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Soj, Destroyer Of Guilds

His final attempt at playing the game has failed when his Black Temple raiding Horde guild "Snitch" Sunk into oblivion on the 25/11/08. Little is known of what will become of him.

A Picture of Soj seen in his natural habitat [1]


Soj was born in 1984, in a trashcan - somewhere south of Melbourne, Australia. Moving from server to server, Soj finally chose Barthilas to become his home on the 9th June, 2006. From day one of Barthilas, it became obvious that Soj was a force to be reckoned with. He formed Barthilas's first "leading" guild - Snitch. He lead Snitch to a few server firsts, such as Onyxia, Hakkar, and Kazzak (with Affinity).

Using the guild he ruled with an iron fist, Soj took every item that would make him stronger and more powerful at every chance, ultimately diminishing the strength of those around him by doing so. He used this power to bend their minds, and eat their new born babies.

6 months before the release of The Burning Crusade, Soj used his guild, Snitch to devour a lesser guild, Schism to further tightened his demon-like grasp on the realm. His utter destruction of Schism failed to quench his thirst for causing pain and agony to all those unfortunate to be around him -- is merely made his thirst stronger!

In the coming months leading up to TBC, Soj destroyed the playing time of hundreds of alliance players on Barthilas - he also devoured (after Schism) Addiction, Chocolate, and Reborn.

In an attempt to save his own dignity (what little was left), Soj rounded up some of the more weak minded followers of barthilas and left to jubeithos in order to find more skilled players, as the server was holding them back. There on jubeithos they flourished as never seen before. Under the leadership of Soj, they managed to kill Rage Winterchill!

In the following months Whole Nuva Level had progressed up to Black Temple and had reformed as "Man Train", however the core of the guild which had transferred from Barthilas had become diluted by poor players, Soj's temper got the better of him and he refused to lead raids any longer, bringing the guild to a complete halt.

A guild name change and a couple thousand wipes later, they decided to disband as the player skill was overflowing to the point it actually inhibited their progress.

Soj, seeks alternatives to wow and finds none. He then notices that two of the top ranked oceanic guilds are on Barthilas now... ones that have surpassed his "guilds" in every way possible. He thinks to himself... "I thought barthilas was filled with crap players?"

Without realizing that it takes more than gear to down bosses post BC, soj packs up his bags and rolls once more on Barthilas. He begins by insulting guilds who have successfully completed the game, even though he himself has only done the incredibly difficult Rage Winterchill.

The People & Guilds Soj Destroyed or Owned

Alliance 32 Alliance

  • Poet (website). Main tank of the ONLY competitive guild on the server. This was the day it became obvious that Poet pays someone to tank for him - the man can't count to 0.5.
  • Darkflare (website). Though it was already evident, Soj has, on many occasions, owned Darkflare in PvP, and on the forums.
  • Skribz. Convinced this guy to quit his current guild (Affinity - 2nd best guild on server) to join Snitch, only to kick him from the guild two weeks later, with Skribz receiving NOTHING for his time. Skribz was also unable to rejoin Affinity, and went on to become the great troll the forums of (Frostmourne).
  • Sky Wardens (died in vain). Forced the leader Damondread(now chihero/raikel on barth again) to quit barthilas and re-roll on aleria, Soj was pugged on to an AQ40 raid and insulted the healer repetitvley causing the main healer to leave the guild, taking with him about 30 other players, Damondread and soj had a trade chat brawl and damondread left the server sick of "The immaturity of you pathetic noobs".

In 2008 Damondread Returned to Barthilas leveling a new hunter(raikel) and paladin (chihero) Biding his time damon dread made friends across barthilas (mainly a mysterious druid and his long time friend Twistiez, Twist quit wow 4 days after the incident, but has recently returned to the hypnotic game) inorder to created a fiendish plot for revenge, he fooled Soj into coming on an Naxx run, only to let him die and die and die building a 300g rep bill, then following that using his work to get ppl on the inside of snitch had the Gbank ninjad and donated to randoms, and kicked half of the players from the guild. Soj got really pissed and left again, his current where abouts are now unknown.

the defeat of SOJ in 2009 was a glorious day.

  • Evan (LOL). By far Soj's greatest accomplishment to date. One week, during a Molten Core raid, Soj (Raid master-looter) noticed one of the rarest items in the game - [Bindings of the Windseeker] - had dropped. Coincidentally, these bindings were the FINAL piece needed by Evan to complete the legendary sword - [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]. Soj wanted to make this a memorable event, not only quitting the guild, but also ninjaing the bindings. Evan proceeded to cry like a girl for weeks to come.
  • Pandette (ROFL). The only time Soj has ever been owned was by Pandette in early December, 2006. Being one of few crafters of the epic pants, [Titanic Leggings], Soj requested that Pandette to forge them, only to have the 400-500g worth of materials to make the pants be wasted. Pandette gave the pants to Soj's worst enemy - Poet. Quote: Pandette - "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!"
  • Schism (Disbanded). No real loss to the world. SoJ only took 3 good players from this 100+ member guild.
  • Chocolate (Disbanded). This entire guild was solely recruited within the rank so Soj to allow for the Binding's ninja.
  • Reborn (Disbanded). A guild Soj made, only to show the rest of the realm that even with the rejects and retard scraps from Chocolate, he could still beat Affinity to killing C'Thun
  • Snitch Reformed on Barthilas Horde, basically doing nothing interesting at this point in time. re-re-formed on alliance again, soj is still the bigest d**khead on barthilas.

