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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 70 Shardracona Silver Sentinel
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 70 Shardracona Silver Sentinel
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Lady Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde also known as the Huntress, Shadowchild


Drinlana is taller than average and possesses a lithe, athletic build. She is confident, polite, articulate and personable and bears a noticeable Darnassian accent. Though she bares more than a few thin, silvery scars, each looks as if it were tended to by capable healing hands. Her waist length, silver hair is full, wavy and well kept and frame a mature, womanly face with eyes that are generally warm and kind. Shes been known to wear it either out or tied up, depending on her tasks.

By her side often walks a massive white lion, her companion, Silvermane. He is a handsome creature who strides protectively by his master with power and pride. Silvermane also possesses his share of battle scars, marking him as a proven companion of the battlefield.

She is known as much for her leadership capabilities, diplomacy, wisdom and creativity as she is for her deadly skill with blade, bow or beast. She has had an eventful life and from adulthood, has always held a position of leadership and influence whether politically or combatively.

She is fiercely loyal to her family, friends and allies and will be quick to defend them should the need arise. She prefers to think before she speaks, action to inaction and planning to negate the possibilities of poor performance. Drinlana is also known to be an accomplished artist and painter and has captured the likenesses of many friends and allies on canvas.

Drinlana is the mother of Siji, young Blade, Shield Maiden and Guardian of Shardracona and is referred to as Shan'do by Persis, Shardracona's Keeper of the Shield. She has adopted Warmistress Constanz Clearwater as her daughter and shares an unbreakable bond with the beautiful lavender haired shield maiden turned Savagekin, Founder and fellow Leader, Thiemis Shardracona.

Wearing the mantles of leader, councilor, soldier, mother and companion is not easy but she does so with pride and purpose serving the many roles she has, to the best of her ability.

Drinlana has often exhibited the ability to sense the surface thoughts of friends and companions. Never does she pry and never does she use this talent to some dark advantage, however it is a power that several of her close friends know she possesses. She's never questioned the source of this ability. Whether it is some latent magical talent or the budding unharnessed powers of a priestess is not known. But it rests with her none the less.

Combat Style

Drinlana is a fierce combatant, a veteran of the battlefield and is considered deadly by many. She is an acrobatic combatant often leaping from the back of her saber, landing to spot her distant enemies, targeting one while firing simultaneously at their companions. Silvermane and her fight as one on the battlefield. The silver lion leaping readily into battle against any opponent, ready to obey her command with quickness and efficiency. She does not boast openly about her skill on the battlefield but records show that she has often left the battlefields having put an end to many enemies. Sometimes the most by battles end.

She will readily weaken her opponents before they draw near with shots and stings from her trusted bow to slow their advance and lure them into traps. However, should things become dire the two fly into a rage, sharing one another's will, strength and aggression. When fighting this way they unleash their claws, arrows, fangs and blades upon their opponents and become an prime example of the savage Sentinel and beast that humans so feared during first contact with the Kaldorei long ago.

She has lead many a group to victory both on the battlefields and in the darker places of Azeroth and Outland. Because of this she is considered by some to be a tactician of considerable skill. She lends her voice to raise morale, maintain and encourage communication and commend deeds well done. However of late leading is not something she will do often, preferring instead to be a person of action and readiness.

War and conflict, to Drinlana, are necessary if she is to find those responsible for the dark orders that so changed her life and the life of her love Thiemis. And with new threats having reached the doorsteps of Shardracona she seeks even more to send a clear signal that the Clan of the Silver Dragon is a force to be reckoned with.

When subtlety and silence are needed in place of mail and roaring lion she will leave her bow behind and replace her mail with silent supple leathers. When calling upon her these talents, she is silent and fearless in her tactics and as of late prefers the speed and precision of daggers over the heavier swords of her earlier career as a Blade Dancer.

Drinlana's Timeline

An extensive account of the details of the Silver Sentinels life can be seen here. Feel free to read the information on this long lived Sentinel of the Kaldorei.

