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Darksorrow PVE Progression (Original WoW)
This section is for guild progression in the raid encounters which existed before the release of The Burning Crusade.
All guilds listed here have actively advertised their own progression, either here or in the forum thread *Darksorrow PVE Progress.

Naxxramas Edit

Progression Order:
Guild Frostwyrm Lair Deathknight Wing Abomination Wing Spider Wing Plague Wing
Alliance 15 Flying Circus ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Illusion xInstructor RazuviousClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Ninjapartio xInstructor RazuviousClearedClearedNoth the Plaguebringer
Horde 15 Replica xInstructor RazuviousGrobbulusClearedNoth The Plaguebringer
Horde 15 Last Hope xInstructor RazuviousGluthClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Karhuveljet xInstructor RazuviousxAnub'Rekhanx
Alliance 15 Unknown Immunity xInstructor RazuviousxGrand Widow FaerlinaNoth the Plaguebringer
Alliance 15 Ambassadors of Pain xInstructor RazuviousxAnub'Rekhanx
Alliance 15 Vendetta xInstructor RazuviousxAnub'Rekhanx
Alliance 15 Chaos Theory xInstructor Razuviousxxx
Horde 15 Muffin Militia xInstructor Razuviousxxx

AQ40/BWL/MC/AQ20/ZG Edit

Progression Order:
Guild Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Blackwing Lair Molten Core Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Zul'Gurub
Alliance 15 Flying Circus ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Illusion ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Last Hope ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Ninjapartio ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Replica ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Vendetta ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Karhuveljet Eye of C'ThunClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Restless Eye of C'ThunClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Unknown Immunity Eye of C'ThunClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Arg Twin EmperorsClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Chaos Theory Twin EmperorsClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 The Ambassadors of Pain Twin EmperorsClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 The Danish Brigade Twin EmperorsClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Crusade Twin EmperorsClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Czech Renegades Princess HuhuranClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Guild of Honor Princess HuhuranClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Muffin Militia Princess HuhuranClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Envy Fankriss the UnyieldingClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Fallen From Grace Battleguard SarturaClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Priors of Sion The Prophet SkeramClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 The Big Bazookas The Prophet SkeramClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Lorekeepers Princess HuhuranClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Forgotten Heroes xClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Shadow Clan xChromaggusClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Ramp xFiremawClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Gyrocopters xBroodlord LashlayerClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Vehemens xVaelastraszClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Immortal Fury xRazorgore the UntamedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Revenant xRazorgore the UntamedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Apocalyptica xRazorgore the UntamedClearedBuru the GorgerCleared
Horde 15 DieBySword xxClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Final Evolution xxClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 CRIT xxClearedBuru the GorgerCleared
Horde 15 Omega xxGolemagg the IncineratorClearedCleared
Horde 15 Last Ottomans xxxGeneral RajaxxCleared

Azeroth World Encounters Edit

Guild Onyxia Kruul Azuregos Emeriss Lethon Taerar Ysondre Thunderaan
Alliance 15 Flying Circus Cleared ClearedClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15 Replica Cleared ClearedClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Horde 15Ez Cleared ClearedClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Ninjapartio Cleared ClearedClearedClearedClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Unknown Immunity Cleared Cleared ClearedCleared
Alliance 15 Chaos Theory Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15 Czech Renegades Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15 Guild of Honor Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15 Lorekeepers Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15 Ramp Cleared TBC Cleared
Alliance 15 Crusade Cleared
Horde 15 Fallen From Grace Cleared
Alliance 15 vFinal Evolution Cleared
Alliance 15 Forgotten Heroes Cleared
Alliance 15 Pandemonium Cleared
Horde 15 Priors of Sion Cleared
Alliance 15 The Big Bazookas Cleared

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