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Daggerspine is an English speaking PvP realm. It is currently a recommended realm, and welcomes new members to the server. Whilst being an English realm. It does support a Swedish and a Russian speaking guild on both factions, as well as an Italian and Finnish guild on the alliance side.

Guilds, Progress and Realm InformationEdit

  • Daggerspine's Guild Index and Guild Progression can be found on WoWProgress.
  • According to WoW Census,Daggerspine has around 829 Alliance,vut over 5,000 Horde making it 12%-88% or ratio 1:7.1 .

Daggerspine Realm HistoryEdit

Daggerspine-EU is one of the original realms available in Europe and was at some point one of the most progressing servers with guilds as Forte, Synergy, Guardians and Aurora Borealis among others.
However it is currently one of the most underpopulated servers available. In its old day, due to high population and overcrowding it obtained the nickname of Laggerspine. Due to this several free migrations were offered. Most of these migrations were passed up until a migration to Kazzak was offered. Most of the core player migrated to this fresh server, which turned Laggerspine into a dead server.

Going from overcrowded to dead, has allowed blizzard to offer migrations onto the server. Whilst a guild or 2 migrate each time, it is still underpopulated and serverly lacking members. During the migration of Bloodfeather to Daggerspine brought 2 major guilds. Nemesis and Oprah Windfury. Nemesis were the only guild on the server to have taken down cthun, a feat no original DS guild has accomplished.
Recent migrations have given the server new life in form of several raiding guilds, Myth and Purgatory Afterglow to mention a few, both cleared BT and trying in Sunwell.

Migration to DaggerspineEdit

Free migration is currently closed to the server. The players of Daggerspine welcome all new members, and guilds.

After 3 Free migrations back to back the server is back to normal.


Here are some of the best Guilds on Daggerspine.
This has been updated as of April 2011, the following guilds have been taken according to [~ttp:// Wow Progress Daggerspine EU]. Each of the following guilds have been casted top guilds on the server due to progress on Cataclysm hardmodes completed.



Striped Socks Wow Progress Admin: LumLum (Guild Master)


Verktygslådan Admin Shleiric. Guild Master:

Hedonic Haven Admin Lunair. Guild Master:

Marauders Wow Progress Admin: Kornski, Bledoc, Aceof, Mardukzszs -- Guild Master:

Enduring allegiance Wow Progress Admin: maral, Ronzora (Guild Master)



Furious Few Wow Progress Admin: Darks (Guild Master)

Winds of Creation Wow Progress Admin: Fleshcrawl, Hürst -- Guild Master: Thasika

Karhun Kaatajat Wow Progress Admin: ilkiö, harmaja -- Guild Master: Milady

Revocation Wow Progress Admin: Polasir, Bokhylla -- Guild Master:

Divided We Fall Wow Progress AdminJackedy -- Guild Master:

And many more...

Popular Casual Guilds:

Alliance: Dirty Danes Yeti Employment Agency The Blade Order Underdogs Commando Marauders (Sea Dogs)

Horde: eMazing Furious Few(Is known for having casual members as well)

Forums and ChatEdit

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