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Server Information
Cairne US was opened on February 27, 2008 as new non-transfer realm and is the newest member of the Emberstorm battlegroup. Cairne is located in the Central Timezone (CST) and is always looking for more players that seek a fresh start.

This server did start with Ahn'Qiraj gates closed which was verified by Breotan (Alliance - Spirestone) with this screenshot. The gates have since been opened.

Transfers for Cairne will not open until August 27, 2008.

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Cairne (PvE) US

Server Wide PlayerEventScreenshotSummary
CapitalFirst 60N/ACapital - Hunter : Server first 60

Alliance 15 AllianceDateEventScreenshotSummary
Sample  DateFirst 60NoneRandom Event

Horde 15 HordeDateEventScreenshotSummary
KueDateAQ-GatesNoneKue - Tauren Warrior, with the help of his guild Epic Failure obtained the Scarab Lord title and the Black Qiraji Battle Tank then transferred off of the realm.
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