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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Ashyrn Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Gnome Male Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage 53 Shardracona Corporal
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Ashyrn Gearblade deep in thought...

Ashyrn Gearblade

Race: Gnome

Gender: Male

Class: Mage

Profession: Gnomish Engineer

Guild: Shardracona

Nicknames: Ash

Server: Feathermoon


Ashyrn is a very cheerful gnome with a mind consumed with tinkering and a heart dedicated to the arcane magic. Like many gnomes, Ashyrn has tremendous zeal for invention, but he also possesses an unparalleled gift for magic- a gift that only now is being realized and developed.

Ashyrn is a very giggly and very caring gnome, devoted to all who he calls his "fwiends." Common in several gnomes, Ashyrn has a speech impediment that many claim, next to his cheerfully mischievous character, is one of his most endearing qualities. The gnome is known for unintentionally ending up with other people's things in his possession, or "borrowing" items from people who had no idea they were lent out (Ash would never intentionally steal from others, however). Ash can also be a bit clumsy, and combined with his natural desire to create explosive things (or inventions that somehow end up exploding), things can get interesting around him. But no matter how many times he's blasted himself across a room, detonated something in his face, or accidentally gotten himself stuck in one of his contraptions, he always has the biggest grin on his face- and can usually be found giggling to himself, even in the most dangerous or frustrating of situations.

Despite his fun-loving personality, Ashyrn's passion for adventure, general lack of fear, and endless potential in magic makes him a truly formidable opponent to all enemies that cross his path. Ashyrn is both intelligent and zealous on the battlefield, and willfully uses his talents and gifts to take down his enemies quickly and efficiently.


Ashyrn is 2'9' tall with pink hair and bushy sideburns. In fact, Ashyrn is quite narcissistic about his hair- he is very proud of the pink tuft that stands up straight from the top of his head. Ashyrn is very wide-eyed and youthful looking- having features that many would consider "childlike." However, his deep eyes reveal a very sophisticated intelligence, sense of honor, and pride. Ash prefers to wear robes, and is rarely seen without goggles strapped to his soot-covered forehead. He generally wields a staff, and is currently quite proud of his Staff of Jordan.

Fighting Style

Ashyrn is a student of the mage, Cleodora Silvestri, who labels herself a "Cryomage" (see Mage builds- "Cryomancer"). He completely follows in her footsteps- focusing on the frost arts and on one day becoming a Cryomage himself.

In addition to his enormous potential for magic, Ashyrn also wields a powerful assortment of gadgets, explosives, and technology which he employs in combat. He is fearless in the face of danger, and is both cunning and courageous on the battlefield. He does, however, struggle with his desires to be quick and effective in battle, but to be as ridiculously flamboyant and amazing as possible. He's constantly working on new spells and inventions that are bigger, flashier, and more precise. Ashyrn would love nothing more than to create a spell or gadget that would destroy a single target in mere seconds, create the most INSANELY huge explosion possible, and burst into prismatic colors all at the same time.

As Seen by "Fwiends"

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde - Persis first met Ashryn, in the halls of Shardracona and quickly became friends with the diminuative, but powerful mage. Soon afterwards, she journeyed to Darkshire, for Ashyrn requested help and assistance, in overcoming swarms of the scourge in those lands. She found Ashyrn to be very brave and valiant against many powerful foes. Ashyrn was equally complimentary of Persis, naming her "Scourgebane", a title that Persis is honored to mention to friends and allies. She in return has named Ashyrn "Fellow Scourgebane" due to his brave deeds that day. He also is extraordinarily generous, and selfless, trading and bartering all over Azeroth to help Persis gather the rare and expensive materials to forge Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, at great cost in gold. Persis cannot thank him enough.

Faeyth Stardancer - Faeyth finds Ashyrn to be an very endearing gnome. Granted, she has become the brunt of many of his wayward experimentations-- sometimes becomes overly distraught about having her head accidentally transmogified into that of an ogre's... or having her room exploded so that all her treasures are nearly obliterated. However, she is still fond of the gnome and likely always will be.

Astadaa Kirsantii - Astadaa finds Ashyrn to be a very sincere and devoted friend, though the strange little man is clearly quite insane!

