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This article is a realm page for the Barthilas US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Barthilas came online 9th of June 2006 at 4:59pm GMT+10. Barthilas is the third Oceanic PvP realm, after Frostmourne in November 2005 and Jubei'Thos in January 2006, but before |Thaurissan which opened November 2006 as a free transfer realm. Server time is set to GMT+10 (AEDT) or GMT+11 during Australia's Summer time, and most guilds raid at around 8PM server time. Barthilas is eligible as a destination realm for PCTs.

The most progressed guild on Barthilas is Latency (Horde), with Gigantor and Schism (Alliance) immediately behind them. Latency downed Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider 11th of July 2007, putting Barthilas in the same league of Oceanic realms having downed Prince Kael'thas.

Being a late generation server and from the 3rd round of Oceanic servers most of the players on Barthilas are playing their 2nd character, with many playing their 3rd, 4th or even 5th character on this server. This means that the dynamics on Barthilas are quite different to other Oceanic realms.

Barthilas was named after a Paladin who fell to the Scourge, and "Magistrate Barthilas" is a sub-boss in (Undead) Stratholme. "Magistrate Barthilas" is known primarily as the boss that drops the [Red Pimp Hat].

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Server Progression table

Server:Barthilas US/Pre-TBC. Archived pre-TBC Progression

[WoWJutsu] has a server-generated listing of progression.

Top Tier Guilds

These are the guilds raiding Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye and above.

Karazhan Gruul's Lair (Gruul) Magtheridon's Lair (Magtheridon) Serpentshrine Cavern (Vashj) The Eye (Kael'thas) Mount Hyjal Black Temple (Illidan Stormrage) Other Info
Outdoors BossPre-BC progression
Gigantor Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared 5/8 2/2 Naxx (Dom reform)
Latency Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared 4/8 2/2
Schism Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared 3/5 Twin Emps
Rehabs Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared 1/5 3/9
Collision Cleared Cleared Cleared 5/6 2/4 2/2 (Holy Ascension reform)
Black Rose Cleared Cleared Cleared 5/6 2/4 AQ40
Cross Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared 3/4
Blue Label Cleared Cleared Cleared 2/6 1/4 1/2
Zero Nine Cleared Cleared Cleared 2/6 1/4 2/2 AQ40 (As Holy Ascension)
KAOS Cleared Cleared Cleared 1/6 2/4 1/2
Ravenwood Cleared Cleared Cleared 4/6 1/4 1/2
Imperium Order Cleared Cleared Cleared 1/6 1/4
Reminisces Cleared Cleared Cleared 2/6 1/4 ZG/AQ20
Seven Sins Cleared Cleared Cleared 1/6 1/4
Jurisdiction Cleared Cleared Cleared 1/6 1/4

Alliance 32 Alliance

These Guilds are raiding Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair at the moment.

Karazhan Gruul's Lair (Gruul) Magtheridon's Lair (Magtheridon) Serpentshrine Cavern (Vashj) The Eye (Kael'thas) Mount Hyjal Black Temple (Illidan Stormrage) Other Info
Outdoors BossPre-BC progression
Eternal Sanctity Cleared Cleared Cleared 1/4 BWL
Deliverance Cleared Cleared
Vestige Cleared Cleared New TBC guild
Final Hour Cleared Cleared BWL
Ministry Cleared Cleared
Shenanigans Cleared Cleared
Visne Saltare Cleared Cleared
Driven Cleared Gruul
DIE Cleared ZG
The Super Best Friends Cleared
vis vires Cleared
Umbrae de Mors 9/10

Horde 32 Horde

Karazhan Gruul's Lair (Gruul) Magtheridon's Lair (Magtheridon) Serpentshrine Cavern (Vashj) The Eye (Kael'thas) Mount Hyjal Black Temple (Illidan Stormrage) Other Info
Outdoors BossPre-BC progression
Dawn Cleared Cleared
Infusion Cleared Cleared
Slashkill Cleared Cleared Rag (Joint-LBL)
Amplify Cleared Gruul
Koolaid Oh Yeah Cleared Gruul
Primal Cleared
Ebay Cleared
no frills 8/10
Converted 8/10
Dragon Raider 4/10
Six Feet Under 3/10
Brace Yourself 1/10

