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Durotan is an Eastern Timezone PvE (Player versus Environment) server that has been open since launch (Nov 23 2004).

The server has about 8,700 active characters with 73% of them being Alliance. Durotan and Ysera were merged during the summer of 2014. Ysera has a larger population with about 15,000 active characters and of that 61% are Alliance. Durotan is part of Battlegroup Ruin (the 3rd battlegroup). Even though the large introduction of members was positive and helped to breath life back into the server, there were still many that left before the merge was final.

With the release of Warlords Of Draenor many older members have returned and the Trade Chat is finally alive again with all the drama that made the server what it was. Durotan was often referred to as "Dramatan" in the realm forums due the heated topics that could be found there.

Many top end players eventually transferred off the server. Including Synapse (Thunderfury) and Sin (Black Qiraj Resonating Crystal).


Battlegroup info
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Ruin (US) »

Burning Crusade Progression

  • Karazhan Progress Link
  • Gruul/Magtheridon Progress Link
  • Serpentshrine Cavern Progress Link
  • Tempst Keep Progress Link
  • World Boss Progress

Pre-Burning Crusade Progression

  • World Bosses Progress Link
  • Naxxramas Progress Link
  • Temple of Ahn Qiraj Progress Link
  • Ruins of Ahn Qiraj Progress Link
  • Blackwing Lair Progress Link
  • Molten Core Progress Link

Rare Crafting

Buyers are strongly urged to give a tip appropriate to the item crafted, and support the vendors who list themselves here. If you are unsure what constitutes a fair tip, 5-10% of the nominal materials cost should suffice. Crafters are, of course, allowed to refuse to accept a tip.

Rare Mounts

Item Alliance Alliance Horde Horde
Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal Ares
  • Sesshomaoru
Amani War Bear
  • Sesshomaoru
Swift Zulian Tiger
  • Dreamweaver
  • Kuhboom
Swift Razzashi Raptor
Fiery Warhorse's Reins
  • Yougotgot - Server First
  • Roswen
Riding Turtle
  • Repair
Deathcharger's Reins


  • Foundation

Past Guilds

Arisen /Violent / The Nothing / Damage Inc / Vendetta >

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