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History Edit

Indalamar has been widely attributed as the cause of a series of nerfs to the warrior class during the World of Warcraft beta. He was and still is a member of the Nurfed guild. Some players on the Warrior forums have given him the flattering title of "The Warrior." Indalamar's fame stems from a discussion on the Warrior forums during the Beta testing phase of World of Warcraft. The discussion centered around the possibility that warrior damage output was far too high. Indalamar thought it was. Many disagreed, so he filmed a video of himself farming to prove his point. Within a few hours the discussion's thread had several pages worth of replies, and in the same day Blizzard nerfed the Fury tree for warriors, which was the tree Indalamar was mainly using. The changes made were in relation to the Bloodthirst and Slam abilities. The old version of Bloodthirst allowed a 100% critical chance with bonus damage after killing an enemy, which meant (as Indalamar showed) that a warrior could start every fight with a huge critical and proc Flurry every time. The Slam ability was also redesigned to become interruptible.

After beta, Indalamar was hired on by blizzard to be an item developer. His brother is Nisstyr, Guild Leader of the Nurfed guild on Blackrock.

Notes Edit

Indalamar has been referenced by an item added to a Naxxramas quest, Ramaladni's Icy Grasp, and a drop off 10-man Deathbringer's Cache, Ramaladni's Blade of Culling

Indalamar has also been referenced by an item added to Diablo 3, Ramaladni's Gift. The consumable item adds a socket to a weapon, allowing players to "reroll" the socket into a more useful stat.

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