Short descriptions of Endgame guilds on Barthilas

Alliance 32 Alliance

  • Collision (website) A Barthilas Raiding Guild. Reform from members pre-bc Holy Ascension and post-bc Zero Nine.
  • Reincarnation (website). An Asian oriented group of hardcore gamers gathered enjoy the game and not suck at it. Focuses on PvE progression. Raids at 9:00 GMT+8 daily.
  • Driven (website). Semi-hardcore raiding guild, raids at 8.30pm GMT+8. Lead by Impian from Brunei with a number of friends in Manila, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Perth, New Zealand, etc. One of the few casual-friendly guilds that doesn't use DKP for 10-man raids.
  • Eternal Sanctity (website). Casual raiding guild with some infamous members.
  • Gigantor. (website). Dominion reformed with the hardcore members, competing hard for server firsts.
  • Imperium Order. Guild with a large number of Singaporeans.
  • Jurisdiction. (forums). Singapore-based friendly raiding guild. Raids at 8.00pm GMT+8.
  • Ministry. Singaporean guild, formed when NeXus split up into Ministry and eXeCuTe. No recent news on eXeCuTe.
  • No Dice (website). Infamous for PvP grinding, spawned a number of Field Marshall / Grand Marshalls. Generally a well known name on the realm.
  • Schism (website). Hardcore TBC guild, well known since the beginning of Barthilas lvl60 raiding.
  • vis vires (website). All-filipino casual guild.
  • Zero Nine(website) Hardcore TBC guild. Previously known as Holy Ascension, a semi-hardcore AQ40 guild.
  • Reminisces (website) Semi Casual Guild That What To See End Game Content Nice Group Of Pepole.

Horde 32 Horde

  • Latency (website) The product of a merger between Archaic and Temporary Guild Name. Holds the most recent server firsts, and currently the furthest progressed guild on Barthilas.
  • Los Banditos Locos - The infamous Pvp Boss annihilators. Known for their ability to suddenly appear in 20-40 man force from inside major Alliance cities and killing the PvP Boss of that faction with little difficulty.
  • Primal (website) A product of the reformation of Far Beyond Driven. Relaxed, hilarious and casual raiding guild. Mates first, raiders second.
  • Triad (website) A number of players in the GMT+8 time zone.
  • Slashkill (website) PvE and casual PvP.
  • Cross (website)TBC PvE Endgame guild, most members are Chinese, Raid time 9:00PM server time. Guild Progression up to SSC/TE.

Casual guilds, Leveling Guilds, and guilds raiding pre-TBC

Alliance 32 Alliance

  • From The Ashes (forums). TBC New Guild. No published progression.
  • The Stormwind Legion (website)
  • Insanity Later (website) TBC New Guild

Horde 32 Horde

  • Rabid Ants - Rejuvinate's new guild.

Disbanded or Inactive guilds

Server:Barthilas US/Disbanded In memory of the guilds that have come and gone or who have fallen by the wayside.

Server Firsts

Excerpted from Barthilas Guild progression

  • Kazzak - Snitch & Affinity 3/7/2006
  • Hakkar - Synergy 5/7/2006
  • Lucifron - Snitch 5/7/2006
  • Magmadar - Snitch 6/7/2006
  • Gehennas - Snitch 6/7/2006
  • Garr - Snitch 6/7/2006
  • Golemagg- Snitch 6/7/2006
  • Azuregos - Crimson Wrath 7/7/2006
  • Onyxia - Snitch 8/7/2006
  • Ysondre - Affinity 13/7/2006
  • Majordomo - Affinity 13/7/2006
  • Ragnaros - Affinity 13/7/2006
  • Razorgore - Affinity 14/7/2006
  • Vaelstraz - Snitch
  • Broodlord - Affinity
  • Firemaw - Affinity
  • Ebonroc - Affinity
  • Flamegore - Snitch
  • Chrommagus - Snitch
  • Nefarian - Affinity July 2006
  • Taerar - Affinity July 2006
  • Emeriss - Snitch July 2006
  • Lethon - Snitch July 2006
  • C'thun - Reborn 26/11/2006
  • Instructor Razuvious - Affinity
  • Anub'rehkan - Snitch
  • Grand Widow Faerlina - Snitch
  • Maexinna - Reborn (kinda)
  • Noth the plaguebringer - Reborn
  • Nightbane - Affinity 25/2/2007
  • Gruul - Gigantor 22/3/2007 (post nerf)
  • Doomwalker - Gigantor 15/4/2007
  • Magtheridon - Archaic
  • The Lurker Below - Gigantor 21/5/2007
  • Void Reaver - Gigantor 25/5/2007
  • Hydross the Unstable- Latency 28/5/07
  • Fathom-Lord Karathress - Gigantor 3/6/2007
  • Morogrim Tidewalker - Gigantor 3/6/2007
  • Leotheras the Blind - Gigantor 5/6/2007
  • Lady Vashj - Latency 10/6/07
  • A'lar - Latency 14/6/07
  • Astromancer Solarian - Latency 25/6/2007
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider - Latency 12/7/07
  • Rage Winterchill - Latency 15/7/07
  • Azgalor - Gigantor 9/8/07
  • Archimonde - Latency 20/8/07
  • High Warlord Naj'entus - Latency - 22/7/07
  • Supremus - Latency - 22/7/07
  • Shade of Akama - Latency - 23/7/07
  • Teron Gorefiend - Gigantor - 14//8/07
  • Gurtogg Bloodboil - Gigantor - 17/8/07
  • Reliquary of Souls
  • Mother Shahraz
  • Illidari Council
  • Illidan Stormrage

