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Portrait of Damukag in Stranglethorn Vale.


Name: Damukag (Kin'zul is his actual name. Unknown to all but him, however.)

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Level: 60

Guild: Noxilite

Profession: Engineer/Miner


Damukag was born on a small island near the Maelstrom. He doesn't remember much of his childhood, and since he does not talk of his childhood with his tribe, not even he knows it's exact details. He does know that his father was a great warrior of the darkspear tribe, famous for defending it against all would be attackers. His mother was some camp follower or whore who left Damukag on his father's doorstep as an infant and never saw him again.

Sometime after all this, Damukag, still very very young, was put onto one of Thrall's warships by his father, who stayed behind to battle the human and murloc invaders. He was not seen again. Damukag was taken to Echo Isles, and cared for by his tribe for a small time. However, when the humans attacked the isles again, Damukag was almost left behind and forgotten. He was saved by a venerable orc shaman, Kortim, who taught him the ways of the spirits. He also studied the history of Azeroth, orcish, and was trained physically and mentally for shamanhood.

Before he offically passed into shamanhood, however, Kortim was killed while communing with the spirits of Ashenvale by an alliance patrol, thus earning them Damukag's unyielding hatred. Having spent most of his youth studying in Kortim's remote hut in Stonetalon, Damukag was now alone in the world once more. He quickly found his way to Ratchet, where he began working and doing odd jobs for the goblins, eventually moving to Booty Bay. Despite earning their trust and their coin, he was discontent with this lowly labor and sought to complete his path to becoming a shaman.

He journied to Ogrimmar, where he was allowed to complete his training. Eager to adventure and be one with the spirits, he joined the horde forces as a soldier and fought in Alterac Valley against the Stormpike.

He served with the Frostwolf for years, eventually becoming cynical and disillusioned. He finally retired from duty, but was unable to find employment anywhere else due to his rough personality and somewhat violent nature. Running low on money, he returned to his roots in Booty Bay and Ratchet with the Steamwheedle Cartel. There he discovered what he considered his true calling. He became somewhat of a cross between hired muscle and an assassin, and used his combat experiance in Alterac to great effect in his jobs.

After working like this for several years, Damukag eventually left Booty Bay again and began to work for anyone who had the money. Aging and well past his youth, Damukag is slowly realizing that he won't be able to compete and work much longer.


Battled the Alliance in Alterac Valley countless times until he became an exalted fighter with the Frostwolf clan.

Aided in the defeat of Ragnaros the firelord, Onyxia, and Hakkar.

Joined the ranks of the guild Noxilite and proudly wears their tabard.


Damukag despises forward confrontation and brawling. Instead he relies on a mixture of the storm element and his knife to do his dirty work. An expert at knife fighting and handling, he only uses his spear for open fighting where he deams in 'necessary'.

His favorite method is using a variety of distractions and some stealth to get close to his target without confrontation. An interesting note, he plans only the first part of his jobs, as he beleives you can never know how a situation will turn out, and therefor can never plan appropriately for anything. He relies almost completely on improvisation and experiance.

He also uses a variety of explosives and other such gadgets when the situation calls for it, either as distractions, weapons, or path clearers.

He is ruthless, having been taught in Alterac that mercy will only show you are weak. This, combined with the fact that he has, at best, a very skewed moral compass, result in him accepting any job he's given, no matter how heartless it may seem. Although his missions are rarely (never) completed flawlessly, he has yet to botch one beyond repair.


Damukag's a shaman with an intense love for ale and money. If you're willing to supply the appropriate amount of either of those things, Damukag will do any job you need, no matter how dirty it is. He's aging and he knows it, yet has no plans to stop his work anytime soon. The only thing he will not do for any amoung of money is forsake the spirits whom he serves.

Has deep ties and friends in the Steemwheedle Cartel, and frequents Booty Bay. His main haunt is the salty sailor tavern, where he can be found spending his 'hard earned wages' almost every night.


Damukag is aging. The prime of his life behind him, his hair is a dull blue with stripes of white begining to come in. His skin is a muddled blue as well, and his eye's cutting yellow has faded into a dull glow. He stands tall, even for a troll, but is not heavily built or even muscular. He wears clothes that, while once elegant and presentable, are now faded and worn. He keep his face painted with tribal colors, and polishes his tusks regularly.

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