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Eszti "Iron Legs" Nightwing
Eszti "Iron Legs" Nightwing

Gender: Female
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Hunter
Affiliation: Alliance
Occupation: Hunter, merchant mariner, adventurer

Alliance 15 Feathermoon

Eszti "Iron Legs" Nightwing
A young Kaldorei huntress just decades past her five hundredth year. Despite having spent the vast majority of her life living in almost total isolation in the ancient groves of Ashenvale, Eszti Nightwing found herself pressed into serviced as an indentured sailor to repay a rather hefty loan. Following her escape, she sailed aboard a number of merchant vessels for nearly a decade. She served with distinction for some time as Captain of the Swashbucklers fleet before joining The Regiment to be with her lover Tanriel Vassily and the remainder of her pack.


  • Name: Eszti "Iron Legs" Nightwing
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Recruit
  • Quote: "Have a care – the owl bites."



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By Kaldorei standards, Eszti is rather unremarkable in appearance. Though possessing the typical lithe Kaldorei build, she is broad of shoulder, with long slender finely shaped legs that belie the wiry strength in them. She possesses wide-set blue eyes that are upturned in the corner. Her cheekbones are high, defining a strong, pointed jaw, and lack any form of tattooing. Estzi's hair is white and cut to her shoulders, lengthening out as it reaches the nape of her neck. The color of her skin is a pale amethyst. Her voice is deep, a husky contralto tinged by a trace of an accent.

She moves with the sleek and arrogant ease of an individual that has trained and honed her body over the past centuries. Her grace, however, masks the whipcord strength that Eszti possesses. The Kaldorei always seems to be in a state of constant motion and can often be seem moving at a loping gait rather than walk. It is also apparent that she is uncomfortable around other people by her somewhat aloof nature and her ill-at-ease stance while in towns and cities. Once out of a populated area, however, Eszti assumes a more confident mien and visibly appears to be less agitated.

Eszti typically clothes herself in comfortable leathers that fit her like a second skin. She prefers to dress practically, often geared more towards functionality than appearance. Due to her frequent forays into the wilderness for days on end, she's often covered in dirt and grime, though it bothers her not; she's as comfortable in the wilderness as the creatures that call it home.



Eszti and Tanriel Vassily one evening east of Aerie Peak within the Hinterlands.

Eszti’s reticence towards speaking – a so-called virtue the Kaldorei claims she picked up during her centuries of almost total isolation spent in the forests of her birth, though more likely an innate trait – has not been tempered with her time out on the open sea. Though she has become much more friendly and outgoing in recent months, she still tends to keep mainly to herself, preferring to surround herself with a few close friends and her constant animal cohort. Her closest and oldest companions agree that Eszti possesses a fierce independence and tenacious spirit.

It would be unfair, however, to describe Eszti in such terms without noting her other perhaps more redeeming qualities. She is fiercely loyal to those that she has befriended and will go out of her way to aid those in need, often without prompting. Both stalwart and dependable, the Kaldorei can be trusted to remain cool-headed and objective even when surrounded by turbulence. Eszti has demonstrated that she does have a more easy-going and even flirtatious side.

Eszti has few vices – if any. Despite being a sailor, she neither engages in drinking, cursing, or the occasional brawl. Her only passion could be described as the almost fanatical attachment she shows to her animal companion, Alatus. An aged strigid owl, Alatus is a temperamental beast prone to frequent outbursts, excessive doleful glances, and even the occasional nip. Their relationship is one of give and take, since Alatus chaffs at even the perception of obedience and Eszti is a firm taskmaster. Despite all this, the two are boon companions and are rarely seen apart. The bird’s overwhelming personality tends to complement Eszti’s more reserved one.


For a young Eszti, a carefree life gallivanting upon the open waves and casually flouting the law seemed entirely inconceivable.

The middle child of three, Eszti was born five hundred hundred years ago deep in heart of Ashenvale. Her father left their home shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter, supposedly on some sort of quest. He never returned, though this was to have little impact on the then young Kaldorei. Her days were spent assisting her mother with the household while her evenings were filled with quiet contemplation during her frequent forays into the forest.

Eszti was never particularly close to her sisters. The eldest, concerned solely with earthly matters, frequently stole from nearby settlements and eventually left home to pursue fame and fortune – as well as to flee the local law enforcement who would no longer tolerate her transgressions. Her younger sister, on the other hand, turned her gaze heavenwards and devoted herself to the teachings of Elune. Shortly after being initiated into the priesthood, she left as well, ultimately to perform the will of Elune in the lands of the lesser races.

