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Alishe in the robe that won her the title "Best Dressed Kaldorei" in Eden's fashion contest.


Name: Alishe Na'shaile

Nick-name: Lishe

Race: Night elf

Class: Druid

Realm: Feathermoon


Healer. Avid collector of herbs and robes. Passionate and caring.

Alishe hails from Ashenvale where she grew up a loner who spent most of her time exploring and learning about herbs. Her desire to help others through potions and cures not only led her to eventually become an alchemist, but also took her on a collision course with a dragon whose corruption would effect her many years later. Against her father's wishes, Alishe became a Druid and focused solely upon healing, which is a true challenge and joy.

Alishe resides in Ashenvale with her husband, Prydion, son of Pryderi. She lost one child during pregnancy and is the adopted mother of Meep, daughter of Reeza. She is currently pregnant again and due sometime in the fall.

She is sister to her twin Cheriss Na'shaile and older sibling Aurora Wind. Alishe's father, brother and betrothed were all killed in the war. Her mother still resides in Ashenvale and spends most of her time in Warsong Gulch helping to heal the wounded.

Life changed dramatically for Alishe after the battle of Mount Hyjal in which Nordrassil was destroyed. Despite the deep emotional scar that Alishe still carries from that battle, she honestly took comfort in the loss of immortality, unlike many of her kin. To her, it was a part of nature and the cycle of life. She sees it as an opportunity for growth and development of her people rather than a true loss. However, she still on some level mourns the loss of those who fell there and feels some sort of guilt at having survived.

Alishe's mentor would be Rabine Saturna of the Cenarion Circle.

Deep down, Alishe has always been a firm believer in peace. She does not involve herself in battles against the horde if she can help it. She deeply respects and even admires several members of the horde. At one time, she was a bit obsessed with repaying the troll rogue, Degmarlee back for the slaughtering he brought up on her, but that faded. Even her desire to defend against attacks dissolved when the alliance instituted their "honor" code which gave ranks to those who fought for the alliance.

Alishe would rather fight against what she considers the true threats to Azeroth. It is her belief that while the horde and alliance fight each other, the real darkness is seeping back in and getting a foothold.

The wedding of Alishe and Prydion (Which happened on July 13, 2005 in Ashenvale) was cross factional and they were honored by the attendance of quite a few, horde and alliance alike, whom helped celebrate their union. The blessing that she and Prydion were given by Matsujin is one of their most fond memories.

Alishe and Prydion were actually married two months earlier (May 11, 2005 at the park in Stormwind) in a surprise ceremony performed by Uthas. (Surprise as in, neither Alishe nor Prydion had known they were going to be married. Uthas took it upon himself to pronounce the couple man and wife.) After a bit of tense discussion, the pair decided to maintain the marriage in secret until a public ceremony could be held.



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