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Disbanded / Inactive guild list

In memory of the guilds that have come and gone or who have fallen by the wayside.

Alliance 32 Alliance

  • Addiction (website) Naxx guild.
  • Affinity (website). Realm's fastest progressing guild pre-TBC, with a number of server firsts attributed. Disbanded 23/4/2007 due to a large outflux of members.
  • Aoi No Kaze (website). Was lead by Qkrwogud. Merged with Zero Nine before reforming as Collision now since disbanded.
  • Apöcalypse (website). Was lead by Gestahl. Notable for being first non-hardcore raiding guild to defeat Nightbane. Killed by Papanasty over dispute involving Bloodmaw Magus-Blade. Reformed into Deliverance by Papanasty. Gestahl gets revenge by ninjaing Gruul, and kills Deliverance as a raiding guild.
  • Asphyxia (Alliance). One of the oldest guilds on Barthilas, starting from the early days of Barthilas. Disbanded.
  • CARNAGE Casual social guild.
  • Chocolate (website PVE Guild with some emphasis on PVP, founded by a group of friends from the top guilds of server Daggerspine. Together with players from Snitch, formed Reborn which fell apart after Soj ninjaed the Bindings of the Windseeker. Chocolate seems to have reformed now, though news is that they are not longer a raiding guild.
  • Crusaders (website)
  • Deliverance (website). Fatally wounded by Gestahl's "take a stand" ninja/game quit (Article), and bleeds to death a few weeks later. Now a casual guild run by infamous guild member Piggs.
  • Denied (website)
  • Divine. TBC guild.
  • Divinity (website). TBC Guild. GM went MIA for 2 months (May - June). Mostly inactive now.
  • Dusk till dawn (website) Casual Raiding Guild, with a number of players who transferred from other servers. Gaffs/Darky/Treebranch is now in Final Hour.
  • Dominion. Reformed to become Gigantor which consists of the hardcore members
  • Dyslexics Untie - Splinter of the disbanded Whisky Tango Foxtrot. Ran from APR-07 to OCT-07, Run by Elennia, Disbanded
  • Eternal Sanctity - Run from pre-BC till 2008. Had a strong run and was a premier guild on Barthilas with some great members. Currently inactive. One of the first guilds ever created on Barthilas. Guild Leader: Alagar.
  • Genesis (website). Disbanded.
  • Holy Ascension (website) Semi-Hardcore AQ40 guild, disbanded and reformed as Zero Nine.
  • Imperium Order (forums). Disbanded
  • insomniá (website). Disbanded after the GM & officers decided to downsize to better position the guild to tackle Burning Crusade raid content.
  • Last Redemption - Formed OCT-07 to FEB-08 and rapidly geared from Pre-Kara loot to 2/6 SSC 2/4 TK in around 12 weeks - Folded just as quickly, many members going to the reformed Whisky Tango Foxtrot
  • Lunacy (website) 5/5 MH 4/9 BT. Disbanded 29 Jun 08, after numerous guild dramas, much fun and many good times.
  • Myth (website). Disbanded.
  • Nerve (website). Rukkus's guild, the successor to Addiction.
  • NeXus (forums). Singapore guild with a number of players transferring from other servers. Disbanded and spawned and eXeCuTe and Ministry. No current news on eXeCuTe.
  • Omnipotence - Pre-TBC raiding guild clearing ZG with the exception of Hakkar and at one stage the largest physical guild on the server, disbanded just before TBC. Reformed and raided again at the beginning of TBC, disbanded once again shortly after downing Gruul. Reformed again just before the release of WotLK, raided once more and disbanded after clearing all 10man content, half of 25man Naxx and 25man Sarth.
  • Pacific Dawn - One of the EARLIEST Bart guilds formed before anyone even hit level 60 on Barthilas, disbanded Pre-ZG, many members moving to form the core of the ORIGINAL Whisky Tango Foxtrot crew.
  • Reborn. Formed from Snitch. Naxx guild. See note on Chocolate above.
  • Ressurection (website). Disbanded. Ohnoess & Strifes have moved on.
  • Ruined (website). Disbanded
  • Shattered Faith (website) 4/5 MH 5/9 BT. Disbanded 7 May 2008.
  • Shenanigans. Day 1 TBC guild, caused much PvP conflict during 60-70 levelling. Retired from raiding, now a social guild.
  • Shinobi. Disbanded after key players left, then reformed. Currently a levelling guild.
  • Short Round (website). Disbanded.
  • Simultaneous Contrast (website). Disbanded after mergers and drama, former GMs Bashful (now playing as Unbearable) and Crazy both members of No Dice
  • Snitch (website). See note on Chocolate above. Some have followed Soj and re-rolled Horde on Barthilas.
  • Synergy (website)
  • Tranquility. Status unknown.
  • The Judgement. Guild seems Inactive, December 2006 recruitment posts on their forums are not being replied to.
  • Titan (website) - Casual leveling/raiding guild. Originally formed by Lernord in September 2006. Leadership later handed to Gestahl. Clears ZG pre-BC. Reformed into Apöcalypse, a true raiding guild for BC, after killing first boss of Karazhan.
  • Umbrae de Mors. No more.
  • Vengabus. Still going strong. Find them Late on Sat Nights(AU TIME) doing conga lines in Ironforge
  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot. One of the oldest guilds on Barthilas, disbanded Apr-07. Originally focused on NZ time zone. [REFORMED recently Feb 2008, with around a dozen original members and PRE-BC GM's]
  • Zero Nine. Reformation of Holy Ascension at TBC. Merged with AnK before reforming as Collision now disbanded.

Horde 32 Horde

  • A Cat is Fine Too (website)
  • Ad Infinitum (website) Disbanded. Some members moved on into Naked Aggression.
  • Anti Ally Unit (website) New guild
  • Blue Label - Disbanned to clean out alot of trash in the guild. Reformed with core members into Nochocolate.
  • Creation (website)
  • Crimson Wrath (website) The only decent horde raiding guild on the server pre BC. Made the unfortunate mistake of merging with Creation.
  • Double Helix. (website) Formed from Fatal and Serenity
  • Far Beyond Driven. All of this guild's raiders and a number of casuals left (or were kicked from) the guild and reformed by Sokarr as new guild Primal.
  • Fatal (website)
  • Frostbite (website)Disbanded after guildmaster ninjia guildbank and transfered.
  • Innocence (website)
  • LazyTown. Formed from Creation and Crimson Wrath. Disbanded and reformed into Crimson Wrath when TBC was released.
  • Massacre. (website) The old Snitch from alliance rerolled horde, and made a Snitch guild horde side ... then renamed to Massacre before finally disbanding.
  • OWNAGE FACTORY (forums) World-PvP, well known guild of Pritch, Ga, Wierzbowski and Kevfederline. Renamed guild as "Tuff Guys Dot Com"
  • Scarlet Dynasty (website)Disbanded after TBC,Chinese guild.
  • Seraphim (website) Fun Leveling Guild, Raiding later on
  • Serenity (website)
  • Team Goat (website)
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