Elwynne -Elwynne discovered Ashyrn shortly after she had joined Shardracona.. and what a discovery.. at the time he was busy blowing himself up with one of his creations..she found him absolutely delightful, endearing and hilarious.. she had not laughed quite so hard in a long time..she watched carefuly from then on to see if she could catch another glimpse of him..however she is quite jealous to have just found out that her sister in law Galatee not only had the honor of meeting this wonderful creature.. but of questing with him..furthermore she discovered that her sister in law was quite distracted in battle and..well..that is a tale for her to tell .. suffice it to say that not only is Ashyrn adorable and funny.. but he is quite a formidable warrior..



Ashyrn Gearblade is the son of Tizyrn and Ashlei Bopnippy, renowned tinker-warriors of Gnomeregan. Aside from being members of the "Knights of Gnomeregan" (a dedicated group of gnomish warriors assigned to the protection of the mechanical city), Ashyrn's parents were famous for their invention, GEMS (Geared Expand-o-Matic Screwblades). GEMS were prized mechanical swords that also functioned as keys to various land and flying machines. The swords were also programmable- the blade could be adjusted in height at the touch of a button. Therefore, the swords could function as either one-handed or two-handed at their users discretion. Ultimately the GEMS production ceased when it was found, (often in the midst of battle), that the blades would sometimes shoot right off the hilts, making them unusable. Instead of accepting failure, Ashlei took advantage of this malfunction. After months of tweaking, she reintroduced the swords not as GEMS, but as Gearblades- ultra-sharp blades that that were equipped on gnomish and dwarven war machines. At the push of a button, multiple gearblades would project at high speed to a predetermined target with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike GEMS, the gearblades were a huge success! Later, the dwarves, inspired by the use of gearblades, added explosives and guns to the machines. Although the gearblades were soon replaced by more explosive arsenal, they paved the way for newer and better technology and were considered a historical engineering feat. Tizyrn and Ashlei were later honored by the changing their surname to Gearblade, after their lifelong accomplishment.

Ashyrn was born just before the start of the Second War. Unfortunately for Ashyrn, his life with his mother was very short lived. She volunteered as a pilot during the war, and during the shattering of the Dark Portal her Gnomish Flying Machine was sent into a plunge and crashed. It is speculated that her ejector seat, which she had tinkered with, malfunctioned.

Tizyrn, mourning the death of his wife, discharged himself from the Knights of Gnomeregan and moved into the newly reclaimed Stormwind. He set up a home there, working as a Master Engineer for the humans and dwarves, and was a major contributor in the rebuilding of Stormwind. Tizyrn was also later credited for aiding in the pre-development of the Deeprun Tram.

Ashyrn grew up primarily within the human walls of Stormwind and the dwarven cave of Ironforge, and took a great interest in the ways of the warrior. He adored weapons of all types, and spent his days fantasizing that he was a brave knight of Lordaeron, striking down orcs and destroying the jungle trolls. Tizyrn noticed this interest, and taught Ashyrn a great deal about the sword, axe, and dagger- secretly hoping that his son would follow in his footsteps and become a Knight of Gnomeregan someday. What Tizyrn didn't know was that Ashyrn had another gift...

Nineteen years passed, and as a teenager Ashyrn had grown to be a very adept warrior. Though his weapons were often too big for him, he taught himself to use the oversized weapons with skill and precision. Ashyrn approached his father and asked him if he could take his skill to the next level- to become a Knight of Gnomeregan. Tizyrn, very proud of his son, made arrangements to sell his home and close his shop so that they could return to their hown city, where his son could be formally trained as a tinker-warrior. Unfortunately, during this time, perilous news reached Stormwind...the Third War began. Moreover, an emergency letter sent from High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque was even more distressing for Tizyrn- Gnomeregan was being invaded and was overcome by Troggs. Although wanting to help the Alliance in what was becoming an epic war, Tizyrn's kinship with Gnomeregan naturally led him to decide to rejoin the Knights of Gnomeregan and defend the mechanical city. Much to Ashyrn's disappointment, Tizyrn planned to leave his son behind, feeling that his skills were not tested and ready to take on such a challenge. They went as far as Ironforge together, and once there, Ashyrn said goodbye to his father and watched as Tizyrn rode his mechanostrider off into the snow-covered mountains of Dun Morogh. This would be the last time Ashyrn ever saw his father.

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"Wecent Historwy"

Ashyrn & Persis

Ashyrn & Persis, The Scourgebane's of Shardracona

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