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Delial Ebonfall

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Delial Horde 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Undead Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 80 The Brotherhood of Dusk
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

To look upon her is to see one of the many faces of Pride. She carries herself with the air of a woman who knows her place in the world, and has been convinced, reluctantly perhaps, that she floats somewhere above most of those around her.


Delial was born in Andorhal to Garren and Lyra Ebonfall, both the middle child of three and the only daughter of the household.

Delial lived a life of relative luxury, despite her father's best efforts to give his family a humble setting to grow in. She was given a basic education in reading and writing, and picked up on ettiquette and other lady-like things from her mother and aunts from the other houses of Ebonfall. But she preferred, for the most part, to spend her days lazing about or getting in trouble with her younger brother Harvard acting as her partner in crime.

As she blossomed into young adulthood, Delial quickly became known as the Queen of Hearts to the young men of the city as she began to spend more and more time involved in various and numerous romantic pursuits. But the name was, of course, never spoken aloud... at least not in the presence of herself or her family.

She, as well as her family, were killed during the Scourge's first attack on Andorhal. What records remain suggest she was 17 years of age upon death.

Rumor has it that her elder brother Westor managed to survive, but his present location is unknown.

Of Purpose and Growth

Delial ofthe Dawn

Delial Ebonfall, in the regalia of the Argent Dawn.

Delial rose in the Shadow Grave an indeterminate number of years after her death. She spent some time doing small chores for Undertaker Mordo and the innkeeper Renee, partially to recooperate from the severe damage her body had sustained and partially to get her bearings on life itself. Like most Forsaken, she suffered mild amnesia and a lack of direction as to what it was she was meant to do with her life.

In time, she was sent to see Sylvanas. It was there that she felt her first yearnings for power upon seeing the dreadlord Varimathras at the Dark Lady's side. Upon returning to Brill, she immediately set about beginning her training as a warlock.

Toward her 10th season she became subject to strange dreams, which she dismissed with great unease at first. Images of places she couldn't recall, faces and names that she couldn't place. As she rose through the ranks, they came more and more often, and Delial became convinced that she held in her the memories of others who died at the hands of the Scourge. Thus she became facinated with the idea of scrying elements and energies, in hopes of drawing out secrets and truths about the world and, perhaps, her dreams.

Her interest in the elements only grew upon meeting a tauren named Lunari, who claimed himself a wind-reader. She joined his small band who called themselves The Wandering Winds but ultimately detatched herself from them following Lunari's demise.

Towards the end of her training, she ventured to Thunder Bluff to speak to the elder crone Magatha Grimtotem in hopes that she might teach her the secrets of elemental divination, as the deepest secrets of Shadow still eluded her. But she was turned away upon claims that one so out of touch with the Earthmother would only befoul such powers.

Her 60th season and final lesson still did not satisfy Delial. With great reluctance, Master Kaal Soulreaper sent her on to find a new teacher, one who would be willing to share the darker secrets of blood and shadow: Daio the Decrepit.

From him, she learned much of what has come to shape her current philosophies and beliefs, as well as the art of sacrifice in exchange for knowledge and power. For a time, she spent every night upon Dreadmist Peak perfecting her techniques little by little, becoming more and more engrossed with this new source of strength. He taught her that everything came at a price - and such was a lesson she would soon learn herself.

Through sacrifice, she learned that her brother Harvard had been brought forth by Sylvanas and her minions.

It was also through sacrifice that she was ultimately drawn to Lord Banehollow, the master of Jaedenar.

Of Blood and Fire

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Of Murder and Retribution

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Of Love and Duty

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Of Possible Futures...

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Secrets and Notes

  • Delial keeps a diary (or more properly, a journal))
  • ... has something of a rogue fetish, for reasons she cannot quite understand herself. Most of her gentleman friends have been rogues, with few exceptions.
  • ... is extraordinarily judgemental and takes first impressions very seriously, a fact that isn't helped at all by a superiority complex she's developed since becoming Forsaken. Mages, in particular, recieve the bulk of her distrustf and criticisms, along with warlocks who focus strongly upon Demonology.
  • ... still considers herself very much human, despite the whole undeath thing, and has difficulty associating herself with Orcs, much less Trolls. The only Horde faction she really respects as a whole are the Tauren, but she does not go out of her way to appease them.
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