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Realm Stats Edit

Realm Type: PvE

Population: Medium Census

Transfer Eligibility: Open

Guilds Edit

Alliance Edit

Horde Edit


Realm Firsts:

Realm First! Level 85 (+Shaman): Expectations of <Mild Reveries> (12/7/10)

Realm First! Level 85 Rogue: Snafubar of <Titan> (12/7/10)

Realm First! Level 85 Hunter: Liaratsoni of <Wolf Pack> (12/7/10)

Realm First! Level 85 Druid: Skorion of <Gwen Stefani> (12/7/10)

Realm First! Level 85 Mage: Roggendorf of <Gwen Stefani> (12/7/10)

Realm First! Level 85 Warrior: Arthald of <Radiance> (12/7/10)

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Realm Firsts:

Realm First Level 80, Gnome, Mage - Draekorr (ex member of Transcended) (11/15/08)

Realm First Blood Elf, Paladin: Grate of <Burn> (11/15/08)

Realm First Night Elf, Rogue: Husker of <Redefined> (11/16/08)

Realm First Orc, Hunter: Smoks of <Titan> (11/15/08)

Realm First Tauren, Druid: Rouk of <Titan> (11/15/08)

Realm Level Undead Priest: Wari of <Warfare> (11/15/08)

Realm First Level 80 Classes:

Deathknight: Blashyrk of <Ultimatum> (11/17/08)

Warlock: Gurloch of Transcended (11/16/08)

Warrior: Dnite of <Ultimatum> (11/15/08)

Shaman: Froo of <Warfare> (11/16/08)

Realm First Level 80 Races:

Dwarf: Scherzo of <Transcended> (11/16/08)

Human: Alenna of <Transcended> (11/16/08)

Draenei: Devoguy of <Redefined> (11/16/08)

Troll: Feji of <Titan> (11/15/08)

Realm First Professions:

Grand Master Tailor: Deadrights of <Titan> (11/24/08)

Grand Master Scribe: Hamman of <Last Attempt> (11/23/08)

Grand Master Cooking: Dagaral of <Dawns Ascent> (11/20/08)

Grand Master Leatherworker: Akkasha of <Titan> (11/20/08)

Grand Master Engineer: Rolocksley of <Namaste> (11/16/08)

Grand Master Miner: Rolocksley of <Namaste> (11/13/08)

Grand Master Enchanter: Kaisersoze of <Afterdark> (11/16/08)

Grand Master Alchemist/Jewelcrafter: Allecto of <Comfortably Numb> (11/16/08)

Grand Master Blacksmith: Gaeandilth of <Redefined> (11/15/08)

Grand Master First Aid: Sindragosa of <Ultimatum> (11/14/08)

Grand Master Herbalist: Froo of <Warfare> (11/13/08)

Grand Master Angler: Raenia of <Mecha Shiva> (11/13/08)

Grand Master Skinner: Layolin of <Kings Army> (11/13/08)

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