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Twinsis is the secondborn of a dwarven gemelli. Since her parents didnt know they where expecting twins, a propper name was not thought off. According to some very ancient traditions a dwarven child of this particular clan is given a name according to the first word said after birth. So when the nurse shouted out "we got a twinsister!" the name was there. Gladly even dwarven names are shortened so over the years it became twinsis.

Although only born shortly after her sister, Golmoza, she's always been considered the younger sister. Spoiled to the bone, but kept safe from every ugly thing in the world.

Twinsis walks the path of the paladin. Always willing to help other people out. She also has a small gemshop in the great city of Ironforge.

Twinsis and the sister where both part of The Silver Sirens, an alliance guild of aggramar. Twinsis recently switched to Disciples of the Watch.


Twinsis is a fullblood holy paladin. A famous quote often heared from her, before we all discovered Northrend, was "I'm holy as heaven, and there are no kings in heaven"

She is probably the only paladin around with a double holy dualspec.


(Twinsis is way to shy for any pictures, maybe one day some guildy can shoot a picture of her)


Miner and Jewelcrafter. Realms first to hit 450 Jewelcrafting. If Twinsis can't make it, you won't need it!

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