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Dalvengyr is a US-PvP World of Warcraft server created on April 10th, 2006. Created as an overflow server, many of its players hail from three larger servers including Alleria, Hellscream and Whisperwind. Dalvengyr was one of the first servers to allow PvE to PvP server transfers to entice players to populate the realm. Only three guilds stood the test of time since its creation in 2006 - stalk and kill, Fate and Blood Wraiths. The server, although constantly bumping between low and medium population, has a rather large community to support several raiding guilds.

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Battlegroup info
Spell holy sealofmightBattlegroup »
Stormstrike (US) »
Horde 15 Immortalis transfers from Hellscream
Horde 15 Element Zero transfers from Hellscream
Horde 15 Mailed Fist transfers from Whisperwind
Horde 15 S Y N transfers from Illidan
Alliance 15 Forgotten Legacy transfers from Hellscream
Alliance 15 Prodigy transfers from Whisperwind
Alliance 15 stalk and kill transfers from Whisperwind
Alliance 15 Leviticus transfers from Lightning Hoof

Alliance 32 Alliance »

Horde 32 Horde »

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