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*Gates of Ahn'Qiraj: 02/19/06}}
*Gates of Ahn'Qiraj: 02/19/06}}
[[Image:INV Jewelry Talisman 07.png|left]]This article is about the Argent Dawn US server.
[[Image:Joo.gif|left]] Zwyciestwo is the king of this realm.
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:{{icon-shortcut}}'''See Also''': [ Realm Forum], [[Server:Argent Dawn US/Guild Progression|Guild Progression]], [[Server:Argent Dawn US/Crafting Information|Crafter List]], [[Server:Argent Dawn Europe]], [[Argent Dawn|Faction:Argent Dawn]].
:{{icon-shortcut}}'''See Also''': [ Realm Forum], [[Server:Argent Dawn US/Guild Progression|Guild Progression]], [[Server:Argent Dawn US/Crafting Information|Crafter List]], [[Server:Argent Dawn Europe]], [[Argent Dawn|Faction:Argent Dawn]].
== Guilds ==
=== {{Alliance Icon}} [[Alliance]] ===
* [[Guild:Aeternium (Argent Dawn US)|Aeternium]] [ web site], [ profiles], [ Armory]
* [[Guild:Amalgam (Argent Dawn US)|Amalgam]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Apex (Argent Dawn US)|Apex]] [ web site]
* [[Server:Argent Dawn US/Bear and Friends| Bear and Friends]] (alliance of Guilds)
* [[Guild:Black Phoenix (Argent Dawn US)|Black Phoenix]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Blackwater Seawolves (Argent Dawn US)|Blackwater Seawolves]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Circle of Friends (Argent Dawn US)|Circle of Friends]] (alliance of Guilds) [ web site]
* [[Guild:Dark Paradigm (Argent Dawn US)|Dark Paradigm]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Defenders of Eternity (Argent Dawn US)|Defenders of Eternity]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Dissolution (Argent Dawn US)|Dissolution]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Divinity Unbound (Argent Dawn US)|Divinity Unbound]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Ðominance(Argent Dawn US)|Dominance]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Dor Ashtherod (Argent Dawn US)|Dor Ashtherod]] [ web site] (RP Guild)
* [[Guild:Drunken Raiders (Argent Dawn US)|Drunken Raiders]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Enclave of the Bear (Argent Dawn US)|Enclave of the Bear]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Epiphany (Argent Dawn US)|Epiphany]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Erus Proeliator (Argent Dawn US)|Erus Proeliator]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Faith Untold (Argent Dawn US)|Faith Untold]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Fearfulways (Argent Dawn US)|Fearfulways]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Firedancer (Argent Dawn US)|Firedancer]] [ armory page]
* [[Guild:For The Win (Argent Dawn US)|For The Win]] [ web site], [ profiles],
* [[Guild:Guardians of Azeroth (Argent Dawn US)|Guardians of Azeroth]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Hands of Elune (Argent Dawn US)|Hands of Elune]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Hegemony (Argent Dawn US)|Hegemony]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Heroes of Legend (Argent Dawn US)|Heroes of Legend]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Heroes of the Twisted Spectrum (Argent Dawn US)|Heroes of the Twisted Spectrum]] [ website]
* [[Guild:Highlander Rising (Argent Dawn US)|Highlander Rising]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:House of Arathor (Argent Dawn US)|House of Arathor]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:House Stalwart (Argent Dawn US)|House Stalwart]] [ web site][ Armory]
* [[Guild:House Tempest (Argent Dawn US)|House Tempest]] [ website]
* [[Guild:Ientaculum Per Rex (Argent Dawn US)|Ientaculum Per Rex]] [ web site], [ Armory]
* [[Guild:Immanence (Argent Dawn US)|Immanence]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Informalities (Argent Dawn US)|Informalities]] [ web site], [ Armory]
* [[Guild:Iunctus in Victoria (Argent Dawn US)|Iunctus in Victoria ]] [ web site][ Armory]
* [[Guild:KnightPhyre (Argent Dawn US)|KnightPhyre]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Late Night Raiders (Argent Dawn US)|Late Night Raiders]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Legacy of the Illuminati (Argent Dawn US)|Legacy of the Illuminati]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Lords of Twilight (Argent Dawn US)|Lords of Twilight]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Lost Legacy (Argent Dawn US)|Lost Legacy]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Lux Musae (Argent Dwn US)|Lux Musae]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Madness (Argent Dawn US)|Madness]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Mead Hall Pirates (Argent Dawn US)|Mead Hall Pirates]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Midnight Dreams (Argent Dawn US)|Midnight Dreams]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Midnight Dreams (Argent Dawn US)|Midnight Dreams]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Odyssey (Argent Dawn US)| Odyssey]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:PAX Fortunata(Argent Dawn US)|PAX Fortunata]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Phoenix Enclave (Argent Dawn US)|Phoenix Enclave]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Radiance (Argent Dawn US)|Radiance]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Reclamation (Argent Dawn US)|Reclamation]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Relentless (Argent Dawn US)|Relentless]] [http:// web site]
