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Name: Ethel

Race: Dwarf

Class: formerly:Warrior currently:Death Knight

Guild: The Boomstick Gang

Realm: Feathermoon


A fighter known more for stubborn tenacity and violence than steadfast shielding of the weak, Ethel began fighting for the Alliance as soon as she could legitimately pass as an adult dwarf. Family connections brought her into the Boomstick Gang soon after it's inception, and she has remained a member ever since. From bar-maid to enforcer, her curves and her fists found multiple applications among the rough-and-tumble gun toting hunters of the Gang. The art of war is her only craft; skinning, mining and digging her hobbies.

Aside from certain notable exceptions, Ethel harbors a latent distrust of all races in general, if not in specific. While disliking Orcs and Tauren simply on principle, she strongly dislikes trolls, (In no small part due to the murder of Fenria at the hands of The Butcher,) and considers the walking undead as abominations, best put right back into the ground from whence they came.

During the final push against the Burning Legion on Draenor, Ethel travelled to Light's Hope Chapel in response to rumors of a sudden swelling of the undead population in the region. Cut down in an ambush, she was taken from the field by Necromancers, and resurrected under the command of the Lich King. Once freed, she devoted herself to redeeming her name, and that of her family and guild, by working tirelessly to bring down Arthas in Icecrown.

Ethel is a former Ace within The Boomstick Gang, serving as such under both Ultang and Homrend, and a former Boss as well. As Boss, her Aces were: Corise and Calsh, with inactive Aces Arkenstone and Sionara. [Server:Feathermoon US/Bennik|Bennik]] Bolthammer was also promoted to Ace under Ethel's leadership.

Ethel joined the Boomstick gang while it was under the command of Mugrir. She is currently an Elder in the Gang. Her "undead" status as a Death Knight is a source of contention for some gang members.


  • [1]Ethel's Introduction


"She be rough, tough, an' mean as all 'ell. But she tells ye th' truth, an' tha's why she be great. Oh, an' she kin swing an' axe decent too." -Mugrir's description of Ethel

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