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Name: Brakkis Seafury

Server: Feathermoon

Race: Orc

Gender: Male

Class: Hunter

Guild: Horde Swashbucklers

Rank: Admiral

Quote: "Live free or die!"

Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking


Ash gray skin decorated with tatoos, piercings, and scars. Blood red hair splays over the top of his head, matched by long combed sideburns. A devilish gleam sparkles from behind his ice blue eyes.

His speech is slurred, either from drunkenness or insanity, and his hands wander aimlessly through the air as he speaks. Attire is exotic and colorful, gathered from the far corners of the world. His demeanor is casual, and eccentric.

Identifying Marks: An ornate, intricately drawn naga's head tattooed on the front of the throat, stabbed through by a spear and interwoven with sea kelp; a mall black skull and crossbones tatoo, back of the neck; gold ring piercings, three over one eye, two in the bottom lip, several in each ear.


Brakkis was born on Draenor with one physical anomaly, possibly due to the demonic corruption of the orcs by the Burning Legion; he has six fingers on his right hand. His earliest memories are passing images of Draenor, and the orcish invasion of Azeroth around the age of ten. As the Dragonmaw Clan split off from the Orcish Horde, Brakkis went with them as they traveled south and took the old dwarven stronghold of Grim Batol, capturing the red dragon Alexstrasza and keeping her there, forcing her to produce offspring to be used for orc dragonriders. As the Horde relied heavily upon Grim Batol as their chief naval base, Brakkis became increasingly infatuated with two things: the call of the sea and the power of dragons, though he is punished for speaking out against the slavery of the dragons of Grim Batol.

As Brakkis reached the age of 20, the human mage Rhonin led an invasion against Grim Batol, freeing the red dragons who then turned upon their masters. The Dragonmaw Clan were slaughtered by their dragons, though Brakkis managed to escape with a band of stragglers into the Wetlands. Brakkis spoke out against his fellow survivors, citing ironic justice that they were driven out by their enslaved dragons. He was expelled from the Dragonmaw Clan and headed south into Stranglethorn Vale, seeking to earn his chosen (second) name.

He set out on completing his rite of passage into adulthood, and earning his chosen name, by hunting the naga beneath the waves of Stranglethorn and collecting their blood, eventually collapsing from exhaustion. He was discovered by the Darkspear Trolls and taken prisoner, only to awaken bound and gagged, dangled over a pile of wood with only hungry troll eyes to greet him. He narrowly escaped death by cannibalism, due only to a vicious murloc assault. Brakkis was freed during the attack, and helped fend off the murlocs, thereby befriending the trolls. Brakkis offered them the naga blood from his kills and shared his story with them. The trolls marked him with a large, complex tattoo on his throat, of a naga's head stabbed through with a pike, interwoven with a banner of kelp. Brakkis spent several years in the jungles of Stranglethorn living off the land, often staying with the Darkspear Trolls.

One day Brakkis was brought before a powerful witch doctor of the Darkspears and given a vision of mighty dragons battling great insect armies. The witch doctor told him of his connection to the dragons of Azeroth, gave him a necklace made of dragon's teeth to act as a good luck charm. Brakkis remained with the Darkspears as they were driven from Stranglethorn by rampaging murlocs and saved by the Warchief Thrall, traveling with them to their new homeland of Durotar.

Upon the construction of Orgrimmar, the port city of Ratchet was built to bring in materials by sea. Brakkis set out for Ratchet and found work as a sea-going mercenary and pirate, making connections with the Blackwater Raiders of Booty Bay in Stranglethorn, spending several years operating outside the law. Brakkis hears word of Karlos Montoya's Swashbucklers, and of the Syndicate's plans to assassinate Karlos on a secretive mission to Ratchet. He waits for Karlos' arrival in Ratchet, only to find his suspicions were true, and helps fend off the Syndicate assassins, taking Karlos to the safety of Booty Bay where he watched over his recovery. Karlos awakened missing an eye, but otherwise healthy. The two began talking at length, and went into negotiations, forming an accord. Karlos would continue overseeing the Swashbucklers' Alliance division, while Brakkis would take up oversight of Swashbucklers' new Horde division.


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