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Dragonblight Data
  • Server Type: Normal
  • Opened: December 31, 2004
  • Timezone: PST
  • Ahn'Qiraj Gates: Open
  • Characters: 30,000
  • Population: Medium
  • Alliance to Horde Ratio: 2.1:1


Server Stats Edit

  • Dragonblight is a PvE Pacific Coast server, which opened on a few weeks before New Year's Eve of 2004, as one of the original servers opened on game release.
  • The latency is stable for many, only fluctuating at server hiccups (which are currently uncommon), or if there is a large 40 man raid on a city.
  • Overall, it is one of the more stable servers out there. It is only taken down for normal maintenance and hardly seems to need downtime for critical repairs, even though it is an old server.
  • The realm population has dropped significantly during The Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, especially on the Horde side.
  • In Patch 5.4, Dragonblight merged with Fenris as a part of Blizzard's virtual realm connections process in order alleviate low population. The merger of these two servers greatly increased the activity of the realm.

Lore Edit

The Great Dragonblight is a graveyard of the mighty Dragons, and is located in the southern regions of Northrend, which lies north of Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms in Azeroth. It is a vast wasteland where even the snow and ice seem drained. Most of the Dragonblight is a single enormous valley. And it’s filled with bodies of dragons. Ailing and old dragons, from every dragonflight, from all over the world, come here to die. The ground is littered with dragons of all colors. Black and red and green and blue and bronze, they all lie here together, all their differences set aside in death. The mightiest creatures in the world, laid low by age and illness and attack. The land has never recovered, and never will. It weeps for its lost children, and remains barren in their memory.

It is the location of the level 80 dungeon Naxxramas, after it was moved from the Eastern Plaguelands in Wrath of The Lich King.

Information about the Great Dragonblight can be found here.

Guilds Edit

Up-to-date guild information and recruitment threads for Dragonblight can be found in the realm forums.

Progression Edit

Current guild ranking information can be viewed here.

Great Dragonblight Events Edit

  • Dragonblight PVP Tournament: A video of this event, courtesy of IronLionZion, can be seen here.
  • Popular video game show Cheat on G4 filmed a show dedicated to the Burning Crusade, shortly after release of the expansion. The episode was filmed on Dragonblight, as names of guilds such as Exigence, Prodigy, and UNITED among others, appeared above character names in the episode. This video can be seen here.

Miscellaneous Antics Edit

  • The server gained it's nickname 'Dramablight' for always encountering and trolling issues that were drama related - be it guild drama, faction, or on a player specific basis. To some, it was seen as an annoyance, whereas to others, it was a viable source of entertainment on the realm forums. Most of the time, the drama trolls were able to band together and get a group of players with them to deal with the bad blood of the server, causing the bad players (elitists, overall jerks, and such) to transfer off. So, in many ways, they are seen as the local "crew" of the server. They have their fun and laugh things off at times, but if you were to really go off on how terrible the server and people are, they go into action.
  • In the days preceding the server merger, namely in Cataclysm and in the earlier patches of Mists of Pandaria, the 'drama' had died. Guilds disbanded for their own normal reasons without any great tales, people came and went with their own reasons, and the server as mellowed out dramatically. Although, there were often drama enthused trolls on the trade channel, some even making alts for both faction trade channel. Many laughed and shrug it off - as is the thick hide that are Dramablight players, but others wished they had a larger ignore list available.
  • The server merger with Fenris brought new life to the server, with the influx of new active players - and with it, a new nickname to replace "Dramablight". A portmanteau of the names of "Fenris" and "Dragonblight", a significant number of players refer to the server as "Fenrisblight".
  • It is common for a troll to occasionally post in trade chat "Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?". The resulting spam would fill trade for several minutes, much to the annoyance to other players.
  • The denizens of Dragonblight have been known to occasionally copy and paste a block of text known simply as "The Rev Quote." This usually happens while attempting to explain something to another player whom they feel is beneath them somehow, or perhaps is acting out of line. The original use of this block of text dates back to the Pre-BC days of Dragonblight's WoW Forums. The infamous block of text is as follows:

"You see, Rev was at a level where ZG/AQ20 or MC experienced players would have had alot of trouble keeping up with them. Gear is a factor, but so is skill, raid experience, etc. There are not that many people who can readily jump into a AQ40 or Naxx guild and take care of business. Finding a guild is more than just about raiding, it's also a kind of family, group of friends, and people you enjoy the game with. Any good guild, casual or raiding, are careful about who they take and any GL will tell you that attitude is the most important. You might wanna check yours before you continue apping elsewhere."

