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Blood Elf Paladin on the Feathermoon US RP server

Basic Stats

  • Real Full Name: Adamn Theron Sunstrike
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Age: 22 (In Human Years)
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Class: Paladin
  • Professions: Miner/Digger, Skinner
  • Relatives: Mother/Father: (Kyra/Theron Sunstrike) Dead, killed in the Arthas's march against the Sun Well. Brother: (Axle "Atlas" Sunstrike) Presumed dead by Adamn, Still living. Very good friend:(Rhèa Burkhart) alive and madly in love with
  • Catch Phrase: "HAH!"
  • Current residence: Silver Moon City


Physical Description

Adman essentially has the basic Physical traits of any other Blood Elf male. He has brown hair, and prefers to wear it short. But due to a lack of a barber or funds to pay the barber, he had to amke due and style it the way he does now. He has a light skin tone and always has a smirk on his face....for some reason.


Early Life

Born in Silver Moon City, Adamn and his brother Axle lived a very tranquil. His Mother a Magistrix and his father a Rogue, his family made a strange, but otherwise comfortable living. His father would thieve from the other races of the Alliance while his mother does her job looking after the Elves' precious Sunwell. He had a bright future to look forward, until he came. When Arthas came to attack Silver Moon, his mother opened a portal to help him escape the chaos, and eventual destruction, of Silvermoon. However, without thinking straight, his mother opened the portal to an unknown location. Unfortunately, she did have enough power to send Axle away. Though His father fought bravely, but was easily slain by the vast army of undead Arthas had brought with him. Little was known of the whereabouts of his mother and brother. He presumed them both dead. Fortunately for Adamn, the portal his mother made for him brought him to the safe haven of the Elwynn Forest.

Adolescents and years with the Darkmoon Faire

Shortly after Arriving at Elwynn, Adman stumbled on Silas Darkmoon and his faire. After some hours of negotiation, Adamn was hired by Silas to do odd jobs for the faire. Whether it be helping Stamp create the various fattening and fried foods the faire serves, helping Sylannia pour the drinks (also pouring some for himself), giving Burth 20 Afrazi Forest Strider Drumsticks for lunch, helping Rinling rig his games, spotting Kerri during her workouts, helping Maxima tinker with her cannon, polishing Sayge's crystal ball, or just playing cards with his mentor Professor Thaddeus Paleo, he got paid and was given a food and shelter. Under the insight of Professor Paleo, Adamn learned many mysterious things and concepts about the world around him. He had heard stories of ancient battles and lost treasure. He was mostly interested in the treasure. In due time, this group of freaks and wierdos became his new family. Years after his arrival at the Darkmoon faire, a young human woman came to the faire look for work as well. Adamn caught a glimpse of her face and instantly fell for her. The woman was apparently named Rhèa Burkhart, and was looking for a way to save money to get admitted into the Stormwind Sorcery Academy. Silas refused, but Adamn intervened and bribed Silas 10 gold and approximately 351 Darkmoon Faire Tickets to hire her. Soon after, the two became fast friends. Though Rhèa was first unwilling to undertake the tasks she was given, Adamn help her get used to how things worked at the faire. She revealed to Adamn that she too was a victim of Arthas. Her family was killed in the culling of Starthholme, and that she and her twin sister survived the aftermath. And interestingly enough, she also revealed that she is a half elf, with her human genes dominating her physical appearance. Regardless, over the years, the two got very close. They spent the next few years, working, and enjoying eachother's company, Adman couldn't have been more happy. Hpwever, their loving friendship was cut in half when the Blood Elves announced their defection from the Alliance. This shocking announcement now has made the two lovers into sworn enemies. With no choice, Adamn quit his job with the faire and prepared to set out for his homeland Quel'thalas. Before he set out, Rhèa came to him. She was very hurt about the turn of events and just wanted to see him one last time. Adman, told Rhèa to quit her job as well, and gave her enough money to gain admission to the Stormwind Sorcery Academy. He told her that they would meet again, somehow, someway, somewhere. In one last tearful hug, they went their sperate ways.

Present day

Upon his arrival to his home in Silver Moon City, Adamn immediately enlisted in the order of the Blood Knights. After years of grueling training, intense discipline, and magical hardship, Adamn has become an initiate Blood Knight. Shortly after his initiation, Adman received a letter from Rhèa, saying that she just graduated form the Sorcery Academy and become a budding mage. She also said in her letter that Adamn will always have one friend in the Alliance. With that, Adamn grew more confident and set out to see the world from what Professor Paleo told him, in hopes of seeing Rhèa again. He currently is spending his days doing odd jobs for the citizens of Silver Moon. In order to make ends meat however, Adamn had to take on the life of a skinner and digger. He currently makes 1g per stack of copper.


With the Horde

  • Forced to join when the Blood Elves assimilated
  • Currently a Blood Knight initiate
  • Prefers to be Allied with Silver Moon rather than the rest of the Horde
  • Unwilling to take sides in struggles with the Horde and Alliance

With Alliance

  • Friends with Rhèa Burkhart
  • Enemy to everyone else
  • Unwilling to take sides in the struggles between Horde and Alliance

With Other Factions

  • Ex-Carnie with the Darkmoon Faire
  • Currently a friend with the Scryers
  • Currently Guildless

OOC Information

  • Currently looking for a good helpful dungeon running/raid guild.
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