quiet, hiding in the shadow of her Uncle Orandel, (also a Boomstick,) but after working with Homrend on various activities, she eventually became better acquainted with the rest of the members, slowly emerging as a hot-tempered, sharp tongued spitfire, fiercely loyal to the gang and it's members, as well as those they call 'friends'.

Aside from those few exceptions, Ethel harbors a latent distrust of the other Alliance races in general, if not in specific. While disliking Orcs and Tauren simply on principle, she strongly dislikes trolls, (In no small part due to the murder of Fenria at the hands of The Butcher,) and considers the walking undead as abominations, best put right back into the ground from whence they came. Despite these opinions, Ethel is no madcap vigilante, out to slaughter every enemy that crosses her view.

Ethel is a former Ace within The Boomstick Gang, holding that position under both Ultang and Homrend.


  • [1]Ethel's Introduction


"She be rough, tough, an' mean as all 'ell. But she tells ye th' truth, an' tha's why she be great. Oh, an' she kin swing an' axe decent too." -Mugrir's description of Ethel

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