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This article is a realm page for the Demon Soul US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Demon Soul is a PvP-type server. It has a notoriously low population, but in spite of this, the community is very close knit and is in open arms to new players.

This page is edited by the Players of Demon Soul both Horde and Alliance.

The name Demon Soul holds a very important place in Warcraft lore. You can read about what the name of this server means in the Demon Soul article.

General Information

  • Type: PvP
  • Gates of Ahn'Qiraj Opened: September 20th, 2006 by Ðenial
  • IRC Info: #DemonSoul at
  • Realm Ranking: According to WoWJutsu, Demon Soul is ranked at 288th (U.S) and 689 (World) in progression.

Server Firsts

Server Firsts and other Achievements are listed Here

Armory - Armory Listings


Title Achievements are listed Here

Wrath of The Lich King PvE Progression

Alliance - 25 Man Raid Dungeons

Your curiosity will be the death of you.Burn, you miserable wretches !- Rumble ! -Lesser beings, intruding here !
Guild Naxxramas Chamber of Aspects Vault of Archavon The Eye of Eternity
Arachnid Quarter Construct Quarter Plague Quarter Military Quarter Frostwyrm Lair Obsidian Sanctum Archavon the Stone Watcher Emalon the Storm Watcher Koralon the Flame Watcher
Alliance Crest Booyakasha Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest BOSS Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest Lets Plan A Robbery Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Done.gif Undone.gif

Horde - 25 Man Raid Dungeons

Your curiosity will be the death of you.Burn, you miserable wretches !- Rumble ! -Lesser beings, intruding here !
Guild Naxxramas Chamber of Aspects Vault of Archavon The Eye of Eternity
Arachnid Quarter Construct Quarter Plague Quarter Military Quarter Frostwyrm Lair Obsidian Sanctum Archavon the Stone Watcher Emalon the Storm Watcher Koralon the Flame Watcher
Horde Crest Ascension Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest BAD Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest BUR Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Inc Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Omega Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Resurrection Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Sguild Done.gif Patchwerk Done.gif Undone.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Splintered Glory Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Ubuntu Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Unorthadox Done.gif Grobbulus Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Vigilance Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest Vampiric Synapses Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Horde Crest ZGR Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif

Alliance - 10 Man Raid Dungeons

Your curiosity will be the death of you.Burn, you miserable wretches !- Rumble ! -Lesser beings, intruding here !
Guild Naxxramas Chamber of Aspects Vault of Archavon The Eye of Eternity
Arachnid Quarter Construct Quarter Plague Quarter Military Quarter Frostwyrm Lair Obsidian Sanctum Archavon the Stone Watcher Emalon the Storm Watcher Koralon the Flame Watcher
Alliance Crest Animösity Done.gif Patchwerk Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest Booyakasha Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest BOSS Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest Envý Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest Evolution Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest Lets Plan A Robbery Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif
Alliance Crest Terribad Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Done.gif Undone.gif

Guild Index

Below is a list of Guilds arranged in Alphabetical order. This index provides Armory links, Guild Type, Guild Status (Disbanded, Active, Etc.), Website Links, Guild Leader, and Officers.

Alliance Guilds

Guild Type Website Link Armory Link GM Officers Status Additional Notes
Animösity PvE Website Armory Zahara Maxims Xswiftblade Kerowyn Nitewing Active Founded: 09/20/2007

Bloodbath N Beyond PvE Website Armory Ladeylocksly - Disbanded Bloodbath N' Beyond (BBnB), founded on November 2006. BBnB is an old un/favorite of Demon Soul. BBnB has had only two leaders in it's history. The second and final leader was Ladeylocksly. BBnB was known for being one of the better casual guilds on Demon Soul.

BOSS PvE Website Armory Shoshana Nutroll Acai Active Founded: 7/27/08

Booyakasha PvE Website Armory Siddhi Crynthia Shammantha Active

Defenders of Raider Art PvE Website Armory Runhordyrun Theonee Shamala Specialed Active Defenders of Raider Art (DoRA) was formed through the mergers of Defenders of the Realm and Raiders are the Lost Art in May 2007. The original guild master was Newfiegirl.

