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Luria YTMND Background

Luria is a new Warcraft Meme (see: Leeroy Jenkins) where a player on Executus went into a drunken rage on Ventrilo, bashing members of a guild named Cloud Nine. The event started when Luria, the GM of a pvp guild named AeoN disbanded the guild. He was asked to join the guild Cloud Nine, a dying raiding guild of Executus. After tagging along in a BRD run, his drunken healing causes wipes and Chuan starts an argument over his healing. Later on, the event is furthered with racism and drunken shouts of Gee Gee. Following that, Luria's wife gets on vent to shout at C9 members, ridiculing C9. Cloud Nine disbanded 2 weeks later due to Chuan's inability to hold any respect without people snickering "GEE GEE". Luria quit the server, Chuan transferred off.

Posted the next morning on You're The Man Now Dog (YTMND). The tiled background was a female priest with an Asian head photoshopped on top, the text "You wish you were Asian," and with the recording from vent playing in the background. It was subsequently hacked into a golden shower porn image with the text, "HOLY SHIT NO ONE CARES." This was remedied shortly thereafter by the original creator.


Click here for a shortened version of the recording.


Luria posts an imitation apology, copy and pasting Mel Gibson's apology about anti-semitics, with subtle alterations.


Gee Gee!
You wish you were f****** Asian!
At least we didn't get cockblocked in ZG by tiger boss.
I have a degree in Epicanomics!
Let me end this conversation with a STFU.
Hey, you stupid slut...

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