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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Cleodora Silvestri Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage 70 Guild:Shardracona (Feathermoon US) Master Sergeant
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

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A usually shy and geeky girl, Cleodora is a friendly one who tends to be very liberal with her hugging when among her friends. Generous and caring, she is a devoted team player who values her group objectives as highly as her own. During tense battles, her character flips over entirely, becoming hard as steel until her enemies are tasting the ground.


Her soft features look very asian, her skin tone and eye shape hinting at an exotic parentage. Her short black hair stands in spikes all on their own, no amount of water, hair care products or Pestle's Miracle Hair Gel has ever been able to alter that. She favors robes and dresses over shirts and pants most of the time, though she seems to enjoy skimpier designs.

Now dressed in powerful weaves from the outlands, she has used her great skill in tailoring to make her robes even sexier, showing off her cleavage, legs and bum to all who look upon her. Nestled between her breasts is also a tiny crystal vial suspended on a necklace made of what looks like sparkling silvery hairs. The vial burns from within like a tiny star, though Cleo has not mentionned where she obtained it, protecting it jealously.

Fighting Style

Though she originally fought as a cryomage, wielder of vast frost powers, she has recently come to an epiphany that the creatures of outlands would require far more power than she could handle. Retraining herself at great personal effort, she is now an incineratrice, a fire mage of great offensive power.

As Seen by Others...

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Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde

Irresistable charm, pristine beauty, extreme power... Cleodora Silvestri, Silver Warden, Archmage and Shardracona's Keeper of the Tower is all these things and more. Since first introduced to Shardracona by the rogue Xenelia, Cleodora became who Drinlana knew would be destined for greatness. She is a powerful mage skilled tactician, analyst and leader which also earned her a position as one of Shardracona's three officers. Drinlana holds deep trust, respect and admiration for Cleodora and is truly honored to call her a friend. Cleodora has risen to become a renowned and respected Mistress of the Arcane and shares a special bond with Drinlana, one that will not soon be severed.

Persis Anarane Annare Whisperwind

Cleo has gained such respect in the eyes of young Persis. Her Skills in the arcane magiks never cease to amaze her. That she uses her powers, for benign purposes too (Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast) only amazes Persis more and more. Cleodora is selfless, generous, beautiful and caring. She always has a fine compliment, or cheerful comment, to make and is much like Persis in that way, as well as having a "can do" attitude. Persis considers Cleo a dear and trusted friend.

Xanthalia Ishaiya

Sweet, skilled, bubbly, with an amazingly positive outlook on any tasks she undertakes, Cleodora is a small beacon of light in Xanthalia's eyes. Though she rarely says so, the young priestess finds herself renewed and invigorated by the kind and energetic mage whenever she is in her presence. Being granted the tremendous responsibility and honor of bringing Cleodora's first child into this world, being the first to hold the small babe in her arms before placing her into Cleo's loving embrace, was one of Xanthalia's greatest honors and an event she will treasure forever. Xanthalia has deep respect for the sweet mage and treasures the friendship they share.

Constanz Clearwater Denselde

A close friend since childhood and adored with all of her heart, Cleodora is half of the object of Connie's utmost desire. Though it took some time for her to come to terms with her feelings for Cleo and Gilithis, mostly because of wrestling with the idea of feeling romantic attraction to a man for the first time in her young life, Constanz is utterly devoted to the powerful mage and the wonderful druid whom they both adore. Constanz knows in battle that her beloved's spellwork is a potent complement to her own swordcraft and can depend on it to save her life... even if she and Cleo share a mutual incomprehension of the details of each other's favorite subject!

Astadaa Kirsantii

Astadaa's view of Cleodora is that as an honored teacher, she is worthy of her utmost respect... and as a wonderful and loving friend, she is one of the kindest people she has ever met. The young Draenei shaman has only known Cleodora a short time, but she would be a fast friend even if the Spirits had not told her to follow and learn from Cleodora and her beloved Warrior and Druid.

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde

Cleo has been an incredible friend of rare quality. Fun loving, intelligent, sincere, beautiful, trustworthy and powerful are all words that young Siji would use to define the alluring Cryomage. They have seen much of the worlds darkest places together, and shared some wonderful times together as well and Siji feels deep in her heart that things just wouldn't be the same without her.


Early Years

Cleodora is the only child of Ellenore and Dranacus Silvestri, her mother dying during childbirth a few months after her husband's death in combat. She was given to an orphanage for care where she subsequently grew up, but her strange aura and often bizarre demeanor denied her adoption from any prospective parents. She was also shunned by the other children, her only friend being an aging monk called Brother Maynard.