Ðenial PvE - Armory Meese - Disbanded Openers of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj (Bruderschaft, now Tekt on Korgath-Horde) around 2007, they held utter and complete domination of Demon Soul prior to The Burning Crusade led by Meese. Their history extends to the very beginnings of Demon Soul all the way up to a few months prior to TBC. However, in the end Ðenial fell, leaving the Alliance crippled. But their brutal history of domination over Demon Soul is told in tales of battles between YMBCM, ZGR, and Chaotic with outdoor bosses. On top of that they had a obvious working relationship with Liquid Reality, at the time, the dominating Horde guild (which brought disdain from Horde players).

Envý PvE Website Armory Atlusphere Galvatorix Tempte Mandulis Marrob Salein Active

Evolution PVE Website Armory Arathia Phayze Zidik Hammertotem Novor Active

Lets Plan A Robbery PvE Website Armory Wtshealz Gruffi Alexiya Active

No Satisfaction PvP - Armory Squeezy - Inactive The original leader of No Satisfaction was Dones, whom transfered after the Dones Scandal, leaving the guild behind to crumble. Technically the current leader is Squeezy, though the guild is labeled as inactive due to it's members lack of recent activity.

Peccavi PvE Website Armory Jayee Notmyjader Conid Lyla Xealic Active "We are a group of friendly and helpful players, who also happen to know a lot about our classes, and are quick strategists when it comes to raids. We also understand that not everyone commits their lives to this game, and therefore have only set two nights a week aside for raiding. The rest of our members in game time is thiers to do with as they see fit, and the other guildies will help whenever possible." - Official Website

Terribad PvE Website Armory Baerb Rayna Toss Avenda Sharkrogue Active

The Elders PvE - Armory Overmage Busuttileone Disbanded

The Mafia PvE - Armory Tonysoprano - Disbanded Only around for a few months, The Mafia disbanded over the summer of 2007. The Mafia, which was lead by Tonysoprano, was known for its good experience players. There was some tension over issues within the guild that had lead to it's disband. The Mafia made what they called "Alliances" with other guilds. Many asked why not merge, though the reason was never found. Tonysoprano has not been heard from since.

Valiance PvE - Armory Mysting Corvos Bloodmyst Active

Veritas PvE Website Armory Steele - Inactive

The Most progressed Alliance Demon Soul guild throughout the Burning Crusade, as well as one of the oldest guilds on the server. They have downed most of the game's Burning Crusade content and cleared Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and the majority of The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj before the release of the Burning Crusade. Veritas stopped raiding in fall 2008, with most of the former members transfering or joining Paradigm.

Virulent Vanguard PvP - Armory Pollaris - Inactive Virulent Vanguard is known mostly for it's raid on Thunderbluff which resulted in a server first Cairne Bloodhoof killing. The guild today is Inactive. Links: Thunderbluff Raid

Horde Guilds

Guild Type Website Link Armory Link GM Officers Status Additional Notes
BAD PvE Website Armory Runnin Padwar Charrfireloc Ansii Active

Grim Riders PvE Website Armory Xoxaan Pinnacle Takur Active

The Bláck Gate PvE Website Armory Vigkvagk Cryfox Ravencry Ioxia Active

NGA PvE Website Armory Locien - Disbanded NGA was formed shortly after the release of the Burning Crusade led by Locien with the intention of being a more hardcore raiding guild than its members had previously been in. Many of its members were previous members of Grim Riders, Liquid Reality, and other Demon Soul Horde guilds. NGA quickly became one of Demon Soul's more progressed raiding guilds, though NGA disbanded and discontinued raiding in September of 2007 because of attendance and core membership issues. Many of its members went off to join YMBCM, with many more members forming the guild BAD.


