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The middle child of seven, the young woman grew up on her father’s vineyard in Elwynn Forest. The darling of her father's eye, Csilla Kovács had a normal childhood arguing with her siblings, doing chores, and looking up to her eldest brother, Janos, who she idolized. At the budding young age of sixteen, she left the home of her birth to pursue training in becoming a priest because there is always need for healers.


  • Name: Csilla Kovács
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Private
  • Quote: "Jes' leaves it all t' me - I's can hit them troll fellahs with my mace!"


Csilla's skin is a bronzed color that is nearly unblemished. Her hair is pale silver that frames her face and is often hastily tucked behind her ears. Errant strands typically break loose despite her best efforts to fall haphazardly into her face. It's fine and wispy and the slightest movement can set it into motion. Her every expression is communicative and it's not difficult to recognize her moods, from the way her brow furrows when in thought or how her eyes often twinkle in barely restrained excitement.

The petite woman is short, standing a mere inch shy of five feet. She is curvy, featuring strong firm legs and ample hips. Her waist is thin and her breasts high and could be described only as perky. Csilla's frame is decidedly feminine, while still maintaining a toned appearance. She possesses a heart shaped face that is defined by full lips and wide eyes that are a pale green with amber flecks.

The clothing that Csilla prefers to wear is comfortable and tends to be in muted, earthy colors. She will readily discard her priestly accoutrement in favor of a pair of sturdy britches, a comfortable – if worn – shirt, and footwear better suited for trudging through the countryside than entertaining. The young woman often sports some sort of wide-brimmed hat capable of holding the often recalcitrant locks of hair back from her bronzed face. She has little eye for fashion and absolutely no interest in dressing up like a strutting coxcomb.


The young Csilla is a genuinely warm and caring individual with an enthusiasm for life that can be overwhelming at times. Though not brash, she is rather outspoken and tends to have difficulty keeping her opinions to herself – often to her embarrassment. If given the opportunity, the young woman will gleefully pass away the day talking about whatever topic has caught her fancy at the moment – all without realizing that the people around her may not be as interested in what she has to say as she is.

In battle, Csilla typically maintains her cheerful disposition while demonstrating an iron determination to perform her duty well. Wielding power with a maturity and skill that surpass her years, she delights in aiding her fellow companions with a variety of healing and support spells – though it isn’t unheard of for the young priestess to throw herself into the fray during a lull, mace readily at hand to whack the heads of her opponents. If reprimanded for her enthusiasm, Csilla will blush and meekly return to her healing tasks, only to leap forward at the next possible opportunity.

Perhaps as a result of her upbringing and the neglect that results from being the middle child of seven, Csilla continuously seeks approval from the people around her. She has a tendency to latch onto those individuals who possess authority over her – particularly those close to her own age – and will try her damnedest to not fail in what she mistakenly believes are their high expectations. If complimented, Csilla will brush them off and modestly reply that she was only doing her job; if reprimanded or derided, the young priestess will brood over the words for weeks, eventually resolving to do better the next time.



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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Csilla Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest 70 The Regiment
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
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