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Agamaggan (PvP) Edit

This server is a low population US PVP server. It has the usual diversity of haters, elitists, trolls, and the common player who doesn't have time to waste. There are a lot of great things about this server, including the many differing directions it's guilds have gone in during the past few years. This server is a PVP server, and there are PVPers here, but the focus tends to be on PVE content. If you're the type to find a new server, and check it out - this place is honestly (or has been in the past) a very good option. The economy tends to stable itself after the newest expansion at the time has progressed long enough for farmers to get a clue. Agamaggan isn't the BEST server if you're looking for quick progression, or quick pugging (finding a pick-up group, or random character for a raid) because of it's low population status, but there is still a lot of hope for this server some have claimed is 'failing', or is a 'black hole'.

One of the OLDEST former raiding guilds on this server has dissipated as of late, Orc Splitters Local IOI, but some of the more hardcore guilds from back in the day, such as Ðoomsday, remain. The Server of Agamaggan has not been the same since Afroduckz, Faltering, Weetee, Spudd and Zzxding left in late WOTLK taking many of the former top server players with them in their server first guild Creampie.

-Friendly long-time members of the server
-Interesting characters, here there may be!
-New players are welcomed excitedly, most of us don't care for the low population.

Alliance 15Alliance Edit

There are some very quality Alliance guilds on this server, (as of December 24th, 2011), including Liquid Red, Heroes of the Dawn, Forged Honor, Order of the Oathkeepers, Raided R, Murggurguguglglgg, and Orc Splitters Local IOI, all of which are at high guild level, or worthy of representing Agamaggan. Although since the loss of Apotheosis, HOOLIGANS, Insomnia, Creampie and many top horde guilds, the raiding scene and server races for server first have become less of a competition and more of a handout.

Horde 15 Horde Edit

The Horde and Alliance, in the past have had raging PvP battles (For the Alliannce/For the Horde) over bragging rights, but during Cataclysm have not had many. Hopefully, World PvP will expand once more into the great, dangerous rush we used to find in all of those souls dwelling the realm of Agamaggan.

The Horde of this server have put together some great guilds as well, including

Ðoomsday (Realm First Heroic Ragnaros, Realm First Heroic Madness of Deathwing, Realm First Heroic Will of the Emperor, Realm First Heroic Grand Empress Shez'keer)
Team Mediocre
Cottage Cheese Pirates
Night Reavers
Broken Heroes
Bone Crushers
Narcotic Damnation
Gods of Olympus

(List outdated, hopefully to be updated!)

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