Triad of Shadows PvP - Armory Vigkvagk Abaddon Cryfox Eisys Disbanded Triad of Shadows (ToS) was a unique PvP guild in the sense that it had three leaders. Each month one of the three leaders would lead the guild, though it for the most part was passed only between Abaddon and Vigkvagk due to the Cryfox's inactivity. In the late months of 2007 and into the early months of 2008 ToS waged war with it's rival Alliance PvP guild, The Gladiators, led by Farimir. The War started out after negotiations in Duskwood failed when Abaddon tried to lure Farimir into an assassination attempt. After many months of battle both guilds were battered senselessly, until ToS disbanded under Abaddon whom left for another guild. Vigkvagk and Cryfox gathered all of the former members they could and formed The Bláck Gate, which is made up of many of ToS's former members.

You Must Be Critting Me PvE Website Armory Abendego - Transfered to Cho'gall Acronymed 'YMBCM' this guild was the Burning Crusade Progressional leader up until Patch 2.4 when YMBCM transfered the Cho'gall realm. Started not long after server opening, the guild has existed with its current leadership in tact since its formation. While their raiding history pre-Burning Crusade only showed them clearing Molten Core, they managed to adjust their priorities and shape up the guild into Demon Soul's most progressed raiding guild after the Burning Crusade was released.

Links: Promotional Video

World PvP

PvP happens on PvP servers, that has always been the way things are. Not all PvP is the same though, and each battle has it's own story. These are those stories.

2006 PvP

The Azuregos Incident

The once Alliance guild Denial gathered 40 of its best lvl 60 raiders, in the first few months of Demon Soul's birth. Need I not remind that this was before the Burning Crusade and lvl 60 was the highest attainable lvl at the time. The raiders were sent to kill the World Raid Dragon, Azuregos which resides in Azshara. The Raiders encoutered the combined might of YMBCM and Chaotic which were attempting to do the same thing. A massive PvP event erupted and at the peak of the battle there were about 150-200 players in the battle. It is estimated to have lasted over four hours. During the battle 5 Liquid Reality members were present (Defunct Horde Guild) who happened to be cross-faction allies of Denial, LR refused to assault Denial during the battle which for months would hold a bitter taste in the mouths of the Horde guilds and others present that day.

Westfall Genocide

Unbeknownst to the majority of the Demon Soul population was that of the Genocide that occurred in Westfall throughout the Fall months of the year 2006. Thought to have been started by the Late Blood Guard Slen, but many historians debate that he only carried on the lasting tradition of "Westfall Ganking." It was during these last few months of the year 2006 that the many alliance leveled, almost completely oblivious to the unnecessary bloodshed that they would soon partake in at the outpost of Sentinel Hill. Weeks went on and there were many cries for help from the decimated Alliance, many of which went unanswered by all save the few brave souls that gave their life to save the hopeless.

It was during this time that most of the blame was centered on an Orc Rogue, Warrior, and many other incredibly dull individuals, they were of course trolled until they transferred off or quit the game.

It was Blood Guard Slen, who halfway through the month of November--just about 7 minutes till quarter till the 14th hour on the 13th day--had crowned himself King and Supreme Ruler of Westfall, a title that to this day has only been challenged by two brave individuals.

On December 13th, just about an hour past noon Corporal Biggiesmals and Elly, a level 29 Gnome warrior and a level 13 Gnome rogue, worked against all odds (size, power, might, and etc.) to defeat Blood Guard Slen on the hill just southerly of the Sentinel Hill inn. It was a fierce battle that lasted many minutes, some eye witnesses say that it lasted over an hour. Bloody and worn out, with the sun slowly descending through the plain Westfall sky, Biggiesmals and Elly saved Westfall from the terrible grip from it's cruel rule of Blood Guard Slen.

Many say that this was the reason for the Blood Guard Slen's immediate flee into exile forever. It is not known as to where he escaped the terrible thoughts of blood and conquest, but some historians suspect that he escaped to the furthest boundaries of MMORPG life, to Real Life itself.

