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Name: Ayalai McGowan

Server: Feathermoon

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Warlock

Guild: Evanescing Storm

Rank: Guild Master

Quote: "Ayalai McGowan, no connection the the hammer by the name of 'Mass of McGowan', as far as I know."

Professions: Tailoring


Lai keeps her messy red hair in a low ponytail most of the time, and her eyes are blue. She was pale, but having been out and traveling, her skin has begun to tan. A little short compared to most her age and race, but not by too much. Lai is most commonly found in Stormwind or Menethil, if in a city at all. She blends into the crowd fairly well, wearing magic-user robes and a demon constantly at her side, or so it may seem.


When twins Ayalai and Ayarah were born, there was no doubt they would grow up with an interest in magic. The arcane was, after all, in their blood, with both parents being very learned mages. And as suspected, the girls grew up around arcane energy, and were immediately interested in it. Both of them made their parents promise to allow them to learn it when they grew older. Around the age of 5 they were already reading large texts, and seemed almost like child prodigies. Ayarah was always the better though, as she was more gifted in the arcane than Ayalai ever was. The twins grew, and as they did, so did their increasing desperation to learn the magics their parents used so often. Daily life was filled with magic, and Ayalai and Ayarah couldn't wait to use it. At the age of 19, Ayalai considered turning her attention to holy magic. The humans had been through so many wars, and another priestess would certainly do good. Soon after though, she realized she would only be happy when she could do what her parents could do. Time passed and then, the day before the twins' 20th birthday, people in their little community starting acting odd. Ayalai was one of the few who were unaffected. A few days later, Arthas himself came and minutes after, those affected joined the ranks of the Scourge. Ayalai had been shopping when it happened, and ran as quickly as she could, afraid to find out whether any of her family had died, or become the undead. The last thing she saw was Arthas and his men killing those who had been their allies just minutes before. When word spread that Arthas has joined the Lich King, Ayalai had her mind set already to dislike paladins, and right then began to out-right loathe them. News of those who had broken free of the Scourge's ranks, and been named the Forsaken, spread quickly as well, and Ayalai was horrified to find her whole nation fighting their former family members. Her thoughts strayed from the arcane to the demonic, to learn something that would help her in her new search. She was no longer after arcane power but rather, demonic. Her new mission was simple to word but seemed impossible: find out the fate of her parents and siblings.


Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Ayalai Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 33 Alliance Swashbucklers
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
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