Serinar was a Black dragon who took the form as a human and served as a member of the Black dragonflight.

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A member of the Black dragonflight, Serinar took the form as a human and was known to be friendly towards travelers that he would meet. During the war against the Lich King and the undead Scourge, Serinar assisted in putting a stop to the enemy's plan, and ventured to the Maw of Neltharion which was controlled by Burning Depths Necrolytes that were members of the Cult of the Damned. After killing one of the Burning Depths Necrolyte that lies dead on the ground to his side, Serinar meet with adventurers from either the Alliance or Horde, and are given the task in aiding him to defend the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Once the job was finished, he expressed his gratitude towards the champions after they have succeeded in protecting the shrine. Nonetheless, he still has an inherently destructive nature as evidenced by his quotes, and does refer to the adventurer as an "effective tool."


He is involved in the following quest chain:


  • I've played my part in destroying entire civilizations... to have to lower myself to dealing with the wretched Cult of the Damned disgusts me.

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