* [[Guild:Resurgence (Argent Dawn US)|Resurgence]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Revenant (Argent Dawn US)|Revenant]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Reverence (Argent Dawn US)|Reverence]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Royal Steel (Argent Dawn US)|Royal Steel]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Shadow Walkers (Argent Dawn US)|Shadow Walkers]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Silver Dawn (Argent Dawn US)|Silver Dawn]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Squirrelbane (Argent Dawn US)|Squirrelbane]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Stormseekers (Argent Dawn US)|Stormseekers]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Stormwatch (Argent Dawn US)|Stormwatch]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Talons of the Gryphon (Argent Dawn US)|Talons of the Gryphon]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Core (Argent Dawn US)|The Core]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Concillium of Azeroth (Argent Dawn US)|The Concillium of Azeroth]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Crusaders of Peace (Argent Dawn US)|The Crusaders of Peace]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Indomitable (Argent Dawn US)|The Indomitable]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Lords of Twilight (Argent Dawn US)|The Lords of Twilight]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Old Guard (Argent Dawn US)|The Old Guard]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Overcoming (Argent Dawn US)|The Overcoming]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Renamed (Argent Dawn US)|The Renamed]] (formally The Unnamed) [ web site]
* [[Guild:The Sun Hawks (Argent Dawn US)|The Sun Hawks]] [ web site and forum], [ Armory]
* [[Guild:Thusly (Argent Dawn US)|Thusly]] [ web site], [, Armory]
* [[Guild:Twilight Covenant (Argent Dawn US)|Twilight Covenant]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Umbrae (Argent Dawn US)|Umbrae]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Valere (Argent Dawn US)|Valere]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Vengeance (Argent Dawn US)|Vengeance]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Vigil (Argent Dawn US)|Vigil]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Vivency (Argent Dawn US)|Vivency]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Warders of Azeroth (Argent Dawn US)|Warders of Azeroth]] [ web site]
* [[Guild:Wrath Of Hachiman (Argent Dawn US)|Wrath Of Hachiman]] [ web site]
=== {{Horde Icon}} [[Horde]] ===
*[[Guild:Ani Ayastigi (Argent Dawn US)|Ani Ayastigi]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Advocates of Fear (Argent Dawn US)|Advocates of Fear]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:BBQUED (Argent Dawn US)|BBQUED]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Blackfang Brotherhood (Argent Dawn US)|Blackfang Brotherhood]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Blackguard of the Glade (Argent Dawn US)|Blackguard of the Glade]] []
*[[Guild:Blood Cabal (Argent Dawn US)|Blood Cabal]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Bloodmoon Chosen (Argent Dawn US)|Bloodmoon Chosen]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Brotherhood of the Blade (Argent Dawn US)|Brotherhood of the Blade]] [ web site]
*[ Caffeine] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Caro Arcana (Argent Dawn US)|Caro Arcana]]
*[[Guild:Clan Skullcrusher (Argent Dawn US)|Clan Skullcrusher]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Da Ard Boyz (Argent Dawn US)|Da Ard Boyz]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Death Angels (Argent Dawn US)|Death Angels]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Deus Misereatur (Argent Dawn US)|Deus Misereatur]] []
*[[Guild:Elite Vengeance (Argent Dawn US)|Elite Vengeance]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Enshadowed (Argent Dawn US)|Enshadowed]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Fist of Gamon (Argent Dawn US)|Fist of Gamon]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:for Horde (Argent Dawn US)|for Horde]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Gurubashi Nation (Argent Dawn US)|Gurubashi Nation]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Hells Hordesmen (Argent Dawn US)|Hells Hordesmen]]
*[[Guild:Lordaeron Intelligence Agency (Argent Dawn US)|Lordaeron Intelligence Agency]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Mortis Victicus (Argent Dawn US)|Mortis Victicus]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Mostly Harmless (Argent Dawn US)|Mostly Harmless]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Netherborne (Argent Dawn US)|Netherborne]] []
*[[Guild:Niveus Lepus (Argent Dawn US)|Niveus Lepus]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Obsidian Reaver Clan (Argent Dawn US)|Obsidian Reaver Clan]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Presence (Argent Dawn US)|Presence]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Riders on the Storm (Argent Dawn US)|Riders on the Storm]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Sanctified Ascension (Argent Dawn US)|Sanctified Ascension]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Scarlet Thunder (Argent Dawn US)|Scarlet Thunder]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Schadenfreude (Argent Dawn US)|Schadenfreude]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:The Shattered Society (Argent Dawn US)|The Shattered Society]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Sublime Order of Discord (Argent Dawn US)|Sublime Order of Discord]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Tempestus Infinitus (Argent Dawn US)|Tempestus Infinitus]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:The Advent (Argent Dawn US)|The Advent]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:The Faded (Argent Dawn US)|The Faded]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:The Gentlemen (Argent Dawn US)|The Gentlemen]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:The Order Of Shadows (RP) (Argent Dawn US)|The Order of Shadows RP]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:The Tainted (Argent Dawn US)|The Tainted]]
*[[Guild:The Unsworn Horde (Argent Dawn US)|The Unsworn Horde]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Trimmers (Argent Dawn US)|Trimmers]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Velvet Claw (Argent Dawn US)|Velvet Claw]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Winter Wolves (Argent Dawn US)|Winter Wolves]] [ web site]
*[[Guild:Witching Hour (Argent Dawn US)|Witching Hour]] [ web site]

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This article is an information page for the Argent Dawn realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

Realm Type: Roleplay
  • Region: United States
  • Time Zone: Eastern
  • Battlegroup: 3
  • Launch Date: 11/23/04
  • Gates of Ahn'Qiraj: 02/19/06
Zwyciestwo is the king of this realm.
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