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Kayne Bladebreaker is a young Tauren warrior who chose to leave his family and help build the city of Orgrimmar when his family went on to Mulgore. He fell in with a group of orc ruffians who used his trusting nature to their advantage, tricking him into serving as muscle for their underhanded dealings. It was from these ruffians that he earned the nickname Bladebreaker, initially as a term of disparagement for his clumsiness. He eventually became aware of the gang's true objectives and refused to assist them when ordered to kill a troll rogue, Mel'lajul, who was encroaching on the gang's territory. The gang turned on him, leaving him on the edge of death, with his left arm and wrist so badly mutilated he would never be able to properly hold a weapon in that hand again, though it had been the hand he favored.

Out of shame for his past actions, Kayne dropped his family name and took on the name Bladebreaker. He, the rogue Mel'lajul and a somewhat mad Forsaken named Drenkk Alabaster supported one another for several years in Orgrimmar, forming an interlocking web of debts that will never be untangled. Eventually, Kayne struck out into the world on his own, ostensibly to seek honor and fight for the glory of Thrall, though in fact to try to feed a hunger for violence that he had felt since his arm had been mangled. For a time he wore the tabard of the Ghost Wolf Pack, but never found a home there and chose to walk his own way. One day, he met a troll shaman named Okrth, who introduced him to a small, spike-haired Forsaken named Raels. They invited him to join the ranks of the Umbral Advent, and it was within this shadowed circle of friends that he found a new home.

He has risen to some rank and recognition within the Horde, doing battle with such foes as Onxyia and Lord Ragnaros. Kayne has also been seen taking orders from an orc hunter named Rakor on the battlefield.


Kayne is a friendly, placid soul most of the time, always greeting people with warm words and a smile. His calm extends to the battlefield as well, where he proceeds into fights without fear, and always with a somewhat disconcerting expectant look. He encourages others to fight well, and when pressed he will explain that he considers the point of life to be struggle, not success but the process of struggle itself. There is some debate amongst his friends over whether his fearless attitude derives from bravery or stupidity. He is also pathologically afraid of spiders.

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Bladebreaker is a level 60 male Tauren warrior. His current gear profile can be viewed here

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