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This article is a realm page for the Aman'Thul_US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Aman'Thul (PvE Server)

Aman'Thul is a Australian based PvE server and is part of the Oceanic battlegroup. Previously hosted in the US, Aman'Thul and all Oceanic realms were moved to local Australian servers in October 2014. The realm hosts players from Australia, New Zealand and Asia and was opened on 9 June 2006 at 4:59pm (server time).

The server is named after the character Aman'Thul, one of the titans, from warcraft lore and more can be found out about this on the Aman'Thul lore page.

Total AllianceAlliance 15: 5173 - 70.2%
Total HordeHorde 15: 1676 - 29.8%

Current statistics regarding overall server population and race spread can be found at

Current Realm Progression

Aman'thul is a realm containing both semi-hardcore and casual guilds, and currently ranks third after Frostmourne and Barthilas in overall PvE score for progression in Hellfire Citadel.

Alliance is by far more strongly represented in the raiding scene, with all of the guilds to have cleared Mythic Archimonde successfully before Legion Pre-Patch being Alliance. Radiance achieved Realm First Archimonde on December 10, 2015 ahead of the second guild Phantasmagoria, also killing it on the same night, however 49 minutes later. Twisted Haven consisting of many ex Vincere Aut Mori players achieved realm third on March 23, 2016, and Malediction realm fourth on May 8, 2016.

In Warlords of Draenor's first tier, Phantasmagoria achieved Realm First Mythic Mar'gok on March 15, 2015, with no other guilds on the server to achieve the same. Likewise Phantasmagoria also achieved Realm First Mythic Blackhand on June 18, 2015 again with no other guild on the server defeating Blackhand before the release of Hellfire Citadel.

Recent News

  • <Radiance> achieves Server First Mythic Archimonde 10/12/2015
  • <Phantasmagoria> achieves Server First Mythic Blackhand 18/6/2015
  • <Phantasmagoria> achieves Server First Mythic Mar'gok 15/3/2015

Some Aman'thul history:

9 Jun'06 4:59pm - Server opened

7 Jul'06 - Alliance guild "Game" kills the Zul'Gurub bosses: Jeklik, Venoxis and Bloodlord Mandokir. Also downing Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj boss Kurinnaxx

8 Jul'06 - Alliance guild "Perspicuus" kills Hakkar in Zul'Gurub. The following day they defeated Azuregos and the Molten Core bosses Lucifron, Magmadar and Gehennas.

8 Jul'06 - Around this time, Blizzard decided that the Ahn'Qiraj gates should not have been opened and the Scourge Invasion event shouldn't have been started so these were removed during a restart.

15 Sep'06 - Sanctus of the guild "Resilience" opened the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. You can see some of the footage of the lag caused by opening the gates on Aman'thul here:

Guild <Perspicuus> was renamed and reformed into <Void> and remained in the top raiding scene until TBC where it quickly fell apart. By the end of classic WoW there were only three guilds working on Naxxramas (<Resilience>, <Void> and <Dynasty>) with the furthest progressed reaching only 8/15. This undoubtly was due to the age of the server compared, as it opened only shortly before the release of Naxxramas.

Shortly before the release of TBC <Resilience> decided to split from one 40man raiding guild into two 25man raiding guilds. The new guild created was <Not Steamboat> of which Sanctus was the chosen GM, while originally this guild comprised a high number of original <Resilience> members this is no longer the case and there are very few members remaining that are from the original <Resilience>.

Click [1] here to see a summary of pre-TBC server progression.

With the release of TBC the race to level 70 was on, those from the states had a headstart, however inevitably Sanctus won the race in approximately three days.

Upon beginning to raid again few pre-tbc raiding guilds survived, including the noticeable disbanding of <Void> and <T S C>. Since then there has been many guilds rebuilding, building from scratch and more and more casual guilds shifting into the raiding scene as raiding has become a lot easier to organise and accomplish. Through all this <Not Steamboat> has managed to acquire every single server first Boss kill. With the disband of <Void> and <T S C> these members mostly reformed into the guilds <K A O S>, <Gnomeland Security> and <Dyslexics untie>.

Upon killing Illidan on the 16th of September, <Not Steamboat> became the top Oceanic guild and Aman'Thul became an increasingly popular server, significantly increasing the login queues and decreasing general server performance.

To help rectify this problem Aman'thul has since had two rounds of free xfers off to new servers. Firstly to Nagrand, where <Dynasty>, <Singularity> (now <Tribunal>), <K A O S> and a large number of other guilds went as the server was much more stable than Aman'thul at the time. However, upon closing free xfers to Nagrand, Aman'Thul was immediately open to paid xfers once again and it wasn't long until the server filled up yet again. Aman'thul has since had a second round of free xfers, this time to Caelestrasz. Two members of <Dynasty> (Feli, now Felibeli and Lintelotiel) took the oppurtunity from their free xfer to 'ninja' open the AQ gates and gain themselves new titles and mounts. Lintelotiel has since returned to Aman'thul and is the second Scarab Lord on the realm.