Unlike her siblings, Eszti had absolutely no interest in traveling the world. Her sole purpose in life revolved around the small portion of the ancient groves in which she had spent her entire childhood. Even after her mother died in the battle of Ashenvale, during which the sleeping druids were revived in order to save the forests from being overrun by demons and undead, she still tended to her groves. She supported herself financially as both a woods guide and hunter, though in truth Eszti had no need to do either; since her youth the Kaldorei had been able to survive on her own in the forest – frequently for months on end.


Surprisingly it was that same love for and dedication to the land that ultimately took her from it. A blight struck the forest, killing many of its denizens and causing the ancient groves to wither and die. Fearing that the sickness had originated from unnatural sources, Eszti left the home of her birth in search of the wisdom that would save it. Unfortunately she was a woman of limited means and soon found herself indebted to various unsavory individuals who approached her to offer their assistance. She was eventually pressed into service as an able-bodied seaman in order to repay her rather numerous debts.


Sailing was an entirely new experience for Eszti. After the verdant green forests of her homeland, life aboard ship seemed strange and even daunting to her. It was a lifestyle that did not initially agree with her; during the first two months aboard ship the Kaldorei was often unable to perform her duties due to rampant seasickness. Eventually, however, she gained her sea legs and with that small first step she began to embrace her new existence. With characteristic resolve, Eszti sought out many of the old hands aboard the ship to glean wisdom from them. Over time she was recognized as a capable and stalwart sailor.

When it appeared after quite some time that her so-called benefactors were never going to release her from her debts, the Kaldorei jumped ship at the next port. Alone in a foreign land with only Alatus, a strigid owl she had raised from hatchling, as a friend, Eszti boarded the first ship that would have her. She spent the next few years of her life aboard one ship or another, traveling to numerous foreign lands. Though she came to love the feeling of the deck rolling beneath her feet and the salty kiss of the sea spray, Eszti was, and still is, reticent to openly display this.

Eventually, however, her former employers finally managed to track her down. While stopping over in the port city of Menethil Harbor, they cornered her in an alley, determined for force the Kaldorei back into a life of servitude - or kill her should she resist. Eszti fought back despite the overwhelming odds, preferring death to subjugation. She would have most likely died had it not been for the assistance of a passing stranger. Her savior, a paladin and ardent servant of the Holy Light, saved her life and then proceeded to treat her wounds. After pressing her with some pointed questions, Eszti explained her situation to the human.

She fled town shortly thereafter on yet another ship; though Eszti never saw him again and did not even know his name, she remembered her savior's words. "There are those," he told her, "that would not stand for such things. Though their methods may be a bit unorthodox, they will be able to help you. Seek them out."

The Swashbucklers


Afterwards Eszti continued with her new profession, but this time the Kaldorei was careful to vary her routes and their frequencies in case her former employers should attempt to find her again. During her travels Eszti covertly sought to contact any number of organizations that appeared to share the qualities that her savior had described. Unfortunately, each one of them failed to fit the ideals that the Kaldorei envisioned. Over time, however, she began to hear rumors of a group of individuals that called themselves the Swashbucklers. After some exhaustive research and more than a bit of diligence, Eszti approached their leader, a human by the name of Karlos Montoya, concerning the organization. Satisfied by the man’s responses to her rather pointed questions, Eszti was shortly thereafter admitted into their ranks.

Though at times overwhelmed by the lively and often erratic personalities of her new shipmates, Eszti was genuinely glad to have been accepted as a member of the Swashbucklers. She found kinship in the morals and goals of the organization and readily accepted their cause as her own. The Kaldorei rose through the ranks, quickly becoming a member of the Command Crew and eventually assuming the rank of Captain of the Alliance Swashbuckler flag vessel, the Sparrowhawk. Eszti served her time with distinction and honor, eventually stepping down from the post when she found herself unable to perform her duties effectively any more. Shortly thereafter she left the crew though she still maintains good relations with her former crewmates.

Tanriel Vassily

Sometime during her time as a member of the crew, Eszti stumbled into Tanriel Vassily, an old comrade of hers from during her time fighting for the Alliance in Warsong Gulch.

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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Eszti Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 70 The Regiment Knight-Lieutenant
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
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