Horde 32 Horde

  • Creation (Guild too bad to have a website). Well, Soj didn't really destroy this guild - this guild just destroyed itself. A worthy addition to this list.
  • Rodrigo (Slappywag). Formerly a famously good paladin healer on the Alliance side, Slappywag was convinced to roll horde with Soj, only to have the guild he was invited to be disbanded. Slappywag was driven to quit - but we all know he will be back :).
  • Ga (UD Mage). LOL - you got a mention! (Message from Ga "fugg off, I don't click iceblock.. I swear!")
  • Nullify (Guild). Nah, not really. Most of the survivors from the "Soj Era" can be found here. Be warned - some scary stories will be told. Not recommended for dumb people, those under 15 years, those over 50 years, pregnant women, or women who can become pregnant.
  • Massacre (website). Soj finally quits wow, guild disbands for "old-times sake". 7 1/2 wrists were cut, 3 orcs killed, 5 babies raped, Darkflare was still an idiot, and Poet still sucked at tanking. The world was at peace again.

Soj's Accomplices

Alliance 32 Alliance

  • Frnk (or Frnkwho or Soulwax on horde). Frnk was a notable accomplice of Soj during the early days of the server, ripping into both other guilds and members of the original Snitch with terrifying ferocity. He also was known to sexually harass female members of Snitch in tells or in guild chat, this in one case caused a supposedly female member of Snitch to ignore him for some 2 months. Later in the life of Snitch Frnk became increasingly disenchanted with the newer members of Snitch and also with the maintank of Snitch, Oxident. This lead to Frnk wiping the guild in AQ40 by pulling Ouro and then C'Thun and causing a night of raiding to be abandoned, of course he was stripped of officer status and removed from the guild, later to return for a short time before going on a hiatus from WoW. Frnk returned to Soj's side on horde for the reformation of Snitch as a Burning Crusade guild and continues to terrorize the Barthilas and Frostmourne forums with his inane, unfunny racism.
  • Ivo Perhaps the funniest ethnic alive, Ivo participated in the abuse of other guilds and Snitch guild members and added to his own brand of hilarity, coining phrases such as "Nah ur not, eh" and "Da cheers" which would later become staples of Snitch guild chat conversations. Ivo played until Snitch's merger with Chocolate and the formation of reborn when he sold his account for a large (but undisclosed) amount of money, he then returned to PvP on horde side with Soj and other former alliance players.
  • Tumbleweed, Ancients and Highlander (aka Mike, Ekky and Phil). Three original officers of Snitch who often had fallings out with Soj and Frnk but made Snitch what it was in the early days and were large parts of all the raid progression. This trio now plays on Barthilas horde and, along with Ivo, were reunited with Soj late in the life of his final guild, Massacre.

Horde 32 Horde

  • Rezzix (The dude who stopped Soj from making his scepter). Although originally enemies Soj and Rezzix united on horde following the release of The Burning Crusade and brought together the cream of short attention spanned, lonely geeks (aka. the cream of Barthilas raiders) together in one guild, Snitch (later Massacre).
  • Rodrigo and Skabix (Slappywag and Ibix/Ska). Two highly accomplished forum trolls known to Soj from the Frostmourne days who had left Affinity on alliance to join Crimson Wrath in its dying throes, later joined Soj and Rezzix in forming the superguild Snitch (Massacre) and played until the death of Massacre. Slappywag is believed to now be playing Vanguard (whatever the fuck that is).

Notable Events in History

  • Server opens 9th of June 2006, Soj creates Snitch.
  • Server first Kazzak 3rd of July 2006. Snitch + Affinity (He killed their parents to make them co-operate)
  • Server first Hakkar 5rd of July 2006. Snitch.
  • Server first Onyxia 8th of July 2006. Snitch (Several children were beaten, and buried to accomplish this goal)
  • Server first Ragnaros 13th of July 2006. Affinity (Soj only allowed this to let them grow to just a big enough size to DESTROY them. Soj later forgot about this goal, as the guild itself beat him to it)
  • Soj devours Schism. Schism is disbanded, and only 3-5 of the 50+ members of Schism are allowed to join Snitch - when all were promised. Survivors of the Schism disband can still be found wandering aimlessly around Ironforge. (Date unknown)
  • Soj devours Chocolate. Chocolate is disbanded - in similar circumstances to Schism. Slightly more players are allowed to join Snitch (Now renamed Reborn).
  • Soj Owns Evan: Server first ninja'ing of the legendary component [Bindings of the Windseeker]. See (Photographic Evidence)
  • Soj finally gets sick of alliance and disbands Reborn. Members of the guild are so disillusioned some are desperate enough to join Affinity, No Dice or even (lol) Dominion.
  • Soj re-rolls Horde, and despite whole guilds attempting to kill and/or camp Soj - all fail. He reaches 60 in a matter of weeks.
  • Forms the guild Massacre.
  • Gets sick of owning Affinity in server firsts (on hard encounters), disbands Massacre and attempts to quit the game. (lol)
  • Later that night, the police finally catch the "Fremantle Rapist" at home.
  • Two weeks later, Soj escapes from jail, using only a toothpick, the pubic hair of his inmate, and his own kidney.
  • Soj sells his legendary horde rogue - Sojette
  • Soj also has no friends.
  • Soj also has a lisp bigger than etern / rangrang (lol)

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