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Basic Information

  • Name: Corise Izabella Spivergear-Jeremy
  • Server: Feathermoon
  • Race: Gnome
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Rogue
  • Guild: The Boomstick Gang
  • Rank: None
  • Quote: "Motherless son of a trogg's filthy loins!"
  • Professions: Mining, Gnomish Engineering

Appearance and Equipment

At fifty-four years of age, Corise is still a relatively young gnome - roughly equivalent to a human in her mid- to late-twenties. Standing at just over two and a half feet, she is short even by gnomish standards; her small stature, combined with her slender and athletic build, makes her a natural for sneaking. Her movements are quick, almost imperceptible at times, and she carries herself with a self-assurance that might seem comical in such a tiny person were it not backed by deadly proficiency.

Despite her ability to go unnoticed in the shadows, her exotic looks have attracted the attention of many admirers over the years. Her skin is tan and smooth, with a smattering of freckles beneath her large, almond-shaped dark brown eyes, which gleam with keen intelligence and wry humor. She wears her shiny blue-black hair short and spiky, often held back by a headband to keep it out of her eyes. Multiple silver piercings and the occasional streak of engine grease accent her striking features.

In battle, she dons an assortment of battered, mismatched leathers that keep her protected while still allowing her the free range of motion necessary for her fighting style, and she wears the Boomstick tabard with pride. Out of battle, she is often seen in more casual (and typically revealing) attire, such as skin-tight dark leather pants and a low-cut swashbuckler's shirt. Whatever the situation, her two daggers are rarely absent from her side, even in the company of friends.

Personality and Outlook

Outwardly, Corise exudes a fiesty spirit and a wit as sharp and quick as her daggers. She can be a bit sharp-tongued and sarcastic at times, and she has been known to let her fists or knives do the talking when someone has offended or angered her deeply. Yet despite her short temper, Corise usually displays a more cheerful, friendly attitude around people she likes -- a side to her personality which lay dormant for some time after the fall of Gnomeregan and has only resurfaced in the last two years. To friends and family, Corise is loving and extremely loyal, her occasional verbal jabs all intended in kindness.

Corise believes in living life to the fullest, enjoying all of its pleasures in moderation (although she admittedly has issues with the "moderation" part at times). She has very few inhibitions and will not hesitant to be the first person to hop up onto the bartop and start dancing. Her fun-loving nature and lust for life, combined with her innately sensual nature, make her a bit of a flirt, and while her once-wandering eye seems to have settled on her husband, Waldoh, old habits die hard.

Beneath the layers of brash confidence, easy wit, fierce loyalty to friends, seductive warmth, carefree spontaneity, and occasional bouts of Gnomish silliness lurks a very different side of Corise -- one that very few people will ever see. Corise keeps her insecurities and worries largely out of the public eye, preferring to conduct her internal struggles in private. Nonetheless, unresolved trust issues and fear of commitment linger like shrapnel wounds in Corise's psyche, and it will take them a long time to reach the surface.

History and Background

Corise is the oldest of three daughters born to Daxter and Cora Spivergear of Gnomeregan. As a child, she was very close to her father, a flying machine pilot who served in the Second War and ultimately failed to return from his last mission; his fate was never conclusively determined.

Growing up, Corise took an apprenticeship in her mother’s machine shop and discovered a natural inclination towards engineering. She took up with one of the shop’s assistants, a handsome mechanic named Xaggo Crankcog, only to have her heart broken when she discovered that he was cheating on her with her younger sister, Daxine. This incident did little to improve the already strained relationship between the two oldest Spivergear girls.

Her mother was mortally wounded during the evacuation of Gnomeregan and died in the refugee camps some weeks later. The circumstances surrounding Cora’s death, which Corise refuses to discuss to this day, led to a final falling out between Corise and Daxine. Also during this time, the youngest Spivergear sister, Jenive, disappeared; it was believed that she had fallen victim to Frostmane trolls. As a result, Corise found herself alone in the world.

Corise’s response to the losses in her life was to close herself off emotionally to avoid being hurt again, and to focus entirely on looking out for her own needs. Already accustomed to stealing bread to survive in the refugee camps, Corise took easily to a nomadic lifestyle of petty crime and solitude.

Over time, Corise met people who would break down the walls she’d built around herself - most notably a psychologically-troubled young gnome named Pikaboo Shinyspark, who had lost most of her family during the trogg invasion and to whom Corise would become something of a surrogate big sister. Another unusual friendship gradually developed between Corise and a human paladin, Mayanna Alveren. Although the two initially disliked one another and argued fiercely, they managed to overcome their differences and form a strong bond that persists to this day. These friendships and others helped transform Corise from a self-centered and antisocial lone wolf to a more open and caring person.

Two winters ago, Corise reunited with her youngest sister, Jenive, who had been previously thought dead. She also became engaged to Waldoh Jeremy, a fellow gnome rogue, and both became proud members of the Boomstick Gang. Since joining the Gang, Corise has steadily risen through the ranks to become an Ace, making her the first gnome to occupy the position. She has also tied the knot with Waldoh. Their memorable impromptu wedding ceremony took place on the bartop of the Boomstick Pub in Stormwind City and was officiated by Ettine Hearthfire.

Barely two months after the wedding, Corise found out that she was pregnant with the couple's first child, a discovery to which she reacted with mixed feelings despite the fact that both she and her husband had agreed that they wanted to be parents. She had trouble adjusting to the changes she needed to make to her normally wild and dangerous lifestyle for the sake of the baby, and she was secretly plagued with fears about her own perceived inadequacy as a mother (and as a wife, for that matter).

Her emotional state became even more tumultuous midway through her pregnancy when she received a visit from her father's old commanding officer, Brossan Rustbeard, who confided to her that her father's last mission took him through the Dark Portal twenty years before. Despite her condition, Corise felt a driving need to discover her father's fate in Outland and set out on a personal quest to find him.

Current Happenings

After enduring months of pregnancy, Corise recently gave birth to a son, Sparky Daxter Jeremy. The tiny infant inherited his father's wide purple eyes and his mother's wild mane of shiny blue-black hair, which is already growing in tufts all over his head. The family has been staying in a rented room in Telredor for the time being. Corise has been surprised by how well she's taken to motherhood; compared to the unpleasant experiences she's had as an adventurer, sleepless nights and dirty diapers really don't seem all that awful.

Nevertheless, she is eager to get back into prime fighting shape, and she has already begun to venture out for a few hours at a time when she can get away from her motherly duties. Additionally, the birth of her son has only strengthened her resolve to find her father. However, at the moment, her search appears to be stalled, and she is at a bit of a loss as to where she ought to look next.


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