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Character Information Edit

NAME: Amyliana Nightraven


RACE: Night Elf (Kaldorei)

CLASS: Rogue

PROFESSIONS: Skinning/Elemental Leatherworking

HAIR: Blue

Biography Edit


Long blue hair tied into a braid. Amyliana’s skin is completely burnt and scar tissue from head to toe. Her ears have been reattached poorly with stitches still hanging loosely. She has the word “Remember” scarred into her forehead and red and black painted markings across her neck. She also has shards of bones that she’s pierced her body with.


Very unstable, shows loyalty to only one person. However, she is not one to turn on her comrades as she fails to see the benefit it provides her, though once the job is done she will not stay around to aid anyone.


Doesn’t do much to keep her armour or weapons kept. Carries around a blackbird at all times.


Usually makes dolls out of the skins of animals and her own body. Has an affinity for poetry and song and usually sings them while she’s in a fight.


She carries the knowledge of the murderer of her parents and will not let it go though she will never openly admit who it is.


Amyliana grew up in tragedy. From the witnessing of her parents brutal murder, to her attempted murder soon after, to her abusive adopted family, to her growing up along with whatever she could fine, learning the harsher things in life.

Growing up, she witnessed the the horrid murder of her parents and two other sisters at the hands of someone she knew. She witness the horrors this person did including cannibalism and necrophila. The murderer then turned to her and attacked her violently and, managing to knock her out, skinned parts of her body. How Amyliana survived such a brutal attack remains a mystery.

Amyliana eventually managed to awaken in extreme pain after some hours and slowly crawled out of her home and into the wilderness. She happened across an Elf who was in shock at the sight of her. He took her in, healed her, and raised her as his own daughter. As she grew slightly older she found that her adopted father was not all she was led to believe as he began regular beatings and punishment to her. Cutting her, binding her, abusing her. Any anger he had was unleashed on her til eventually she managed to run away.

For a short while she lived in the wilderness, trying to hide as much as possible. She happened across a group of Elven men when she was starved and weak. She went up to them in a humble attempt to acquire food. These men, however, had a different idea. They proceeded to attack her and rape her beating her visciously then leaving her for dead.

In time she began to learn to fend for herself. She took on a liking to daggers (which for a long time was also her release from pain as she cut herself) and many aspects of a troubled youth which include things such as lock-picking, pick-pocketing and the like. She found herself to be quite good at such things and trained further and further in the roguish arts. Around this time she also denounced her association with the Kaldorei, having only experienced the worst she made the assumption and no longer concidered herself that race.

Over time she started a brief run with a group of supposedly newly formed pirates. She found them to be a total joke and went on her way to continue her life when she attracted the attention of another group christening themselves as The Worshippers of Darkness.

Along with her set of beliefs she found what she thought would be a decent group of people though she still held an ideal that not everyone deserved to suffer. She managed to find friendships and even romance outside of this group and eventually decided it best to leave.

The romance was a decent but had it's problems which included a constant want to get Amyliana to accept her race once again. She would refuse to do so which led to fights on a daily basis. Eventually, Amyliana found interest in a warlock and began to follow a path towards the Burning Legion. A short lived ideal but one strong enough to have put a great tear in her relationship.

Her romance fell apart when she found romance with another and the constant turmoil within led her to hate the world more and more but just deciding on apathy and focusing on her own life. However,such things would not work to her favour. Constantly, she struggled with the mental issues of her love with whom she had become married to. A marriage built on much physical and psychological abuse which eventually led her to lose faith not only in the world but also her marriage and herself.

Upon the death of her new lover she focused more on herself and traveled the world in search of anything to fight. She had resurrected an old love of fighting the Horde with as much violence as she could dish out. Somehow, all the supressed pain and anger from her life had come out. She unleashed as much hatred as she could focusing on many different ways to kill her enemy. Somehow she felt that perhaps she could find peace through killing but events to later follow would not allow her such things.

In time the surprise of Uthas and Absolution led to a paranoia that would see her tried and convicted of treason. Though her claims to never have any part in it weren’t believed due to her angry ranting that would lead many to believe she chose to side with Absolution. The only one who seemed to know Amyliana's truth was her friend Nocturna who had earlier tried to convince her of a new way of life. A way that would find her peace at heart. Such things would never be scene for Amyliana as she was hanged for crimes she had not committed.

Resurrected later on, she came back with the hatred and thought that she was betrayed by everyone she held close. Her surprise attack against people who thought her dead lead to a small paranoia amongst the people she knew. It also led her to attack the Elf, Arahtes. A close friend of hers and one she wanted dead for some time. Her hatred could not overpower her compassion for this one elf and the two eventually started a relationship that seems to continue to grow.

Again Amyliana finds peace in doing what she enjoys which is murder in any way possible. She has denounced any emotional connection to the entire Alliance though she undersands the need to not make anymore enemies. She continues to this day to harness her vile hatred for the Horde and fights them not only in the front lines but anywhere she can.

However, can one who takes such pleasure in murder truly find peace?

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