And while Elly, after a tragic event involving a beautiful female Night Elf, ended his life so terribly on his travel to the Great Sea, Biggiesmals has stayed as a low-level alliance, having vowed to protect the people of Westfall from future horde invaders.

Thus concludes one of Demon Soul's lesser known chapters of existence.

The Siege of Stormwind

About 2 or 3 months after the Christmas of 2006, a large group of Horde raiders attacked Stormwind. The Battle lasted late into the night with the crippled Alliance finally driving out the Horde. Since then no large raids on Stormwind have been attempted save one which was a failed raid, during Brewfest 2007.

Yet spirit unbroken, another Horde raid was attempted on Stormwind on the night of December 24th, Christmas Eve of 2007. The Horde raid, lead by Destraxtion and his guild Unusual, was able to penetrate all the way up to Stormwind Keep. The raid succeeded in downing Bolvar Fordragon, and then made it's way to the Deeprun Tram, where it then downed the Gnome King but was finally driven back before they could engage the Ironforge King. Proof of this is a recent topic on the Demon Soul forum, which shows several screen shots and a soon to be video.

So far, no successful Alliance raid has been able to penetrate Orgrimmar or Undercity. Documented source of unsuccessful raid done by Alliance on Undercity shows this.

2007 PvP

The Ironforge Spies

About every month or so, the Dwarven capital of Ironforge experience regular visits by The Horde. Usually these are by rogues who stealth their way into Ironforge and harass its denizens.Notable admitted spies included Horde regulars at the time, Jspec, Lily, Emoranges and Altimo. The Horde scales buildings or get into the crack in The Commons and provokes the players. Sometimes the Horde are just being silly, but at other times the Horde uses these players as scouts in upcoming raids.

The Transportation Ambush

Just like in Ironforge, the Horde makes their way into the Deeprun Tram, or onto the boats coming and leaving Menethil Harbor and Darnassus. This disrupts travel, provoking many players to request mage portals to major cities and take the flight path. Which in turn causes time lose. But the recent addition of ship crews have lessen the hostile Horde ship camping.

The Fight for the Crossroads

May 2007, The guilds of ArchAngels, Nameless, The Gladiators, The Elders, Violent Society, and Whispering Blades organized in Alliance City Theramore, Goblin City Ratchet, and Alliance Town Astranaar to prepare for an attack on the Horde Village known as Crossroads. Raid Leaders Overmage, Busuttilone, Lilpally, Farimir, and Tedericoe recruited as many Raiders as they could find. The plan was to attack from three sides, one group from each town. As the raiders furthest from Crossroads in Theramore began their charge early, they were ambushed and slaughtered by many of the creatures which dwell in Dustwallow Marsh. Farimir and a few others managed to survive the massacre and began to charge Crossroads on foot. The other two groups began their charge to Crossroads as well, the Ratchet group sending a small team of scouts to investigate possible threats in Crossroads before the attack, was ambushed by a small group of horde. The battle was long and valiant and soon the Alliance rose victorious continuing their march to Crossroads. With the other two groups nearly at Crossroads the Astranaar group has begun their journey as well. However by now the horde were aware of their presence. As the Astranaar group attempted to cross the border between Ashenvale and Barrens they were ambushed

