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General Information

Darkspear is a realm often prone to controversy (on the forums) that has led to it being nicknamed 'Dramaspear'. The forums are well populated and usually have a few interesting threads. Darkspear has become a realm that has a lot of interesting characters and where Orgrimmar, Ironforge and Stormwind have become a place of laughter and fun, with the favourite gathering places for both factions being outside the bank and auction house. Although in the past Alliance outnumbered the Horde greatly, the ratio has recently fallen to around 1:1. Still, the Horde put up a good fight and generally dominate organized PvP, such as Battlegrounds, though Alliance tend to have an advantage in World PvP such as Wintergrasp and City Raids, due to their larger numbers. Horde and Alliance seem to cope very well and tend to meet each other in Orgrimmar, Ironforge, etc without killing each other.

PvE progression on the realm advances steadily, primarily with Deus the best guild on the realm, Gwardia Polska and Cookie on Alliance, with Play Out, Project chaos and Midlifecrisis on Horde. However the other guilds continue to progress in their wake and Darkspear has a healthy raiding community. The oldest guild on Darkspear is Alliance guild Cookie, which was created just a week after the realm was opened.

Ahn'Qiraj gates have been opened by Gargulaz of the Alliance.

Server Census

  • Online Date: 2006-09-02
  • Total Characters: 18,615
  • Total Alliance: 13,679 - 74%
  • Total Horde: 4,936 - 26%
  • A to H Ratio: 2.8 : 1

Taken from WoW Census on 10/2/2010.



Cross-realm recruitment poster.

Guilds on Darkspear

Alliance 32 Alliance

Horde 32 Horde

Realm Firsts (Achievement) Wrath-Logo-Small

Level 80: Jagielka - Guild: Play Out
Blood Elf: Destìny - Guild: Application Declined
Death Knight: - Guild:
Draenei: - Guild:
Druid: - Guild:
Dwarf: - Guild:
Forsaken: - Guild:
Gnome: - Guild:
Human: - Guild:
Hunter: - Guild:
Mage: Eilistrae - Guild: Play Out
Night Elf: - Guild:
Orc: - Guild:
Paladin: - Guild:
Priest: - Guild:
Rogue: - Guild:
Shaman: - Jagielka - Guild: Play Out
Tauren: - Guild:
Troll: Jagielka - Guild: Play Out
Warlock: - Guild:
Warrior: Rocki Guild: Out of Order


Herbalism: - Guild:
Mining: Snos - Guild: Skye
Skinning: - Guild:


Alchemy: Rocki Guild: Out of Orde
Blacksmithing: - Guild:
Engineering: - Guild:
Leatherworking: - Guild:
Tailoring: - Guild:
Jewelcrafting: - Guild:


Enchanting: - Guild:
Inscription: Meths - Guild:

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