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Bladefist is an English-speaking PvP realm, and is known to have a cosy atmosphere and cross-faction friendships.

Server lag is not common, but happens sometimes during the Battle for Wintergrasp.

Bladefist EU is part of the Blackout battlegroup, it is one of the original launch servers, and was one of the highest populated realms until it experienced a mass exodus in April 2006, when free migration opened to Outland realm. Due to the bad lag the server was experiencing (gaining the title Lagfist), many players took the free migration, not knowing that Bladefist was to recieve new hardware in the coming months. The realm also had a high number of Russian players, until August 2008 when free migration to Russian realms opened up. With the mass migration and current low numbers of players, the realm was often called 'Deadfist' until after 2 free migrations opened up duing WOTLK.

The population mostly consists of Scandinavian and English people.

The server is named after Kargath Bladefist, Warchief of the Fel Horde and Chieftain of the Shattered Hand Clan.



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  • Beastmaster's Cap is popular headware among high level players, and players are certain to see someone with it in Major cities.
  • Fishing pole Duels appear to be a Growing Trend.
  • Ironforge is the place to be if you are bored and want to party!

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