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Magistrate Barthilas with Pimp Hat

Magistrate Barthilas wearing [Red Pimp Hat]


This article is a realm page for the Barthilas US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Barthilas came online 9th of June 2006 at 4:59pm GMT+10. Barthilas is the third Oceanic PvP realm, after Frostmourne in November 2005 and Jubei'Thos in January 2006, but before Thaurissan which opened November 2006 as a free transfer realm. Server time is set to GMT+10 (AEDT) or GMT+11 during Australia's Summer time, and most guilds raid at around 8PM server time. Barthilas is eligible as a destination realm for PCTs.

Being a late generation server and from the 3rd round of Oceanic servers most of the players on Barthilas are playing their 2nd character, with many playing their 3rd, 4th or even 5th character on this server. This means that the dynamics on Barthilas are quite different to other Oceanic realms.

Barthilas was named after a Paladin who fell to the Scourge, and "Magistrate Barthilas" is a sub-boss in (Undead) Stratholme. "Magistrate Barthilas" is known primarily as the boss that drops the [Red Pimp Hat].

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