Also may be worth mentioning the free transfer period to Dath'Remar (ending 28 September 2006), given it did a fair amount of damage to a number of guilds.

Unfortunately Aman'Thul has a history of its Horde progression being several steps below the alliance. This began as a pattern pre-tbc with only three guilds horde side successfully killing Ragnaros, of which only one was able to kill Razorgore. <Ajantis> initially gave alliance a run for their money, however several members of the original <Ajantis> xfered off early into Aman'thul's life (during the first round of free xfers to Dath'Remar during pre-TBC) and <Ajantis> took a long time to recover. However, they have continued to lead the pack Horde side throughout TBC.

Server first rank 14 was Evilanice (H), also only horde High Warlord. Alliance Rank 14's are dragarath, stocky, Echidna and apanda.

Horde first hakkar and Ragnaros kills were by <Darkness Awaken> (dont know when). They disbanded c 4 September '06. Ossirian was by <Ajantis> on 22 September '06. Highest horde progression ever (pre-tbc) was Vaelestrasz by MYTH

Pre-TBC, <Resilience> had all server first kills past MC.

<Not Steamboat> Transfers at end of TBC along with various high-end guilds.

In WotLK, <Noctis Erus> takes first place with server first Sarth 3D 25m kill, followed by <Brute Force>. <Noctis Erus> maintain this through 3.1, taking server first Yogg-Saron, aswell as all the hardmodes except Yogg+0 on 25m. <Noctis Erus> transfer to Barthalis Horde with their Realm First Algalon title and achievement. <Hysteria> defaults to top guild on server.

In patch 3.2, <Hysteria> and <NK> ran neck and neck, <NK> scoring their first Algalon 25-man kill hours after <Hysteria>.

<NK> killed Heroic 25-man Anub'arak on 23rd November 2009, becoming the first guild on ttihler he server to obtain the Trial of the Grand Crusader achievement, and since this have taken every significant server first up to their current progression of Lich King 25 normal.

Aman'Thul Legendaries

This is a list of the Legendary items and their owners in Aman'Thul. Note that for '#', this list is incomplete.

[Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]:

  • Sodium <Noctis Erus> (server first)

[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] #:

  • Aizlol <Lemaitre>
  • Censored <PitchBlack>
  • Jeffie <Gnomeland Security> (server first) - xfered
  • Loneogre <Pacific Phoenix>
  • Gloddy <Warriors of Wollongong>
  • Battlemuffin <True Kaos>
  • Skian <Ajantis>
  • Saturatedfat <TBA>
  • Ravenstalker <THE OUTCASTS>
  • Kimowara <Hysteria>
  • Judgeset <Brute Force>
  • Spineshatter <BEERBEER>
  • Emtee <Noctis Erus>
  • Ravenstyrke <Not the face>
  • Bumbuckles <Hysteria>
  • Saate <Enraged>
  • Lilthing <M A C A B R E>
  • Inoshiro <PitchBlack>
  • Rastarias <Inventory Is Full>

[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] #:

  • Indigo - retired (server first)
  • Rurik <MYTH> - Moved to Thaurissan
  • Trakor <Noctis Erus>
  • Evilandy <Reborn>
  • Laice <TBA>
  • Johira <CoolWhip>
  • Emtee <Brute Force>
  • Deathikon <BlackList>
  • Daymo <Gods of War>
  • Ravenstyrke <not the face>
  • Diratheman <Hysteria>
  • Tengami <Enigma>

[Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]:

  • Sanctus <Not Steamboat> (server first) - xfered
  • Saate <Enraged> - Transfer
  • Kateley <Just Another Guild> - Transfer
  • Lintelotiel <Gods of War> - Transfer

[Warglaive of Azzinoth]:

  • Silantha (both) <Not Steamboat> (server first) - xfered
  • Benny"Shitcunt"george (both) <NK>
  • Ronninscrave (both) <PitchBlack>
  • Jakejzx (both) <TBA>
  • Untold (MH) <Noctis Erus> - Banned
  • Shodan (MH) <Noctis Erus>
  • Raikiri (MH) <Noctis Erus>
  • ArkRazorgore <Ajantis>
  • Rewar <Brute Force>
  • Gorbius (OH) <THE OUTCASTS>
  • Ironheârt <Drop The Poptart>

[Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]:

  • Sodium <Noctis Erus> (server first)

[Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings]:

  • Supesy <Noctis Erus> - Xferred
  • Holyspell <Hysteria>
  • Earalin <PitchBlack> - Xfered

[Shadowmourne]#:(Order obtained TBD)

  • Hellfat <Hysteria>
  • Amelia <Hysteria>
  • Nekrosis <Hysteria>
  • Bahne <NK>
  • Oceanlab <NK>
  • Spaggetioes <PitchBlack>
  • Stedeb <PitchBlack>
  • Muttox <PitchBlack>
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