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*''November 23, 2004'': WoW release date over in the USA.<br />
*''November 25, 2004'': Bonechewer's Birthdate. It was listed as a low pop server. [ Credits to History of Azeroth]<br />
*''December 19, 2004'': Asmarr (Horde-Orc/Hunter) was the first level 60 on this server. [ Credits to History of Azeroth]. [ Photo of Asmarr with his famous Winterspring pure white tiger]. He was also famous for often PvPing at TM.<br />
*''January 26, 2005'': NoV (Night of Vengeance) claims to be the first to have forged the very first UBRS key on the server. [ NoV cited]<br />
*''Late February or early March 2005'': First Ever 40-man Horde (PUG) MC run. No vent, no CTRaidAssist, accessed MC though BRD. [ brd to mc entrance photo][ wipe]<br />
*''March 17, 2005 - May 4, 2005'': About the time Warsong (High Pop) to Bonechewer transfer date took place. Low->Medium Pop shift. Elite guilds Vis Maior->VM(A), Mindset(H), Blacklisted(H) transfered from Warsong to Bonechewer. Today's Ruin and Descentia derive from Mindset.<br />
*''April 19, 2005'': 1.4.0 Patch Active PvP System. Bonechewer's No Hold's Bar PvP day. Lively PvP.<br />
*''June 07, 2005'': Activated DK System. Death of World PvP on BC.<br />
*''June 14, 2005'': Three Capital raids over alliance territories. Darnassus, Ironforge, Stormwind Attacked. Master plan of Inso <Blacklisted> I think. The plan was to setup an initial attack by the less organized guilds to setup a decoy attack on Darnassus. Then after a time delay, Blacklisted, Escaper, and other organized guilds would attack SW and IF. There was an estimated of about 2x40=80 to 3x40=120 Horde participants.[ thread]<br />
*''July 30, 2005'': Woad reaches world wide celebrity status. [ thread][ woad on zg tiger mount]<br />
*''At around July to September 2005'': Salvat, Guild Master of House of Errants, [[Loot ninja|ninja]]'s guild bank. [ story]<br />
*''Late August 2005'': Blinc becomes the first ever Rank 14 PvPer and HWL (High Warlord) on Bonechewer.<br />
*''October 05, 2005'': Leica becomes the first Grand Marshal (GM) on Bonechewer.<br />
*''October 8-10, 2005'': Running of the Bulls Event Headed by Penni [ photos][ movie]<br />
*''December 21, 05'': Chuck Norris pwns Orgrimmar [ video]. thx Darkmech!<br />
*''Feburary 10, 2006'': Bonechewer opens AQ Gates. Grats Syres LOL! [ screenshot] [ thread][ Syres celebrates on bug mount]<br />
*''March 4, 2006'': Planned STV Arena PvP Event.[ contest rules]<br />
*''April 26, 2006'': Vis Maior is the very first to kill C'thun (on this server). <br />
*''June 22, 2006'': Global Transfer Dates. Several outstanding guilds and players leave, transforming the social landscape of the server and messing up PvE progression on Horde side. Tindi Losi, EyeCandy, Blacklisted (frm. Advent) transfer out. Æthér (Hordes Best PvE guild disbands), Malevolence (Descentia) renames to Blitzkreig (prominent members leave guild regresses, from naxx to bwl, in PvE progress).<br />
*''July 6, 2006'': Cryhavoc Kills Both King Magni Bronzebeard and Jaina Proudmoore. [ proof king][ proof jana][ jana proof and participants].<br />
*''August 23, 2006'': Cross server BG w/1.12 Patch.<br />
*''September 10, 2006'': 9 Rogue and 1 Druid(Apethres)UBRS success. eXorcist Group. [ thread w/screenshots]<br />
*''September 12, 2006'': Blizzard plans to upgrade Bonechewer server hardware [ thread]. About time...
*''November 14, 2006'': VM becomes the first to clear Naxxramas on this server.<br />
*''July 19, 2009'': Vis Maior completes the Server First kill of Algalon the Observer on Hard Mode. [ Website]
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==External links==

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This article is a realm page for the Bonechewer US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Bonechewer is a PvP server having game time consistent with the pacific time zone. Initially, it was originally a low population server. When the first ever transfers from Warsong to Bonechewer opened up in early 2005, the server gradually grew from a low population server to a listed medium-to-high population server.

In PvE progression, Bonechewer is predominantly Alliance-sided. When purchasable realm-to-realm transfers opened, many horde individuals transferred off, along with several high-profile alliance guilds intact, including Blacklisted and Eye Candy. Bonechewer at that time was plagued with a long history of server instability and long queue times.

In PvP, Bonechewer is a part of Battlegroup 1.

Bonechewer has the most number of Filipinos in WoW US (other realm with many Filipinos is Coilfang and a budding Filipino community in Trollbane).


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