Timeline of Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde

Arms and Armor of Note

Drinlana's Gallery

Extended Family

Besides the guild Shardracona, Drinlana has an extended family that includes the following people:

  • Thiemis Shardracona: Her most beloved friend and soulmate. Her Dearest companion without whom she would not be who she is.
  • Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde: Her cherished daughter and only birth child. A shield maiden and the voice of her mother when Drinlana is at rest.
  • Nirassa Nightwhisper: A simple woman of little reknown, Drinlana's mother vanished at the fall of Suramar. She was a dancer, poet and scholar.
  • Kyriun Nightwhisper: A humble man of little reknown, Drinlana's father vanished at the fall of Suramar. He was a musician, reseacher, and a skilled linguist.
  • Ansavaru Nightwhisper: Drinlana's beloved younger sister. For long the White Huntress had vanished into the wilds to live in peace and away from pains of the heart. However now, she and Lupos have returned home.
  • Constanz Clearwater Denselde: The half-elf daughter of Lord Erick Clearwater. Deceased friend of Drinlana. The two fought together in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Upon Erick's death, he asked that Drinlana raise his only daughter.
  • Xanthalia Ishaiya: The High Priestess and Silver Guardian of Shardracona. Xanthalia is the one individual who, as friend and priestess, has heard all of Drinlana's confessions in confidence and knows all of her darkest secrets.
  • Windborn and Swifttalon: Xanthalia and Corteran's twin sons Windborn and Swifttalon have become the new focus of her daughter, Siji's efforts. Drinlana was there when they were born and was the first to hand them to the sweet priestess she so deeply respects and admires.
  • Azhandris Summerwind: Friends since their days in Suramar reunited in Shardracona. They once parted ways due to a rift between them, but time has healed all wounds and now they are once again reunited in the Halls of Shardracona.

As Seen By Others

This section is reserved for those who wish to add their thoughts about this character.

Constanz Clearwater Denselde

Drinlana's adopted daughter, Constanz, on the other hand, is intimately aware of Drinlana's deadly skills, and both admiring and proud of her abilities. Constanz feels that her mother's deadly strength and courage are all the more intriguing because of her normally peaceful and loving nature. It is her strength as a warrior and huntress that inspires Constanz to more fully embrace her elven heritage (since, after all, all elves were night elves, once) and her adopted culture, no matter the odds against her. Constanz views Drinlana as not only her adoptive parent, but as her mother, first and foremost.

Cleodora Silvestri

Upon meeting Drinlana for the first time, Cleodora was immediately charmed by this sweet and loving night elf whose grace, she later discovered, was matched by her deadly skills. Indeed, she does not see her as a rogue or an assassin, but as a "blade dancer". As time went by and her skills allowed her to go adventuring with Drinlana, the young mage discovered yet another aspect of her personality - a devoted leader who did not yield and never gave up hope, always fighting to her last breath to defend those she loves. Adopting her dear friend (and now lover) Constanz Clearwater as her own daughter is proof ultimate in her eyes of the worth of Drinlana's heart, and the greatest reason why Cleo couldn't possibly imagine ever leaving Shardracona. Years after meeting her, she clearly understands that her destiny is bound to Drinlana's, now and forever.

Xanthalia Ishaiya

It is difficult for Xanthalia to place into words how she feels for Drinlana. Xanthalia views Drinlana as a beautiful, beguiling, wise and strong soulful woman whose heart is kind and giving. She has been the young priestess's inspiration and greatest source of strength besides her Goddess. Xanthalia calls her Drinlana her angel, for she has always protected her and guarded her from harm, emotional and physical since she first came into the halls of Shardracona. When Drinlana's love and leader Thiemis Shardracona stepped aside so Xanthalia could rise, Drinlana stepped in and helped to raise her into the powerful and devout priestess of Elune she is now.

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde

Drinlana has become the parent Persis never had as a child. the young shield maiden has been given a loving home, with wonderful friends and companions, that look out for her. Persis has become Drinlana's Thero'shan, a position of great honor in the the young Warrior's eyes. Persis cannot say enough good things about Drinlana: wise, knowledgeable, loving, helpful and beautiful being just a few. As Drinlana's Thero'shan, Persis will defend Drinlana, at the cost of her own life if necessary.

Anita conDoin

Anita has come to view Drinlana as a strong role model in her life. She sees the older Night Elf for the compassionate leader she is, and is more than happy to do anything asked of her, if it may help the family, or Drinlana's leadership. She's spoken with Drinlana on multiple occasions, and always comes back deeply impressed with Drin's depth of honor and pride in her family. The few occasions that Anita has adventured with her, she has been nearly in awe of Drinlana's prowess in the field, and would gladly serve her however needed, as healer or merely as a devoted companion. She was honored to be given the chance to model for Drinlana, and is anxiously awaiting the day her portrait is finished.