High Level Crafters


  • [Alliance] Alagar of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] AngelFlonne of The Super Best Friends
  • [Alliance] Impian of Driven (Elixir specialist)
  • [Alliance] Keyotik of Vis Vires (Elixir specialist)
  • [Alliance] Mariuz of Driven (Transmute specialist)
  • [Alliance] Saraman of battleground kings
  • [Alliance] Valefar of Driven (Transmute specialist)
  • [Horde] Hotandspicy of Los Banditos Locos
  • [Horde] Sokarr of Primal (Transmute specialist)
  • [Horde] Sherry of Cross
  • [Horde] Kakaxi of Cross
  • [Horde] Kaien of Cross


  • [Alliance] Delsi of Eternal Sanctity (revered TB)
  • [Alliance] Garion of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Jamella of The Super Best Friends
  • [Alliance] Wretched of Driven


  • [Alliance] Annabella - 15Agi, 22int etc.
  • [Alliance] Duo of Driven
  • [Alliance] Gothika of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Icefox of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Luisa of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Ratamahatta of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Unbearable of No Dice - has an automated enchant searcher.
  • [Alliance] Veyden of Zero Nine
  • [Horde] Toshiiv of Primal
  • [Horde] Chopperau of Exquisite Heresy
  • [Horde] Kylenda of Ravenwood
  • [Horde] Lissica of Cross
  • [Horde] Carna of Cross
  • [Horde] Anvee of Cross


  • [Alliance] Colössus
  • [Alliance] Delsi of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Fenina of vis vires (375/375)
  • [Alliance] Rivertibby of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Yakulto of vis vires
  • [Alliance] Gestahl of Apocalypse
  • [Alliance] Chronicus of Shenanigans
  • [Alliance] Reebz of Shenanigans
  • [Horde] Quickkeys of Please Insert Coins
  • [Horde] Rbull of Cross
  • [Horde] Ditaner of Cross


  • [Alliance] Sarquiss of Driven (375/375)
  • [Alliance] Unbearable of No Dice
  • [Alliance] Yozenfrogurt of Apocalypse
  • [Horde] Nue of Cross*
  • [Horde] Renjii of Cross


  • [Horde] Forn of Serpentis Mortis
  • [Horde] Difa of Cross
  • [Horde] Promethios of Slashkill


  • [Alliance] Annabella, many faction recpies
  • [Alliance] Essuri of Driven
  • [Alliance] Grinn of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Icefox of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Luisa of Eternal Sanctity
  • [Alliance] Twinklestar of No Dice
  • [Alliance] Veyden of Zero Nine
  • [Alliance] Eillwin of vis vires (Shadow Weaving)
  • [Horde] Vinci of Ravenwood
  • [Horde] Yuii of Cross
  • [Horde] Ibis of Cross

Notable Events in History

  • Server opens 9th of June 2006.
  • Server first Kazzak 3rd of July 2006. Snitch + Affinity.
  • Server first Hakkar 5rd of July 2006. Snitch.
  • Server first Onyxia 8th of July 2006. Snitch.
  • Server first Ragnaros 13th of July 2006. Affinity.
  • Server first Nefarian July 2006. Affinity.
  • Oct, 06. An alliance of Horde and Alliance guilds grief Soj in Moonglade and prevent him from completing his quest for the [Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]. Server was rebooted by the GMs a few times to reset the quest giver NPC in Moonglade, Keeper Remulos?
  • Gates of Ahn'Qiraj opened 18th of October 2006 by Azarryn <Affinity> and Rezzix <Crimson Wrath>.
  • Server first C'thun 26th of November 2006. Reborn.
  • 16th of December 2006, PCTs are available on Barthilas.
  • 13th January Purevil receives the first ever @Purevil thread thread created by a blizzard representitave.

commemorating his 50th @Purevil thread.

  • 16th January 2007, Burning Crusade Released.
  • 27th January 2007, Affinity, Snitch and Nerve are progressing through Karazhan.
  • Server first Nightbane 25th February 2007. Affinity.
  • Server first Gruul 22nd March 2007. Gigantor.
  • Slyseven makes worlds worst rogue PvP video. 4th April 2007
  • Server first Doomwalker April 2007. Gigantor.
  • Decreed is in england for 3 days and Affinity disbands 23 April 2007.
  • Gestahl ninjas Gruul's loot, quits the game 28 August 2007. See WoW Insider
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