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The banner of the Dragonmaw Clan

Dragonmaw is a PvP server that opened at EU release in 2005.

Because the realm was severely overpopulated with queues of 1000+ players, there were two migrations made to alleviate this problem. The first one opened in November 2005 to the realm Executus. The second migration opened in May 2006 to the realm Frostmane. While the realm lost high-end guilds in both migrations, the Frostmane was considered the most devastating to the realm population. After the Frostmane migration the realm had lost the majority of the high-end raiding guilds and the high-level population, and despite migrations to the server, for example from Kor'gall in June 2006, the realm never properly recovered from this.

In 2014 the realm was included in a Connected Realm with Stormreaver, Vashj, Haomarush and Spinebreaker. While this has solved the issue with the low population, it has led to a problem with a very high Horde to Alliance ratio.

The PvE progress on the realm used to be dominated by the Horde until Burning Crusade. At the end of vanilla, and during the expansion, some Alliance guilds were formed which competed closely with the top Horde guilds, and the server first Kil'jaeden kill was taken by the Alliance guild Dominium.

An updated list of progression can be found on the Dragonmaw-EU forums.[1]

The server gets its name from the Dragonmaw clan of the Dark Horde which held Grim Batol and a fortress in Shadowmoon Valley. They are famous for enslaving dragons. The server also went under the nickname "Dramamaw" during vanilla and Burning Crusade because there was a huge amount of drama going on.

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Alliance 32 Alliance guilds Horde 32 Horde guilds
Provídence (PvE, International)

Oldest Alliance guild on the realm still alive.

This guild is the successor of the older guild Sol Legion.

Northstar Legion (PvE, International)

Oldest guild on the realm still alive.

The Royal Jesters (PvE, International) Entropy (PvE, International)
Anomia (PvE, International) The Rug Doctors (PvE, International)
Enter the Fury (PvE, International) Orgrimmar Merchants (PvE, International)
Continuum (PvE, International) Brave Hearts (PvE, CZ/SK)
BEYKOZ (PvP, Turkish)
Limited (PvE, CZ/SK)
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