Azhandris Summerwind

Drinlana is viewed by Azhandris Summerwind as exotic, gentle, and loving. She has rarely seen the Blade Dancer in combat and so remains ignorant of the other's deadlier side. The two have generally only met under peaceful circumstances or in times of great emotional support. This has only added to Azhandris' view that Drinlana is as peaceful and harmless like a flower, one without thorns or poisons. Azhandris was among the few who discovered that one of Drinlana's lovers was planning manevolent murders and schemes in seceret. Risking her life-long friendship, Azhandris approched Drinlana and reveled the culprit's plans. Their bond was strained to a breaking point, but ultimately, when the wayward lover finally confessed, Azhandris and Drinlana reunited as family. Later, their relationship was strained again, and Azhandris and Drinlana seperated. They have since reconciled their differences and Azhandris has returned home to the Halls of Shardracona.

Noteworthy Events

Altered Paths

In recent research and explorations Drinlana discovered that her grandparents on her mothers side, may have been Highborne. In the records that she unearthed about the Nightwhisper family she discovered that her grand parents resided in Zin-Azshari and were among those Quel'Dorei who followed Queen Azshara in her pursuit of knowledge from the Well of Eternity. It was Nirassa's chance meeting with the humble researcher and linguist, Kyriun Nightwhisper that lead to their eventual lifebond and her leaving the capital city of Zin-Azshari to live with him in Suramar. This altered Nirassa's path, one that may have lead to her falling to the lure of the Well. Despite her altered path. Nirassa and Kyriun Nightwhisper were one of the thousands claimed during the Sundering

Shade of the Ancient

There have been times in Drinlana's life in which she withdrew from society; the slaying the her attackers, her flight from the Isil, the raising of Thiemis, pergnancy with Siji the fall of her battalion on Hyjal. During each of these pivotal points in her life, she sought the shade and solace beneath he eternal branches of Ari, an Ancient of Lore.

In her childhood years, before the Isil, before Azhandris, even before Nirassa, her beloved mother, first showed recognizzed her gift for dance, it was Ari who first showed a child Drinlana the music that can be heard beneath the moonlight. Having lasted through the many wars and horrors of the world, Ari stil sometimes offers solace to Drinlana when she needs time and peace.

Dancing with the Dryads

Drinlana's youth was filled with times in which she escaped into nature. During such moments she would often spend time in the company of Dryads. These companions taught her much about the wilds and the world outside her home. Always protective of the little dancer, they would allow her to remain in their presence for hours on end before sending her back home to her parents.

The Silver Dragonflight

An ancient tome given to Siji from Cleodora possessed within it Elven writings far older than the Keeper of the Mages Tower could translate. In a small meeting in Theramore, Cleodora passed the book on to young Siji who took it to her mother.

Drinlana, needing to know the information within, took it to Ari, an ancient of Lore, located in a secluded grove in Northern Kalimdor.

There the book stayed for several months until Drinlana visited her old friend. What she saw within stopped her breath as she looked upon its words with awe and wonder. Within the tome, lay secrets about a fallen Dragonflight and Shardracona's connection to it...

A Daughters Advice

Drinlana had decided that the way of the rogue and the dark shameful path that it represented for her were no longer for her. The fall of her Batallion seven years ago to the demons of Hyjal and the guilt of her being the sole survivor of the incident, sent he Silver Sentinel into a period of regret, atonement and guilt.

However now, after surving her Sentence and regaining her honor in he eyes of he military, as well as discovering and uncovering more truths about the history of her love Thiemis, she had all but surrendered the ways of the shadows in favor of her path as Sentinel and Huntress.

It would be the voice of her young daughter that would encourage her to not forsake those ways completely. To young Siji, Drinlana's path of atonement and shadow it represent a time in which Siji came to know her mother, honor and respect her as well. To Siji, Drinlana would forever be of both shadow and of the light. to Siji, her ancient mother represented the a true servant of Elune. A Rogue of the moon's shadows and a Sentinel of the moon's radiance.

She loved this uniqueness and requested that her mother continue her training as a way to not forget the dark road she traveled and that those powers could be used now without shame and for the greater good.

Since then Drinlana has meditated and trained and focused her shadow abilities to even greater degrees and has discovered ways to actually step through time and space and focus her energies to perform remarkable feats of stealth and agility. She is now no longer a Blade Dancer but a Sentinel of Shadow and Light, using her abilities to aid in the fight against demons and darkness and to continue her search for the truh hidden in her love's past.