Having inherited her mother's sharp intellect, she discovered written works and learned quickly through the abbey's library. Book after book, she accumulated knowledge and demonstrated the ability to recall any of it in a second, though there were few people to impress around her.

The only other person who was not deterred by her unusual attitude was a wandering visitor who encouraged her to pick up a book she'd never seen before - an arcane theory principia. She found a whole new world of possibilities within its pages, and within a few weeks she taught herself to cast a very weak frostbolt, turning a glass of water to ice.

Some time later a group of Defias thugs attacked the abbey, decided to impose themselves as lords over the area, a pack of them threatening Cleodora simply because they could. Her wandering friend appeared to defend her, incinerating them with spells only an archmage could wield. Although she had no idea at the time, Cleo was the only one who could see this strange man, and he actually controlled her body throughout the battle, casting the spells as though her seven year old mind had grasped this advanced magic, though only Maynard was witness to it and kept this fact secret from her until his death.

Arcane Training

Shortly after the attack, a group of Dalaran mages came to investigate and found residual energy in Cleo's body, tipping them to the truth of the matter. The Queldorei mage Andor'Vall took upon herself to befriend her and watch over the promising mage-to-be. She was invited to study the arcane arts under Andor'Vall's tutelage in her teenage years, and remained in close contact with her for years to follow.

Every once in a while, the mysterious man no one else could see would come and visit, offering encouragements and cryptic riddles alike, though his visits grew few and far between. She always kept him in mind, determined to discovery his true nature, a splinter of suspicion remaining in her thoughts as to his hidden motives.


A loner most of her life, Cleo had few friends - she had reached her mid-twenties and you could count those few she had on the remaining fingers of a horribly clumsy shop teacher. A stubborn lockbox would change that though, as a boisterous and hedonistic rogue named Xenelia Draelanis made an intriguing offer: her guild, Shardracona, was running short on arcane power and could help her complete her training. She accepted to meet its leaders, Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde and Thiemis Shardracona, and immediately found them to be welcoming and charming.

She joined the ranks of the silver dragon soon after, meeting a rather cuddly druid named Gilithis Greenscales. He assisted her in many missions she could not complete on her own, and found herself falling in love with this "silly kitty" even if she could not put those feelings into words yet. All she knew was that she was always thinking about him. He was a married man however, so she decided to keep this her own burden, for as long as it would take for her feelings to go away.

Fate had other plans, however, and Gilithis soon found himself attracted to the shy, often blushing mage, a fact his wife found out as well. She immediately rejected him in a very public outburst, calling her a harlot and cursing loudly against all men and all elves. Cleodora felt that Gil did not deserve this treatment from his now ex-wife, and became his lover from that moment. They have been together since then, giving birth to their first child Lathania.

Recent History

Greater Responsability

As Shardracona recently underwent a long-term project to improve its facilities and offer better services to its valued members, one of these being a mage tower speciliazed in laboratories for those with an arcane inclination. To better focus the efforts of this aspect within the guild, class leadership within Shardracona was offered to Cleodora, an honor she readily accepted, as well as a position of Silver Warden to act as a contact between the Silver Soldiers and the leadership when they are not available.

Construction of the mage tower is currently under way, though some of the more exotic components remain missing as of yet, though time will see them found.

Greater Danger

Through an alliance with like-minded guild Sodalitas, she has joined her friends in exploring the most dangerous corners of the world - Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, Blackwing Lair and Ahn'Qiraj, she has found many wondrous items to reward her efforts in defeating fiends powerful beyond her imagining. Though this exploration eventually came to an end, she did walk away with many ancient treasures to further fuel her powers.

A New Love

An old friend of hers, Constanz Clearwater, has grown closer to her more and more as they adventured alongside Gilithis, the couple finding that this fiery warrior was growing more and more dear to them in ways that went beyond simple friendship. Though their living arrangement is unconventional to say the least, the trio is now happy to call themselves a family, their daughter Lathania now having an additional mommy in her life.

Into Outlands

With the opening of the dark portal a reality, Cleodora is now facing whole new challenges. Time will tell what role she will play in pushing the burning legion away from the various regions, and in retaking the black temple from Illidan.

Strange and Useless Facts

  • Cleo celebrated her first victory over Ragnaros six feet deep under lava - where she teleported herself during the fight.
  • She once delivered the killing blow to The Beast with a Frost Nova.
  • She managed to survive Razorgore's death by iceblocking herself JUST before the orcs finished him off.
  • Baron Geddon has regularly targetted her with his bomb curse, as much as twice in ten seconds - but Cleo has YET to blow up even once from it.
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