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Feathermoon is a US-based role-playing (RP) World of Warcraft server.

About Feathermoon

Shandris Feathermoon smaller

Shandris Feathermoon, General of the Sentinel forces.

Feathermoon server time is equal to North American Pacific time, which is UTC-08:00 (-07:00 during Daylight Savings Time) and was one of the realms available at the initial retail release of World of Warcraft.

Feathermoon is part of the Cyclone battlegroup.

At the release of the Burning Crusade, players on Feathermoon were offered a free server transfer to Rexxar (PvE) before paid transfers were implemented, and free server transfers to Sisters of Elune (RP) and The Scryers (RP) after paid transfers were implemeneted.

Origination of the Feathermoon name

The realm is named after Shandris Feathermoon, General of the Sentinel forces, second only to Tyrande Whisperwind. Feathermoon also refers to the island stronghold she commands west of Feralas.

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Public Channels

To join any of these Channels, simply enter "/join x" into the textbox, where x is the channel name. For example, "/join LMC".

Alliance 15 Horde 15 GlobalChat - OOC global chat channel for the gamers of Feathermoon.

Alliance 15 Lore - OOC lore discussion.

Alliance 15 Paladin - IC Paladin discussion and RP.

Alliance 15 Warrior - OOC Warrior discussion. Modorated by Fallidor.

Alliance 15 PQ - IC channel is devoted to quests run by players.

Alliance 15 Horde 15 SWU - IC discussion and RP related to Stormwind University.

Horde 15 FMScience - OOC geekery aboundeth. Biology, chemistry, particle physics, etc. Plus we have Samhuinn (not guaranteed).

Alliance 15 TriviaGame - OOC trivia funtime goodness.

Alliance 15 Horde 15 FMNetOOC - OOC channel with the friendly, helpful people of

Horde 15 Horde - OOC A channel aimed at supplimenting World Defense coordination for all interested members of the Horde -- better communicaton equals better defense!

Recurring Events


In-game event calendar in action

In the lands of Azeroth, there is much to do, even when not doing battle with murlocs or collecting gooey spider legs. To help people find something fun and exciting to do, the below guides and addons have been developed to assist: also maintains an in-game calendar. To receive updates on-the-go, download the latest version of GuildEventManager and use the LMC channel.

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