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Guild Prgogression  

This is the Bloodhoof Guild Progression Listing. Here you will find a list of guilds and their acompishment. Players on the server can make entries for their guilds progression using the following help below.

Guild Progression: Help  

This section aims to inform those who are interested in adding their crafting information to the Listing/Directory.

  • To begin you will need to register to the WoWWiki and then verify your email address using the email provided.
  • After doing so, browse to the Guild Progression for WoW or TBC (using the navigation bar above) in which your going to add your information to.
  • On the top of the page you should find an edit button, click this and you can begin adding your data. (More information below)
  • On the editing page you should find help markers (eg: <!-- #### Alliance Edit Here! -->).

How to add a Guild for Progression


{{:Server:Bloodhoof US/Row|<<Faction>>|<<Guild>>|<###>|<###>|<###>}}


  • <Faction> = a for Alliance or h for Horde
  • <Guild> = Your guild name
  • <###> = The instance that boss(s) have been killed or the instance that has been cleared.
  • Use the key at the bottom of the page to show which boss(s) have been killed or type "complete" which will place a check mark showing the instance cleared.
  • When a instance has not been attempted use a "x" for the blank spot.

Displays as:


Guild Progression: Notes  

Addition Information and tips:

  • Please keep all progression accurate and true, no fibing.
  • Please try to keep Guild names Alphabetic in the listings {}
  • It may not look like a table when your in editing mode, but it sure will after its saved :P
  • If you add stuff wrongly it will most likely be corrected pretty fast!
  • The pages were created by Bearloverhr from the old listings, some data could be incorrect as a result of the shear amount of work that had to be done!
  • If you dont know how to edit try finding someone who does, or leave me (Bearloverhr) a message on my talk page, or whisper me ingame!

PvP Information


Battlegroup: Ruin

Hall of Fame

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