Destruction At Demon Soul Era

During the spring of 2007 Daggerblade, a young male Troll Rogue, established a guild which solely focused on World Player-Versus-Player (PVP) combat. After the creation of the guild Daggerblade began recruiting Horde players which embraced the idea of a World PVP guild. Once the guild had gained a sufficient amount of forces, they began terrorizing Alliance strongholds and local towns. As the Spring season came to a close the guild continued to grow in numbers and gained experienced PVP Players among their ranks. FØR THE HØRDE continued these raids during the Summer of 2007 and eventually became more efficient at razing Alliance strongholds throughout Azeroth. During the Summer months the realm witnessed an increase in Horde v.s Alliance skirmishes. The "Destruction At Demon Soul Era" was declared by Daggerblade after Alliance forces unrelentingly raided The Crossroads on May 2007(detailed in the previous highlight.) This unexpected attack began a small scale war between several different guilds found throughout Demon Soul. On August 2007 FØR THE HØRDE assembled a raid at Splintertree Post with plans of wreaking havoc on any Alliance stronghold from there to Exodar. The raid was mostly successful as the raid continued from Darkshore to Exodar, annihilating any Alliance NPC or Player along the way. After reaching Exodar and having an unsuccessful major city elite attempt, FØR THE HØRDE retreated back to decks where the eventually disbanded the raid. On October 2007 FØR THE HØRDE continued their campaign of invading Alliance strongholds by raiding Southshore, Refuge Pointe, Menethil Harbor and continuing onto Theramore Isle. These raids where extremely successful as all of the Alliance forces that attempted to repel the swarm of Horde either met a grim fate or were forced to retreat. This time period slowly ended as new Burning Crusade content became available and guilds became less interested in World PVP.

Below you can find some of the content from those raids (posted by Daggerblade):

Video Link to the previously described raids.

Stolen Winter Veil Treats 2007 Showdown

On the first day of Feast of Winter Veil 2007, the quest You're a Mean One... off the chain quest Stolen Winter Veil Treatsbecame a battlegrounds in Ruins of Alterac. It is estimated that between 30-40 Horde and Alliance fought over key spawn points of the The Abominable Greench.The fighting had lasted for a few hours, Horde being dominate in the morning but then fanning out towards the afternoon. This fight had caught many off guard who were either passing through or questing in the area. This has been marked as one of the biggest holiday quest conflicts in Demon Soul history.

The New Year's Eve War [1]

In the final hours of 2007 PvP erupted into chaos to signal the end of another year in Azeroth. Attacks were occuring across the World and it should be considered the day that World PvP came alive once more. The most notable attacks came to make the day known as the New Year's Eve War. The war consited of three Battles. The First is known as The Goldshire Skimish, which was the result of a horde attack in Elwynn Forest. The Horde, lead by Ssephiroth from FØR THE HØRDE and Bloodcorpse from Knights Who Say NI, gathered in Northshire and then charged down into Goldshire where a large battle began. The battle lasted about 30 minutes with the Alliance emerging as the victors. It seemed as if the Horde were finished and were retreating and scattering into the lands to the south (Westfall, Duskwood, Stranglethorn Vale). A small band of Horde raiders retreated into Westfall and regrouped slowly. Most of the Alliance had either gone back to Stormwind, left to quest, or were chasing the horde to the south. Soon the Horde made their second attack known as The Battle of Sentinal Hill. With most of the Alliance gone Sentinal Hill was left at the Horde's mercy. As the Horde charged on leaving a battered Sentinal Hill behind they regrouped at the Westbrook Garrison located next to Forest's Edge. The Horde then charged back to Goldshire which they took without a struggle. Luckily for the Alliance a large number of players managed to form a last defense for Stormwind. The Third and Final Battle is known as The Alliance's Last Stand at the Gates of Stormwind. As the Alliance gathered together forming a small band of defenders they stood and fought the Horde raiders. The Battle took about 1 hour and in the end the Alliance stood victorious against the mighty Horde.

Many other Battles occured throughout the day such as the Alliance's retaliation attacks on on Undercity and Hammerfall, but none are as memorable as the 3 main battles of New Year's Eve, 2007.

Meanwhile during the battles, and in response to the drunken Booty Bay guards, the Horde raided and occupied Booty Bay which resulted in a small battle with Justinblade and Elite. Soon afterwards Elite's efforts failed and they were pushed back out of Booty Bay allowing Horde Reinforcements to pass towards Duskwood and Westfall. Booty Bay was occupied by the Horde for the remainder of the holiday with every Alliance effort to retake the port city, failed. One could say the Epic war continued throughout January and February, 2008, though others would disagree, saying that the following battles were separate wars. It is in great opinion though, that the assaults on Crossroads, Tarren Mill, and the Thunder Bluff Siege ended the war.