The Metal Box

Drinlana recently received a package in the mail. It was anonymous. Within it was a pristine box crafted of an ancient metal. It was locked with a mechanism of incredible complexiy. Clearly meant for the hands of a rogue. Drinlana took the box with her and to her temporary home in in Teledor, Zangarmarsh. She kissed her love Thiemis hello as they passed. Thiemis told Drinlana that she would be on her way back though the portal to seek supplies for her tailoring. She kissed her love once again and prayed for Elune to guide and keep her.

When Thiemis departed, the sentinel and rogue sat and withdrew her sophisticated lock picks, but she could not, for all her skill and ability, pick the lock. She undressed, laying her leathers down, listening to the gentle rains as Silvermane approached and lay next to her, and sighed, staring at this mysterious box.

Taking the box in hand again, she examined it more and saw a second locking mechanism on its underside. Rolling onto her back, she took her picks in hand once again. This time, success! A small click and the underside of the palm sized, elaborately etched box slid opened to reveal a small note witten upon aged, brittle parchment.

There, laying bare amidst a pool of silver hair, Drinlana's shimmering silver eyes narrowed as she read the cryptic words. "Singed and Sealed ... within, truths may be revealed."

Uncovering the mysteries of Karazhan

High Priestess Xanthalia Ishaiya was recently approached by the rogue and Guild Watch Warden Nictus of the guild Elitist. He informed her that his companions sought to lead an expedition into the the mysterious tower of Deadwind Pass, Karazhan. Concerned immediately for her friends safety she listened on as he asked whether or not she still had command of the Shadows or knew of a skilled bowman and archer. She whispered that they were contained deep within but thought of Drinlana when she heard of the need. In time Drinlana was informed and set out to to what was necessary to secure the key to the ancient tower, even traveling back through time to find Medivh himself, the path followed already by Xanthalia and her young daughter Siji.

With the key in hand and touched by Khadgar and A'dal, Drinlana joined Nictus, under the command of the hunter Albinoss and journeyed into the tower. Since the first night they have defeated much of the tower. She eagerly awaits the chance to unlock all of the towers secrets and to explore its vast libraries, regardless of the danger they will face there.

Upon the night of their 5th expedition into Karazhan They emerged worn but victorious. High Priestess Xanthalia, joined on this night as she had done so two times before. But this night would hold a wonderful surprise for her. Nictus whispered through her hearth stone of his desire and intention to request to Albinoss that Xanthalia become a permanent member of the expedition. When the news was related to Drinlana, the sentinel embraced Xanthalia in a loving hug and whispered of how pleased she was to know that Xanthalia would be with them all...

With the fall of Aran it wasn't long before they made their way to the Man'ari Eredar, and current ruler of the tower, Prince Malchezaar himself. Though the first attempt nearly saw the fall of the prince, they had to abandon our efforts for another day...

The Fall of the Prince, the bow of the first Suncaller?

Last night marked the fall of the prince who claimed control of Karazhan. They struck with precision and skill, following the hunter Albinoss' tactics to the letter. Each doing their best and in time, the prince was slain. Once searched, it was revealed that he had in his treasures Sunfury, Bow of the Phoenix. As chance and fate would have it, it was given to Drinlana to wield.

Returning home she studied the bow carefully, marveling over its craftsmanship as attendants and servants took her arms and armor to be cleaned, and repaired. It was then in the dim light of the room that she noticed an inscription which read... "The First Suncaller"

Hunting the Dragon Killer Gruul's Lair

It was some time ago that Drinlana first encounter the rumors of the dragon killer of the Blades Edge Mountains. Since that time her arrows have helped slay countless gronn and each of Gruul's 5 sons. Now, however the sentinel has her eyes set on the dragon killer himself. Not just to get revenge for slaying the dragon and terrorizing the lands with his rampaging sons and their offspring and the first blow has already been struck. High King Maulgar, the lord of Gruul's, Ogre Council, fell last night to the force her bow serves. It won't be long before Gruul himself meets his end.

The Isil

Long ago Drinlana was taken in by a mysterious man who would later in life become her lover and possible father of Siji. This man was part of an organization called the Isil. The Isil represented the silent will of night elven culture. Existing to preserve and protect. It is through this organization that Drinlana first found solace and peace from her childhood and was first given the name Isil'Litla, or Moon Dancer. It wasn't until the tragic fall of a noble and upstanding Sentinel of the Kaldorei (Thiemis I) that Drinlana began to see that the organization may be corrupt. It wouldn't be long before she left the order along with her sister Ansavaru and the infant Thiemis II to never to return.

