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Purevil the World of Warcraft forum king from Barthilas was the first player to ever receive an @Purevil post from a Blizzard CM ever. See:;jsessionid=51C4C83D34D53C823BC037EF57B8F105?topicId=65020207&sid=1

This was to commemorate the 50th thread created at him and been denounced as the "king of the warcraft forums". It is unknown why Batta posted this thread at him, but was taken with great enthusiasm from the community.

Known history on Purevil: Purevil since server start was a large figure on the Realm Forums normally mocking people, having E-battles and we have all had many laughs at the work he has produced for us. Generally a nice guy when spoken to and often quite helpful however he has many times asserted his hate for stupid people.

Purevil is an original member of the <Affinity> guild and their warlock class leader. Affinity was an endgame Naxx guild also one of the two guilds on the server to open the AQ gates. Purevil was always known to have the servers best +damage gear and one of two people on the server to get 4pieces of Tier 3 prior to the expansion.

Boasting a "Mandingo E-peen" Purevil still plays on Barthilas and is a regular forum contributer. Unfortunately all his finest works of humor get deleted due to their offensive nature in which he insults whoever he deems.

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