2008 PvP

The Hillsbrad Crusade

On Janurary 12th, 2008 around 4pm, a raid group was formed in response to the ganking of several Horde players on Darrow Hill, Hillsbrad Foothills. Even though there were only 4 level 70 Alliance, 10 level 70s (Horde) grouped together and fought them off. This was followed by the immidiate ganking of Southshore, where every NPC ( Including the Flight Master, and the Elite in town hall ) was slaughtered, along with several lowbie alliance. Farimir and other members of The Gladiators along with some from Elite confronted the Horde Raiders, but were driven back. After about 20 minutes, the raid decided to make the Alliance pay even more dearly, and rode to Refuge Point and did the same; Annihilation of every NPC ( Including the Arathi Basin BM ) as well as the single Alliance player there. After this, the raid rode down to Menethil Harbor and procedded to do the same once more, and eventually took a boat to Auberdine. Once the raid got there, a few level 70 Alliance answered the pleas of the several Lowbie Alliance there, but they were no match for the 10 man raid.

Finally, after decemating Auberdine the raid took the boat to Darnassus, which, once there they killed several Elites as well as the bankers. About 20 minutes into it, a large group of Alliance appeared and finally forced the raid to retreat. Despite causing only small damage to Darnassus, the overall ganking of several Alliance towns combined with it makes this event worth remembering. Members of the raid included:

First group: Raid leader Vigkvagk, Second-in-Command Abaddon, Higashi, and Tathus Second Group: Deathtroll, Shadeoflight, Quasimodo, Onewhoknows, and Needlefeet

Note: Vigkvagk, Abaddon, Higashi, Tathus, and Shadeoflight are former members of Triad Of Shadows.

Crossroads Mayhem

Farimir and The Gladiators re-entered the campaign of the New Year's Eve War and throughout January and February assaulted The Crossroads region.

The Battle for Tarren Mill - 1.18.08

Although battles occur regularly at the Horde village, Tarren Mill, due to it's close location Alliance village, Southshore, this particular battle played a key role in the New Year's Eve War. The raid had been organized by an Alliance member, who realized after the battle had dragged on,that there were not enough reinforcements to turn over come the stalemate. Farimir, of the Alliance, who had been assisting the fight, took over and brought in additional Alliance guilds; The Gladiators and Elite, to re-assist the original raid group. The Alliance raiders was able to gain control and occupy Tarren Mill for about four hours before a notion of peace was initiated. The Alliance eventually pulled out, allowing the Horde to retake their crippled village of Tarren Mill. Soon afterwards, the Horde retaliated by relaunching the Transportation Ambush. Over the next month, small random and unorganized battles occured uppon the transporation systems. A clip was released by Farimir containing a small amount of footage of the battle. It can be found, via this link: [2]The Battle for Tarren Mill helped reignite PvP opportunities for Alliance guilds such Virulent Vanguard, to launch assaults on the Horde Capital, Thunderbluff.

Thunder Bluff Under Siege

In February 2008, the Alliance guild,Virulent Vanguard, launched a guild raid after a brief guild meeting in Ironforge. The guild decided it would be enjoyable to raid a Horde capital target: Thunder Bluff. As they gathered every guild member, they set out to Thunder Bluff. On their way there, they attacked Horde towns such as Crossroads and the cow camp. Once inside Thunder Bluff they enganged in battle and killed all civilians close to Cairne Bloodhoof. Cairne was engaged in a fierce battle with Virulent Vanguard and was eventually defeated. This is documented in Youtube:Virulent Vanguard - ThunderBluff Raid - Demon Soul. As soon as Cairne was killed, the alliance guild attempted to raid Orgrimar from the Barrens entrance, but were decimated before they could even step foot in the town. This battle is also credited as the end of the Infamous New Year's Eve War. It was that day that Demon Soul PvP died down once more, the holiday hype that had gripped the entire server had returned to there normal levels.


