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Gutrot at Brewfest

Gutrot is troll warrior from the Aerie Peak EU server who levelled continuously from 1-70 without the use of weapons or armour.

Using just rings, necklaces, trinkets and offhand non-weapons to enhance his stats, he punched, scrapped and brawled his way to lvl 70 over a period of 15 months starting in July 2006.

Gutrot's armoury listing -

Gutrot's History

The naked levelling idea started as an experiment to see how far Gutrot could get using only his bare hands.

At lvl 10 Gutrot posted on the old WoW Europe forums asking if anyone else had attempted what he was doing?

16 pages later the thread and Gutrot were still going strong and transfered to the updated EU forums when they were launched in a thread that still runs to this day (3/10/07).

On 29/9/07 after roughly 15 months on and off playing and 32/days ingame /played time Gutrot achieved lvl 70

Gutrot's lvl 70 Sen'jin Beach Party

Gutrot and the Naked Noobs hosted a party for all comers on Aerie Peak EU on 29/9/07 to celebrate the moment he reached lvl 70.

By summoning the image of Archmage Vargoth and completing the Curse of the Violet Tower Quest, Gutrot gained the final 3050xp required to reach lvl 70

He did this in front of a crowd of 500+ spectators who had gathered to join the celebrations.

Gutrot dings

Gutrot dings 70

The afformentioned gathering caused the world server to go down twice.

Following the celebrations Gutrot lead the group on a massive combined raid of Stormwind.

Gutrot led the group through Durotar to the zeppelin and onto Grom'gol.

Here the group split, one half traveling up the coast to Westfall and the other through Stranglethorn Vale and Duskwood. The groups reformed at the bridge adjoining Westfall and Elwynn and from here ventured onto Goldshire and subsequently Stormwind itself.

Many Horde and Alliance perished as the wave of trolls pressed on into many areas of the great Alliance city including, The Trade District, The Deep Run Tram and Stormwind Keep itself.

In addition prior to the party the specially created guild <Gutrots party crew> raided Echo Isles and slew Zalazane.


Gutrot is the guild master of the Naked Noobs on Aerie Peak EU which was formed along with the long departed Tommyre to accommodate a stream of new naked characters that had joined the realm to try out Gutrot's way of levelling.

Gutrots Party Crew was formed for the LvL 70 celebratory Sen'jin Beach party and consisted of 500+ naked troll alts who had come to join in the festivities

Other Naked Noobs of note

Katolikk - long serving member of the guild and the first to make to level 70. Katolikk also has a number of naked alts within the guild, Gykkyt, Nudead, Zakkarri, Jamieoliver, and Nudwest.

Skalthok - the first naked noob to gain a PvP rank

Aon - fist weapon wielding veteran of the guild

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Gutrot will return during Wrath of the Lich King where he will get to level 80 naked.

As of 7/05/2009 Gutrot is level 79. Shouldn't be long now!


Gutrot's Eu Forum thread is the most viewed and replied forum thread.

--Gutrot 13:32, 3 October 2007 (UTC)

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