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Server Name Edit

The german realm "Die Todeskrallen" is named after the powerful dragonkin clan of the Death Talon at the Blackwing Lair. See Death Talon Captains, Death Talon Flamescales, Death Talon Seethers, Death Talon Wyrmkin

The realm started in November 2005 as a new kind of server types: RP-PvP.

Server Population Edit

Sometimes the realm is flagged as "low" populated, sometimes the realm is "middle" populated. In fact there are 5,476 characters according to the armory analysis of

Alliance and Horde are almost equal (46.2% to 53.8%). Although the numbers of players are low the activity is generally speaking good.

In the last month since the Burning Crusade was released several raid guilds have tried to reach the tier 6-instances but have collapsed. Lady Vashj and Kael'thas were too hard for some guilds. Thereby some players were discouraged and impatient. So they went to realms with a better progression like Blackrock or Arthas

Now most guild have finished clearing Karazhan and are looking into the Serpentshrine.

Most of the time you can find groups to do heroics or quests. In the majority of cases you will find helpful people for your tasks.

PvP Edit

The realm is a RPPvP realm therefore open pvp is common and practised. The queries for battlegrounds are short.

The realm pool is very strong with good pvp servers like Blackrock, Aszhara or Arthas.

The best arena teams of the realm have a rating of 2000+ (5v5) or 2400 (2v2). Finding a good arena team could be hard.

Raids & Boss Kills Edit

According to [1] the realm has the 184. place of 236 realms.

No guild has till now to manage to break Kael'thas resistence.

date: 17.05.07 source: Realm Forum

Horde 15 Horde

  • Karazhan clear: Crusader, Uralter Hass, Ascardia, Draconis, Kalimdors Erben, Dark Riders
  • Gruul clear: Uralter Hass, Crusader, Kalimdors Erben
  • Doomwalker down: Crusader/Ascardia (17.5.07)
  • Kazzak down: Crusader/Ascardia (20.5.07)

Alliance 15Alliance

  • Karazhan clear: Vanen, Black Sun, In Rage, XLII
  • Gruul clear: Vanen, Black Sun, In Rage, Rent a Hero, Itami, XLII
  • Magtheridon down: Black Sun, XLII
  • Kazzak down: XLII
  • Serpent Shrine: the lurker below: XLII
  • FDS: Voidreaver: XLII

Most known guilds Edit

Horde 15 Horde Edit
Alliance 15Alliance Edit

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