The Horde were the first faction to be in control of Wintergrasp from the onset of Wrath of the Lich King at 12:00AM November 13. The first Alliance capture of Wintergrasp occurred at 7:14 PM Server Time on November 17, 2008, when a group of non-80s, successfully captured the fortress against minimal Horde resistance. Instead of PvP, few players ventured there at first, and instead, concentrated on leveling.

2009 PvP

Lunar Festival of Death

On only the second day of the Lunar Festival, fire works and peace quickly turned to death and chaos as Thundis the terrible and some associates of his began ganking all over Moonglade. The onslaught was estimated to last 3-5 hours were no alliance could even get the quest to kill Omen , let alone slay him. Eventually Justinblade and some members of the Elite Empire showed up to fight back Thundis. Thus the onslaught continued only this time both horde and alliance were affected. After around another 3 hours of several of Thundis’s comrades were forced to AFK leaving Thundis out numbered, forced to leave to avoid the painful camping that would ensure if they lost with so little men, Thundis fled quickly to the flight master where he found Justinblade had killed the flight master. The out numbered horde valiantly blew their hearth stones while Thundis tackled Justinblade straight on, though he had a trick up his sleeve.

Thundis was able to mind control Justinblade (Most historians debate through the use of a Gnomish Mind Control Helm and hearthed away under a paladin bubble while the guards swarmed Justinblade. His last words were “Lok-Regar Ogull” or roughly translated to “PW3NED BICTH”.

Gadgetzan War

Around Sunday, 2pm Central's alt and Comanchee ran into Cabana(aka Zanto) and a few other alts inside the entrance to SM:Armory. Shortly after Comanchee ganked Cabana and his alts, Central and Comanchee took flight, following Cabana across Azeroth. A battle then erupted between the two resulting in Cabana losing and being camped. Comanchee decided to talk a lot of shit to Cabana resulting in all of BOSS and elite empire to be called in to reverse camp Comanchee and Central. Central and Comanchee then decided to bring in several of their guildies (Dream Sport and Mutual Hostility). The Horde force began to build up as some brought two friends and they brought two friends, ect. It then resulted into a full blown battle with many notable characters (Justinblade, Cabana, Nutroll, Thundis, Central, Inoxia and Bowwjob). The battle resulted in a stalemate with the horde running off to get reinforcements then ambushed. With the alliance sure that the horde was defeated they rushed off to Gadgetzan to claim their spoils. A few horde survived and managed to summon the reinforcements. With the horde force freshly supplied with infantry they lead a sneak attack on the alliance leading to the allys defeat. They allys were then forced to retreat to Zul'Farrak. The horde followed their retreat all the way to the dungeon an camped them. The alliance launched several attempts lure the horde away, destroy them, and escape but ultimately all of the alliance forces expect one were to hearth, cabana. Cabana managed to escape Zul'Farrak but was caught just out side the horde main defense. To end this onslaught after Cabana and Comanchee dueled several times, with Cabana being the victor. Soon after the majority of the forces had hearthed, to end this madness, little did many know that the war still waged between Bloodmakers and Elite Empire on the other side of Gadgetzan.

Screen shots of the event: [3], [4], [5], [6]

2010 PvP

Hillsbrad Foothills Troop Withdraw

Justinblade finally stopping his four year tarren mill ganking campaign to gank Thrallmar, reasons for this move are unknown. Some suspect it's to get used to flying mount ganking, others think after four years a change of scenery. When a horde military officer was asked for comment he responded "The horde will follow the alliance to the outlands and the end of the world if we have to. We will continue operation "Anti-gank" until ganking activity comes to a halt. Also alliance suck." Even though the battle still rages at the very least the citizens of hillsbrad can rest easier now, until they level to 60 and get ganked once more.


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