Upon leaving Drinlana recorded all knowledge of the Isil as well as information about Thiemis' legacy into a bound journal. However the journal was found and Drinlana was captured, interrogated and forced to reveal the full journal. She was to be put to death but she escaped and to this day lives with the knowledge that they may seek her still.

Since then shes suffered through much and gone to great lengths to uncover what she feels is the corruption of the the Isil and now feels that the Isil were all along, influenced by the demonic whisperings of the Burning Legion. Perhaps one day the Isil will catch up to her, but until they do she will continue to protect her family and her love and continue to seek the truth behind the Isil.

New Orders

Recently, Drinlana received a letter from Shandris Feathermoon, Commander of the Sentinel Army. In the letter she was instructed to return to Feathermoon Stronghold at at her earliest convenience. She wasted little time and set off for the long journey. Once there they caught up and spoke on many things. It had been long since Drinlana had been back to her commanders side. Shandris spoke to Drinlana and told he of the good things she had been hearing about her deeds as a Sentinel and soon asked her to take up another assignment. One that would have her call upon all her skills. She readily accepted the order and with a bow and salute, set off to tend to them.

Whispers of War

Drinlana recently received a letter from Warden Nictus Vael'Kyn. The letter spoke of evidence that needed to be brought before a council of Sentinels, Druids of the Cenarion Circle and the Priestesses of Elune. In the letter, Drinlana was asked to represent the sentinels in a meeting to be held in Ashenvale at the Shrine of Aesinna.

Later that morning, Drinlana met with revered High Priestess, Xanthalia Ishaiya, that she too had received the letter and had been asked to represent the Priestesses. Both expessed concernn for the message spoke of the threat of war. It would notbe until days later, that the Sentinel and the High Priestess would know the severity of the situation...

The Rose Ball, a fashion contest?

Recently the renowned guild Order of the Rose, held its annual Rose Ball atop the Twin Collassals in the forests of Feralas. On a rare occassion to relax and be at peace adventurers across Azeroth came to gather, drink, talk and dance. Being a formal occassion, Shardraconians came dressed in their best and were thrilled to see one another as well as many other familiar faces in the realm.

During the evening it was announced that there would be a fashion show in which. With one of the categories being formal wear. Feeling particularly high spirited, Drinlana decided to playfully enter the competition and lined up against perhaps 30 others. In the end,and to her surprize, Drinlana was selected for the second place prize winning a rare bottle of perfume and an exotic young Dragonling as a pet.

Drinlana's Journal

Animal Companions

Drinlana is a lover of nature and has, since childhood, heard the song of Elune in the wilds. As a result she has surrounded herself with a number of amimal companions. Some are merely pets while others are truly her family.

  • Silvermane: In truth, Drinlana's white lion is more than a beast, he is a friend, companion and part of her true family. Like her wind serpent Dracona, she cannot imagine life without him. Since the rising Druidic powers first manifested themselves in Thiemis, the two have become close and can be seen roaming the Shardracona estate often.
  • Dracona: Drinlana's white Wind Serpent is more than a beast. He is a friend, companion and part of her family. He came to her in a vision as she was relearning the path of the huntress. She seldom fights alongside Dracona anymore but when Persis took a liking to the winged silver serpent, she gave her Thero'shan to the beast, to care for him, as part of her Training.
  • Aidrassa: Her aging Striped Frostsaber was a gift from a dear friend and named after her. She has served her as a loyal steed for many seasons but as age crept up on her, Drinlana sought to find a younger stronger steed and allow Aidrassa to rest.
  • Uvaeolinquae: Her Swift Frostsaber 's true name is a mouthful for many to pronounce so she usually calls him her Will of the Wind or Uvae, a shortening of his true name. Despite his fierce nature Uvae is always made calm by Drinlana's whispers or a good long run through the wilderness with his master.
  • Farrunner: Her Tan War Talbuk is a tall, beautiful and graceful female selected from the stables of the Kurenai of Negrand. Although her sabers will forever be her chosen mounts, particularly Uvae, Farrunner has quickly become a dear and loved steed of the Sentinel and she can be seen riding her often throughout the Outlands and home on Azeroth.

Known Enemies

Quilandrius Suncaller

Alaunarra Ryn'lara Suncaller

Fiannis Swiftblade

Side Stories

Khelthios Blackmane

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde, Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde, Khelthios Blackmane and associated character illustrations were all created and written by Drin

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