  • "/pembar" is a phrase known by most players on. Dragonblight. The term is named after a Horde player Pembar, a member of The OCK, and means something close to the phrase: "Post a screenshot, or it isn't true." It. is used quite frequently on the Dragonblight forums when one player, for example, accuses another of being a loot ninja but forgets to post a screen capture as proof. Other players will take offense to such an evidence-less post and write the word "/pembar".
  • The Trade channel has been known to overflow with chains of posts using the word "Murloc" as substitution for nouns within pop culture references, most notably movie. titles. Chuck Norris Facts[1] are abundant, as well as a recent influx of typing the word "Anal" followed by a linked spell or character ability, ie Anal [Fireball][2]. Performing any of these memes usually initiates a domino effect followed by minutes, if not hours of this behavior, enough to where Blizzard has reached a point of repremanding random players for participating in such actions.
  • Back in the early days of the game, an infamous Alliance Paladin named Mauriac was known for creating cliques within whichever guild he currently inhabited, and getting uncomfortably close to any and all females within the guild for nefarious purposes. He went so far as to post pictures far too inappropriate for any forum on a guild website, which migrated to the realm forums, much to the delight of Dragonblight's troll population. He would steal from guild banks and disappear without a trace, but eventually fell off the radar when a guild he was in fell apart and reformed without him during an AQ40 raid.
  • Fast forward a year or so, and a Horde Paladin named Alleyra appears, generally being competent but rude, which were characteristics of Mauriac (See Above). It is later found to be the one and only Mauriac himself, after several investigations of actual repute were done. In fact, they revealed through corresponding with a journalist in Alleyra's part of the world that he was supposed to fund prizes for a breast cancer charity in real life, but instead took the money he was paid for the charity and ran without delivering on his end of the bargain, letting his partner take the fall. Any and all posts on the realm forums regarding the matter were deleted within minutes, but the now defunct unofficial realm forums at were alight with glee at this new development. The top Horde guild on the server, The OCK, who currently harbored Alleyra, stayed silent on the subject for some time, until they finally showed their true colors in this thread: . Needless to say, about a month after the thread stopped receiving reply after reply, several OCK members faction transferred and joined top end Alliance guilds. Though nothing is certain since they've been more quiet than the post Holocaust Gestapo, it is rumored that these players left because Alleyra used what clout he had to weasel his way into getting the guild Shadowmourne.

Player Memorials Edit

Dragonblight is no stranger to having lost players through the years. Memorial services have happened on server as a way to send off friends and guild mates from Azeroth one last time. Below are mentions of those who have passed on but are still remembered by those who are still around from the "old days."

  • Malevolent: Undead warlock, member of Last Hope pre-BC (R.I.P. 2005)
    • A "big time" fan, and avid participant in the old world PvP pushes between Tarren Mill and Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills region, his memorial service was attended by a large amount of the server by both Horde and Alliance. Words were "said" by both Alliance, and the Horde in a farewell service to a well known member Dragonblight's World PvP stage. His toon was brought by his fiance to the broken watchtower alongside the road between the two towns, and logged out there. To this day, many old timers still refer to this location as "Mal's Tower" due to this.
  • Machello: Undead priest, member of Anarchy pre-BC (R.I.P. 2006)
    • Machello's memorial was held in front of the zone in to Alterac Valley. Several people gave small speeches. Afterward, a raid of all Shadow Priests attacked Southshore. Several Priests stayed Shadow for a few weeks as a sign of solidarity.
  • Hampurse: Undead priest, member of Unified pre-BC (R.I.P. 2006)
    • Hampurse was an avid raider with the Unified guild, and although not very talkative he was always a big hit with most people he would meet. So much so, that while healing it was not uncommon to see him standing between two fellow healers who just happened to be female in order to form the ever popular: "Ham Sandwich." A joke which never failed to get a laugh, or crack a smile on long raid nights. A memorial was held outside the Zeppelin towers in front of the Undercity. His guild-mates, and many other members of the horde all showed up wearing Tuxedos to send him off with style.
  • Endall: Undead rogue, member of Visions of Anarchy / | Game Over |, Vanilla and BC (R.I.P. 2008)
    • A long time Dragonblight resident, and avid PvP fan, a memorial service was planned to honor his status as a "PvP God". Simultaneous raids were formed, and Ventrilo servers were overloaded, filling almost eight 40-man teams that split off and went into Ironforge, Darnassus and Stormwind to send Endall off in massive World PvP. While the fighting was fine, and very fierce, the sheer numbers of people showing up in those capital cities crashed the server more than a few times. Those who were there still like to think that Endall would have been pleased with the turnout, and the eventual crash.
  • Aseroth: Undead Warrior, Guild affiliations are unknown, Vanilla and BC (2004-2005)
    • Details regarding Aseroth's departure are unknown, although anonymous players have reported seeing a character with that name log-in sporadically. The character last logged in during Cataclysm for roughly two-minutes. If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Aseroth, please report them here.
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