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Duskwood's Most Wanted

Duskwood's Most Wanted refers to a list of the most famous (and infamous) players in the server's history, compiled by the server community at large via a combination of the server forums and the Trade channel. While the list's membership varies slightly from source to source, nearly all versions of the list include the following characters:

  • Deadlystrike - Aka DeadlyFail. Duskwood's answer to Barrens chat. This NE DK is seen constantly spamming trade chat for old world raids,MC,BWL and such, and most of his groups fail at the first or second bosses. Bad PVPer, Bad raid leader and bad player all around. There is a reason why most of the Ac has him on Ignore.
  • Efigenio - Former leader of the now-defunct guild Renaissance, whose disbanding caused a massive uproar amongst Duskwood's raiding community
  • Paladas - Duskwood's pioneering Ret Pally, who is noteable for having vehemently raided as Retribution long before the tree's improvements in patch 2.3
  • Moblinman - Controversial hunter immortalized in such posts as this. Noted for such activities as twinking and trolling, as well his "ownership" of the Duskwood Trade channel.
  • Munchiess - Known better or for worse as Duskwoods Gnome protection warrior.
  • Jarloc - Skilled Holy Paladin instrumental in breaking the server's long-held stereotype of minors.
  • Lionhearte - Notorious for his bologna, also voted Duskwood's most lovable troll in 2006.
  • Azriiella - For looking so much like the "Leave Britney Alone" kid.

See [Duskwood's guild progression] for progression information.

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