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This is the Bloodhoof Profession/Crafting Listing and Directory. Here you will find a list of crafts which players on the server can make categorized by profession. The Crafts are shown in there own categories (eg: Head/Chest) and display in their Loot Rarity colours. Use the navigation below to browse the listings.

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Professions: Enchanting  

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Enchant BootsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed]    
[Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness]    
[Enchant Boots - Dexterity]    
[Enchant Boots - Fortitude]    
[Enchant Boots - Surefooted]    
[Enchant Boots - Vitality]    
Enchant BracerAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Bracer - Fortitude]    
[Enchant Bracer - Major Defense]    
[Enchant Bracer - Restore Mana Prime]    
[Enchant Bracer - Spellpower]    
Enchant CloakAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Cloak - Dodge]    
[Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance]    
[Enchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance]    
[Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance]    
[Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration]    
[Enchant Cloak - Stealth]    
[Enchant Cloak - Subtlety]    
Enchant GlovesAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Gloves - Threat]    
[Enchant Gloves - Fire Power]    
[Enchant Gloves - Frost Power]    
[Enchant Gloves - Healing Power]    
[Enchant Gloves - Major Healing]    
[Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower]    
[Enchant Gloves - Major Strength]    
[Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power]    
[Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike]    
[Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility]    
Enchant ChestAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats]    
[Enchant Chest - Major Resilience]    
Enchant WeaponAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Weapon - Agility]    
[Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster]    
[Enchant Weapon - Crusader]    
[Enchant Weapon - Executioner]    
[Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing]    
[Enchant Weapon - Major Healing]    
[Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect]    
[Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower]    
[Enchant Weapon - Major Striking]    
[Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect]    
[Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit]    
[Enchant Weapon - Mongoose]    
[Enchant Weapon - Potency]    
[Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge]    
[Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost]    
[Enchant Weapon - Strength]    
[Enchant Weapon - Sunfire]    
Enchant Two-Handed WeaponAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility]    
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility]    
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery]    
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Superior Impact]    
Enchant ShieldAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Enchant Shield - Major Stamina]    
[Enchant Shield - Resistance]    
[Enchant Shield - Shield Block]    

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