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Realm Type: PvE
  • Region: United States
  • Time Zone: Eastern
  • Battlegroup: Stormstrike
  • Launch Date: 11/23/04
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This article is about the Dalaran US server. Dalaran is one of the originally released servers. Dalaran's clock is set to the Eastern time zone. Dalaran is Alliance dominate with progressive guilds on both factions. Ascend being the top alliance guild for WOTLK and Doom being the top horde guild. Both guilds have Heroic Lich King and Heroic Hallion kills. Kismet is the only other guild on the server to down Heroic Lich King and Heroic Halion.

Online Date: 2004-12-30 Total Characters: 23,529 Total Alliance: 15,307 - 65% Total Horde: 8,222 - 35% A to H Ratio: 1.9 : 1 Activity Ratio: 1.7 : 1

Dalaran Discord Server:

Internet Bullies is the new BIG DOG on the server.

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